2014 e learning innovations conference dr fred matiangi speech final

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2014 e learning innovations conference

2014 e learning innovations conference

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  • 1. 2014 eLearning Innovations Conference Speech DRAFT July 29th 2014 1 The International Conference for ICT Innovators, Leaders, & Educators! Dr. Fred Matiang’i’s Opening Speech Thank You Prof. Kobia for your introduction. I wish to start by appreciating your key role as a lead organizer in this year’s event together with TALENTS Coaching & Consulting. Ladies and gentlemen… Good morning! Our Vision and Mandate Today, I am here for the second opening ceremony of this annual eLearning Innovations Conference because the objectives of the conference align well with those of the Ministry of ICT. The object of this conference in many aspects speaks to our vision for the use of ICTs in the education and training sectors and as a tool for performance improvement across all sectors. Our President, Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta has clearly indicated that “ICT is no longer a luxury, but a powerful tool that will help address most of the problems facing Kenya and Africa.” The mandate is clear that ICTs are integral to our mission as a government. As you may know, the ICT Ministry that I lead understands that ICTs have the power to propel us to the next phase of our country’s development. Incorporating ICTs across all facets of our work – in government, academia, corporate, private and NGO sectors - is a mandate that we have been charged with. This is a key commitment of the Jubilee Government.
  • 2. 2014 eLearning Innovations Conference Speech DRAFT July 29th 2014 2 Today I am pleased to address an audience that is passionate about the use of ICTs for learning and development. First, as an educator and secondly as an ICT leader, this is an exciting opportunity to address a group that clearly supports learning in all its forms – from school classrooms to corporate board rooms; from NGOs to campuses represented here today. You are here today to represent a growing population of innovators in the eLearning and Mobile Learning arena – fuelled by the competitive and dynamic nature of our society today. When I opened this conference last year, I challenged everyone to think of one way they can innovate and use ICTs to promote learning and performance. I am delighted to see a full room again this year, with local, regional, and international delegates. What a great opportunity to exchange ideas and hear what practitioners and scholars across every sector have embarked on! It’s clearly evident that eLearning is no longer an add-on, but a staple in schools and organizations. My Ministry will play a key role going forward in working hand-in-hand with the organizers to ensure that this initiative continues and succeeds. Innovations that Make a Difference! I’m here today to not only open this conference but to make a key announcement about the value of innovation within ICTs as a pathway for our nation’s development and people’s empowerment. We are clearly living in a very competitive age, where talent is an asset. Innovation lies within people – not machines. Technology is a catalyst that enhances our processes and brings efficiencies to what we do. That is why this conference is an important contribution to our work at the ICT Ministry – to develop the competencies that are essential in the 21st century workforce. On behalf of our Ministry I would like to reiterate my commitment to finding innovative approaches for developing our talent. I’m certain that that is a core mission for my colleague here Prof. Kobia and her team at the PSC as they oversee the national HR development strategy. We are here today to mark an important part of the journey that we are very committed to. The rise of our nation will be fuelled by people, people like you who are thinking creatively about how we can develop innovative ways to address the challenges we face every day and to enhance our lives.
  • 3. 2014 eLearning Innovations Conference Speech DRAFT July 29th 2014 3 ICTs Changing the Classroom and Workforce Gentlemen… The Conference Theme is 21st Century Learning. As presenters and delegates engage at this event, I look forward to hearing reports of how all sectors are responding to ICT integration in classrooms and workplaces. Booming enrolment in online higher education and the rapid adoption of Web-based instruction are key indicators of what 21st Century learning will look like. In addition, this conference is testament to the position that Africa is becoming the most dynamic e-learning market in the world – with Kenya as a front-runner. The use of ICTs for education - eLearning (Web- based) and mobile learning (mLearning) is gaining increasing attention with the Kenyan government’s laptops for schools program. My Ministry is charged with policy implementation and therefore I have a vested interest in determining how our policies are enabling use of ICTs with a goal to improving our own work. The ICT Authority’s Acting, CEO, is here with me today (Victor Kyalo, please stand up). I believe he and his staff will be a resource for you and my eyes-and-ears in the next few days. The Power of Private-Public Partnerships I also welcome collaboration among delegates, the conference organizers, and the ICT Authority and Government to foster ICT capacity building in Kenya. I recognize that we are here today because of the vibrant nature of collaboration as demonstrated in this conference through the partnerships of TALENTS, the PSC, and various institutions across all sectors that are represented in this event. As you know, my colleague Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education will be here tomorrow. It is through this kind of multi-sector partnerships, integration and alignment of our work that Kenya’s leadership as the Silicon Savannah - will thrive to become a learning oasis and an innovative workplace. Today, I would like to recognize the government partners who are scheduled to speak during the next 3 days and who recognize that to do the job that the public has charged us with, we have to
  • 4. 2014 eLearning Innovations Conference Speech DRAFT July 29th 2014 4 work together and pull in the same direction. You as a speaker, delegate, exhibitor or volunteer here today, play a key role in moving the learning agenda forward. On our part…the Jubilee Government is committed to providing a sound, reliable and secure ICT infrastructure upon which ICT services such as eLearning will run. We are also committed to collaboration with academic institutions and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to ensure we effectively support elearning. It is in this respect that, in the past, my ministry as funded the Kenya Education Network (KENET) that is focused on connecting our institutions of higher learning. My ministry is also closely working with the Ministry of Energy with respect to purposes of providing electricity to schools and education facilities across the country. Energy is essential for effective eLearning service delivery.  The following are some of my ministry’s key initiatives that are underway with involvement of my ministry:Fibre Optic Cable  Konza Techno-City  National Address System  Digital Migration  Provision of bandwidth to institutions of higher learning through KENET Launch of the TALENTS’ eLearning Certification (TEC) Ladies and Gentlemen. As I close, I wish to commend TALENTS for their innovative work in enabling the professional growth and development of professionals in the eLearning field via this conference and their launch of the TALENTS’ eLearning Certification (TEC) – a professional development program that will prepare and expand our competencies to work effectively in the eLearning field.
  • 5. 2014 eLearning Innovations Conference Speech DRAFT July 29th 2014 5 I recognize and I am convinced that people are the number one asset in every single community, organization, and society. As we push the ICT agenda forward, we as a Ministry continue to be committed to talent development. Let us all remember that ICTs are simply tools – they should not be promoted for the sake of it. ICTs are catalysts for change and development, enabling us to improve our learning and performance. We are here to build relationships, establish collaborative ventures, and identify strategies for improving work efficiencies across all facets of life. I urge each one of us to make the most of this opportunity before us. I believe the next 3 days will be vibrant, informative and make a positive contribution to the development of elearning in Kenya. As a Ministry, we will continue to engage in identifying opportunities and collaborating with stakeholders in key Learning & Performance Improvement initiatives towards the realization of Kenya’s Vision 2030. Here are a few challenges for your consideration and action as we head to the future. 1. Considering that government will provide infrastructure, I challenge the eLearning community (in particular) and all educators (in general) to help create relevant, culture- relevant content at all levels that desire eLearning. 2. Work towards curriculum integration taking advantage of ICTs for effective education for our citizens. 3. Identify and present innovative approaches to eLearning, especially for disadvantaged regions in the country. This will assure that no Kenyan is left behind in access to education. I would love that when we meet next year, we can compare notes on these items, especially with respect to progress achieved through your participation. We promise to play our role as required. Thanks everyone and happy networking and learning!