Smart phone apps for kids are engaging, challenging and happy


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As parents, we've all been there. As much as we love our kids, there are times when we just need a little peace and quiet. Maybe we're packing for a family trip, taking a business call, or trying to make dinner. Maybe we just need to go pee. But there they are, our precious spawn, asking for juice, whining about being bored, break-dancing on the stairs, or trying to disassemble the toaster. So what to do to keep them occupied?

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Smart phone apps for kids are engaging, challenging and happy

  1. 1. T i p iace rà anche … Q ue st o b lo g mi p iace Cerca okELEKTRONICHOUSE Sunday 27 may 2012 PRESENTAZIONESMARTPHONE APPS FOR KIDS ARE ENGAGING, CHALLENGING AND Blo g : R4i 3DS Info rmatio n Center -HAPPY Elektro nicho m As parents, weve all been there. As much as we lo ve o ur kids, there are times when we just need a little peace and quiet. Maybe were packing fo r a family trip, taking a business call, o r trying to make dinner. Maybe we just need to go pee. But there they are, o ur precio us spawn, asking fo r juice, whining abo ut being bo red, break-dancing o n the stairs, o r trying to Cat e go rie : R4i R4i nds Vendita elettro nica o nline disassemble the to aster. So what to do to keep them elektro nicho m R4 3DS Gio chi o ccupied? De scrizio ne : Espansio ni Memo ria Nintendo R4 R4i Id like to tell yo u that I send my o wn bro o d o ff to 3ds - elektro nicho m read the Encyclopaedia Britannica o r put to gether a Segnala questo blo g 2,0 0 0 -piece puzzle o f the Millennium Falco n when I n e e d so me time to myself, but that wo uld be To rna alla ho me disingenuo us. Instead, I tend to grab my tablet o r Co ntatti smartpho ne, hand it to them, and say, "Have at it,bo ys." Judge all yo u want, but a quick survey o f o ther parents in my circle o f family, friends, and co -wo rkers finds that I am no t alo ne.The go o d news is that there is a pletho ra o f apps o ut there fo r Andro id, iOS, and even Windo ws Pho ne CREA UN BLOGplatfo rms to keep o ur kids o ccupied witho ut ruining their minds. So me are educatio nal, while o thers can
  2. 2. platfo rms to keep o ur kids o ccupied witho ut ruining their minds. So me are educatio nal, while o thers canhelp with hand-eye co o rdinatio n. Okay, the last o ne is a stretch, but the po int is, there are apps fo r allages that will keep o ur kids engaged during tho se times we parents need to get things do ne.While Angry Birds is the game app o f cho ice fo r mo st (kids and adults included), and there are alwaysthe Hulu Plus and Netflix apps fo r watching TV sho ws o r mo vies, there are o ther fun cho ices available.Weve put to gether 10 o f o ur favo rite smartpho ne and tablet apps fo r kids, in o rder o f age level (startingwith tho se fo r yo unger kids). Check them to find so me new favo rites fo r yo u and yo ur children. Oh, andyo ure welco me. ARTICOLI RECENTI Nintendo 3DS News - No vità dell’Aggio rnamento dell eSho p Smartpho ne apps fo r kids are engaging, challenging and happy Mass Effect Infiltrato r sco ntato del 30 % nel Play Sto re Rumo rs: Metallo liquido per Apple iPho ne 5 Andro id 5.0 in arrivo co n cinque nuo vi Nexus No kia Lumia 9 0 0 ha vinto la palma di miglio re smartpho ne dello sco rso CES 20 12 Go o gle distribuisce Chro me 19 bro wser So .cl - il nuo vo so cial netwo rk della micro so ft è aperto al pubblico Classifica dei Miglio ri Gio chi Nintendo 3DS Mario Tennis Open Rivelate 4 Nuo ve Funzio ni Elenco completoFruit Ninja$0.99iPad, Andro id, iPho ne , iPo d To uch, Windo ws Pho ne CALENDARIO4 years old and up May 2012Apples, bananas, and o ther asso rted fruit feel yo ur wrath in Halfbrick Studio s smash/slice em/dice em M T W T F S Stitle. Using yo ur devices to uchpad to co ntro l the knife to slice fruit in half. Fruit Ninjas Zen Mo de is a 1 2 3 4 5 6perfect game fo r little kids, as it lets yo u flick acro ss vario us fruits to make entertaining slice graphics 7 8 9 10 11 12 13and squishing so unds witho ut the peril o f bo mbs in yo ur way. 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
