Bible Translation


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A presentation on Bible translation for All Nations Christian College. May 2009

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Bible Translation

  1. 1. Eddie Arthur: Wycliffe UK
  2. 2. • Genesis 1-11: God and the Whole World • Genesis 12 – Acts 2 (ish) God and the People of Israel • Acts 2 (ish) – Revelation 22 God and the Whole World (again)
  3. 3. • Dispersion of language and humanity. • Limits human capacity for disorder • Multiplies our artistic ability • Extends our ability to understand the Divine • Babel was missional
  4. 4. • Was not needed • A miracle of hearing • Underlines Babel • Any language can be used for the expression of the Gospel
  5. 5. quot;Christianity seems unique in being the only world religion that is transmitted without the language or originating culture of its founderquot; (Lamin Sanneh)
  6. 6. Incarnation is translation. When God in Christ became man, Divinity was translated into humanity, as though humanity were a receptor language. Here was a clear statement of what would otherwise be veiled in obscurity or uncertainty, the statement ‘This is what God is like’. (Andrew Walls)
  7. 7. God’s loving desire to restore all creation to God’s self resulted in the joyful event and message of Jesus. The incarnation translates and embodies God’s love for creation. (Darryl Gurder)
  8. 8. But behind the Christian doctrine of the substantial equality of the Scriptures in all languages, there lies the even profounder doctrine of the Incarnation, by which the fullest divine communication has reached beyond the forms of human words into the human form itself. The Word [of God] became flesh and dwelt among us. (Kwame Bediako)
  9. 9. • The Son was born into a specific linguistic and cultural setting • Human language and culture are used for God’s ultimate self- revelation • Revelation was not fixed in this culture
  10. 10. There is probably no more important single explanation for the massive presence of Christianity on the African continent than the availability of the Scriptures in many African languages. (Kwame Bediako)
  11. 11. What do you call God?
  12. 12. • Translation forces a break with the past • Translation forges a link with indigenous culture • Translation gives a voice to the marginalised
  13. 13. How many languages 2454 have God’s Word? 522 68 1900AD 2008 AD 1800AD
  14. 14. How many languages have God’s Word? Some Scripture 848 Adequate Bible Adequate New 438 Testament 1168
  15. 15. Leaving thousands without God’s word! In Progress No work begun 1,998 2,393 Some Scripture 848 Adequate Bible Adequate New 438 Testament 1168
  16. 16. Translation needs