Millennials Accelerate Change in the Car-Shopping Process #Infographic


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Millennials are aging into the United States' largest car-buying cohort. Here's a quick glance at how they shop for cars. via - Find more at

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Millennials Accelerate Change in the Car-Shopping Process #Infographic

  1. 1. PEDAL TO THE METALMILLENNIALS ACCELERATE CHANGE IN THE CAR SHOPPING PROCESS As Millennials age into the largest car buying cohort, automotive advertisers need to know how they shop. When millennials start shopping, 70% know little about what vehicle they intend to purchase.* By the time they get to the dealership, 70% of Millennials have already decided which make/model they are going to purchase. The opportunity to influence them is online.* Millennials spend two hours longer shopping for a car than average buyers. Millennials are blazing the way for multi-device usage in car shopping. USE THE INTERNET TO SHOP* TIME SPENT SHOPPING ONLINE ONLINE TIME SPENT ON 3RD-PARTY SITES By 2020, 80% of Millennials will use multiple devices to shop for cars, driving up the average for all buyers. Millennials are driving near ubiquitous usage of the Internet in car shopping. said that TV was not helpful.* Traditional media is aging out. In 2014, only 7% of Millennials used newspapers to shop for cars, and just 12% used TV. Millennials are anti-social…in car shopping. 67% 49% said newspapers were not helpful.* use social sites for car shopping. are apathetic about auto brands having a presence on social media. use smartphones to shop for cars. Millennials are leading decline in PC usage. PROJECTED MILLENNIAL MULTI-DEVICE USAGE** 50% 95% 82% 82% 51% 5% WI-FI? COUPE OR SEDAN? NEW OR USED? TRUCK OR SUV? ELECTRIC? THIS ONE DEFINITELY FOR SURE 78% Unless otherwise indicated, all statistics are from the 2014 Automotive Buyer Influence Study, conducted in partnership with IHS Automotive, Driven by Polk. Except where noted, all statistics are among Millennial buyers who used the Internet to shop for cars. *Statistic based on Millennial online and offline buyers **Source: AutoTrader Marketing Analytics 2014 ***Statistic based on Total online buyers 17.6HOURS 80% 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 44% 91% 88% 78% Total 2014*** Total 2013*** Millennials 2014