  3. 3. 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 << < > >> NEWSLETTER Iscrizio ne alla newsletter E-mailAndroidif y VENDITA R4I 3DSFreeAndro id PC Gaming Blo gs - Blo gCatalo g Blo g Directo ry4 years old and upYeah, sure, o kay, there are a who le bunch o f dress-up apps o n Andro id. But Andro idify is better, because R4iits no t gender-specific, and it o ffers a truly wide range o f hairstyles, co lo rs and accesso ries. The R4 3DS Cardblankness o f the basic Andro id lets kids create families o r fictio nal characters in a way that so me o f themo re pro grammatic paper do ll apps do nt. Nintendo R4 R4i 3ds
  4. 4. Vendita R4i blo g directo ryDinosaur Chess$2.99iPad4 years old and upDino saurs and chess, what? Surprisingly, this engaging gaming app makes it wo rk. By mastering certainchess skills, yo u will gro w fro m a hatchling fresh fro m the egg to a huge dino saur ready to take o n theTRex. The actio n takes yo u thro ugh different parts o f the dino saurs wo rld as yo u battle fo r do minatio n. Ifyo ur child is new to chess, this is a fun and effective primer.
  5. 5. Hidden Object Crossword (HOC)$4.99iPad4 years old and upA game that co mbines a hunt fo r hidden o bjects and cro sswo rd puzzles is all kinds o f aweso me. HOCis a game that kids can play by themselves o r even with their parents. Its challenging because the hintsare mo stly riddles. Players fill in the blank to po p culture references, figure o ut pro verbs, and decipherclever riddles.
  6. 6. Stack the States$0.99iPad, iPho ne , iPo d t o uch4 years old and upWho knew learning abo ut the 50 States co uld be fun? Apparently, Stack the States did. The quiz-sho wstyled app helps yo ur child learn such facts as state capitals, shapes, and geo graphic lo catio ns. Witheach co rrect answer, yo u earn a rando m state (each with a cute face), and the go al is to then build astack o f states that reaches the checkered line to win each level. Yo ur child will be quizzing yo u abo utstate capitals in no time.
  7. 7. Jewels DeluxeFreeAndro id5 years old and upMatch-three games in the Bejeweled style are pretty co mmo n o n Andro id tablets, but o ur kids lo ve thiso ne fo r its unique features. Even smaller kids can scribble their fingers o ver the bo ard quickly to gainpo ints. Its pirate-themed, and the so unds and light sho ws are unusually appealing.Lettore Mp3 disney
  8. 8. € 19 ,9 9Drawing Pad$1.99iPad, Andro id5 years old and upThis drawing app fo r bo th the iPad and Andro id devices has a wo nderful "drawer full o f pens" interfacethats a lo t easier to use than so mething like Sketchbo o k Pro . Its also much mo re elegant and po werfulthan so me o f the crude fingerpainting apps o ut there. No learning curve here; kids will understand it
  9. 9. than so me o f the crude fingerpainting apps o ut there. No learning curve here; kids will understand itquickly.Temple RunFreeiPad, iPho ne , Andro id9 years old and upThis actio n-packed game app revo lves aro und several curio us explo rers attempting to steal an ido l fro ma temple and being chased by demo nic mo nkeys. By using the to uch screen and tilting the device,players can turn, jump and slide to avo id o bstacles, co llect co ins and buy po wer-ups, and unlo ck newcharacters.
  10. 10. LostWinds$3.99iPad, iPho ne9 years old and upThis app, a co mbinatio n o f co mbat, explo ratio n, and puzzle so lving , allo ws yo u to wield the po wers o fEnril the Wind Spirit to guide and pro tect To ku. To ku is the o nly o ne who can help yo u release the curseplaced upo n the enchanting wo rld o f Mistralis and its peo ple by evil Balasar. Yo u can use to uch gesturesto co njure up raging to rnado s and subtle winds.
  11. 11. Marvel ComicsFreeiPad, iPho ne , iPo d t o uch, Andro id12 years old and upWere no t just tech geeks here at PC Magazine; were Co mics geeks, to o . And many o f us have passedthis passio n o nto o ur kids. The Marvel Co mics app gives bo th generatio ns a new way to enjo y Marvelsuperhero es and their adventures. It allo ws yo u to do wnlo ad digital versio ns o f Marvel Co mics issuesand read them like yo u wo uld a physical co mic bo o k 2 Twe e t 0 Mi piace 2 Share Plus
  12. 12. Mi piace Invia Piace a 2 persone. Registraz ione per vedere cosa piace ai tuoi amici. Di Letto re Mp3 disney Pubblicato in : e le kt ro nicho use .co m Scrivi un co mme nt o Indietro : To rna alla ho me Avanti : Nintendo 3DS News - Mass Effect Infiltrato r sco ntato del... No vità...elektro nicho use CREA UN BLO G G RATIS SU O VER-BLO G .CO M - CO NTATTI - C.G .U. - REMUNERAZIO NE IN DIRITTI D AUTO RE - SEG NALA ABUSI - ARTICO LI PIÙ CO MMENTATI