LiveWire Credentials 2010


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Learn about LiveWire and how fast, cheap and easily we can deliver consumer insights for new business or in-depth brand/advertising studies.

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LiveWire Credentials 2010

  1. 1. Table of Contents  About LiveWire  The LiveWire Panel  When to Use LiveWire  Service Offerings  Benefits of LiveWire  Case Studies  Final Words 2
  2. 2. About LiveWire
  3. 3. Most Simply… • LiveWire is an online research tool with its own proprietary panel of consumers and captures in-depth consumer feedback and reactions quickly and efficiently, within a 24-72 hour time frame. • By leveraging its speed, flexibility, and size, LiveWire provides access to virtual, “real time” information allowing for continual and instant updates to consumer communication. • We are a small and flexible “company” that delivers personalized attention and customized services and our goal is to make your job easier – LiveWire should be an extension of your strategic planning department 4
  4. 4. Our History • LiveWire Online research was started in 1994 by Griffin Bacal (subsidiary of DDB NY) and specialized primarily in the Kids Market. • When Griffin Bacal dissolved in 2001, LiveWire became a direct subsidiary of DDB and grew to become tool accessing a broad range of consumers. 5
  5. 5. Our Clients DDB QuickTime™ and a TIFF (LZW) decompressor are needed to see this picture. 6
  6. 6. The LiveWire Panel
  7. 7. Panel Composition • 20,000+ households / 65,000+ individuals • Ages range from newborn to 95 – Fully compliant with COPPA Legislation (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) • Geographic presence in 50 states • Survey results can be weighted to match Census data or specific demographic qualifiers 8
  8. 8. Panel Demographics • Diversity in: – Age – Gender – Household incomes – Ethnic backgrounds – Household composition – Educational backgrounds 9
  9. 9. Panel Recruitment and Maintenance • Recruitment – Panelists are recruited via open enrollment and member referrals. • • Links at Online Survey Directories, accessed from search engines – Panelists are screened via an entry questionnaire. – Recruitment may also be customized according to client needs. • Ability to incorporate proprietary email addresses or databases from other sources. • Maintenance – The LiveWire panel is continuously updated and maintained for accuracy. – Panelists are only invited to participate in a limited number of surveys per year, which deters “survey fatigue” among panelists and ensures the most qualified results. 10
  10. 10. When to Use LiveWire
  11. 11. When You Want To • Capture the insights you need to make important business decisions. • Gather information to help you make quick decisions when you don’t have the time to conduct traditional qualitative research. • LiveWire is most effective when you need answers to burning questions, providing answers virtually “overnight”. • Win new business pitches… • Field in-depth quantitative data, within a shortened timeframe – Statistical data would require a few extra days 12
  12. 12. When You Want To: • Identify or understand the consumer • Uncover trends / lifestyle choices • Examine a competitive arena • Build brand equity and awareness • Position the brand or product • Develop a creative strategy • Test creative copy or visual concepts • Explore new media channels • Support a media strategy 13
  13. 13. Service Offerings
  14. 14. Offerings • Online Surveys • Moderated Online Chats • Bulletin Boards • Sample Recruitment • Customized Panels • Strategic Consultation • Report Writing 15
  15. 15. Primary Service - Online Surveys • Online surveys can be the most efficient way to access consumers instantly – Although traditional focus groups still hold their value, online surveys open the door to greater geographic dispersion, larger samples, and better use of time and money alleviating the need to travel • Online surveys can be as simple or complex as you need them to be and no survey is too short. Even one burning question can be fielded and the type or style is up to you 16
  16. 16. Online Surveys • We can be involved in as much or as little of the research process as you like… from strategic development through results analysis or simply fielding a survey you have already written • Our standard process includes the following steps: – Determine research objectives. – Pre-screen for core target based upon selected criteria such as demographics and psychographics (lifestyles, preferences, behaviors, attitudes). – Create a secure website from which panelists will answer survey questions. – Provide guidance throughout the entire research process or consult based on individual needs. – Deliver results quickly -- raw format, tabulated transcripts and/or detailed written report. • 2-3 days from fielding date (for data only) • 2-3 additional days from fielding date for survey development • 2 additional weeks from fielding date for topline analysis (timing depends on complexity of research and length of survey) – NEW – client license for direct access to the survey site to review data which offers more control in data analysis 17
  17. 17. Secondary Services • Recruitment – Core target can be found within specified locations (i.e. NY, Chicago) for “in- person” interviews • Moderated Online Chats – Tool to access geographically dispersed consumers in a single place at a designated time, and is the one online methodology that can most be assimilated to traditional focus groups. • Bulletin Boards – Web interface allowing moderators and respondents to interact for up to 3 days. Questions can focus on a variety of issues and works well for creative testing (TV / print / Internet). Moderator can probe further and create dialogue between him/herself and individuals or among the group • Customized Panels – Sample of core target generally recruited/maintained for one year and can work in tandem with all other offerings 18
  18. 18. Additional Services • Strategic Consultation – LiveWire can assist you in the development of research goals, questionnaires, research fielding, and report writing. • We are available in whatever shape or form is needed based on timeframe and budget • Report Writing – Top-line summaries, in-depth analyses, or presentation ready reports can be customized to your needs. – Reports are typically delivered in powerpoint showcasing: • Tabulated data • Summary of each open ended question with supporting verbiage • Conclusions and/or implications 19
  19. 19. Cost Considerations • Project costs depend upon the scope of the assignment and take into consideration the following variables: – Pre-screening requirements – Sample size – Questionnaire development • Number of questions/Type of questions – Artwork/Complexity of website design – Deliverables • Tabulated Transcripts • Segmentation • Analysis – Timetable • Rush job or standard – for a rush job can return data as quickly as 2 days • Weighting of data, survey development and topline summaries all increase turnaround time from fielding date – Incentives are additional, generally range $2-12 20
  20. 20. Benefits of LiveWire
  21. 21. Benefits of LiveWire • Cost efficient and easy to use • Extremely fast • Offers geographic and demographic dispersion • Works effectively across a broad range of categories • Allows for confidential topics to be comfortably addressed • Provides range of research options – Research is customized to client/budgetary needs 22
  22. 22. Final Words
  23. 23. Final Words • LiveWire can become a valuable resource for your online research needs • We have a proven track record to help win new business • We can work as an extension of your department – We should be the first “call” • We will tell you what we can do to maximize your budget • Our number one priority is to make your job easier and provide objectivity • Let’s work together to keep revenue within the Network 24
  24. 24. Erika Snayd 646-321-0550