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Here's how to buy skates

Here's how to buy skates



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  • Music is “Dancing Queen,” by Abba. Right click to play.
  • Stronger skaters, or those who do not skate aggressively, may not need as much protection as described above. Elle on Wheels skates with care.
  • Music is “Black Gloves, by Goose. It gets really good in 18 seconds! Right click to play.

Skate buying guide Skate buying guide Presentation Transcript

  • Rock and Roll! A Guide to Buying Roller Skates By Elle on Wheels [email_address]
  • Elle on Wheels
    • Gear profile
    • Riedell 265 B/C skates
    • Powell Bones 101s wheels (indoor)
    • Kryptonics 78s wheels (outdoor)
    • Kneepads (187s)
    • Wrist guards (Triple8 Hired Hands)
    • Elbow pads (ProTech)
    • Helmet (ProTech)
  • Why skate?
    • It’s FUN,
    • HEALTHY,
    • and it makes you
    • LAUGH!
  • Fitness
    • F
  • Luscious Legs, Classy Core
    • Skating is a great hybrid
      • Strength training
      • Cardio
    • Here’s an off-skate workout DVD to build up your skate muscles:
  • Types of Skates
    • Artistic
      • Recreation, roller dance
    • Speed
      • Fitness, roller derby
  • Artistic (Rink Skates) Tall boots with best ankle support No padding Raised heel Leather or synthetic
    • Release Your
    • Inner Diva
  • The Need for Speed…Skates Short boots with forward-angled heels help the skater put her body in the greatest position for speed. They are best for balance and work the body’s core, thigh and back muscles, in combination with the weight of the skates and countermovement of the arms, for strength training and cardio.
  • Keys to Happy Feet
    • There’s a skate for every foot and budget
      • Most skates are sized for men, but not all
      • Some speed skates have a split last (B width at heel, C at the ball of the foot)
      • There are low-tech ways to help fit along, but it’s got to start with the right skate
  • How Much Should They Cost?
    • For entry level, $99-$199 (new)
    • You’re paying for a complete skate
      • Boot, wheels, plates, bearings, etc.
      • Less than $99: welcome to crutches
      • Both keep you skating happily
  • Boot Materials
    • The feet are the foundation to the grin!
    • Think of tapping your feet to a great beat
      • “ Pot Kettle Black”
      • Notice how you just smiled?
  • Leather Boots
    • Higher quality, longer break-in time
      • Tall: Track Diva $155
      • Short: SureGrip Rebel $165
      • Riedell Rogue $169
      • Riedell Vixen $199
  • Synthetic Boots
    • Caveat emptor!
      • Think back to the quality of your Barbie skates
      • A fall may not support the ankle, causing the boot to rip and cheap plastic or aluminum plates to break
      • You usually get what you pay for, but…
  • Here Are a Couple of Nice Ideas:
    • Budget skates (synthetic)
      • Riedell R3 ($99-149)
      • Sure Grip Boxers ($120)
  • Wheels
    • Durometer rating
    • Wheel measurement
      • for hardness, grip,
      • speed and bounce
  • Smaller Number = Softer Wheel
    • Range from 78-103
    • Soft wheels are best for
      • Absorbing the bumps of outdoor surfaces, but slow indoors because they have lots of grip
    • Hard wheels are best for
      • Speed on indoor rinks, but can slip on slick surfaces
  • Keep on Rolling
    • Safety is crucial
      • Cause of most injuries?
      • Lack of muscle strength
      • Always wear
      • Helmet and pads
  • CYA and Everything Else
    • Helmet
      • Multiple impact resistant
    • Elbows, wrists
    • Coccyx (tailbone)
  • A Note About Knees
    • Elle on Wheels recommends:
      • 187s
        • Maximum padding
        • Feels like skating with pillows at first, but also
        • Feels like falling on pillows!
        • Makes it easier to get up and try again
  • Who Should I Trust?
    • Skaters know skates
    • Skater/owners love the sport
    • It’s in their interest to keep you skating
    • They will work to get you the best deal
    • They’re selling customer service , not just product
  • Find Amazement Here:
    • Rollergirl
    • Connie’s Skate Place
    • Low Price Skates
    • The Bruised Boutique
  • For More Information
    • Google “roller derby” for
      • Fitness and safety
      • Skates and protective gear
      • Inspiration!
  • WHOA, did you say
    • ROLLER
    • DERBY???
    Ellie Moon, age 9
  • You Should Know
    • The “Roller Derby Revival” (launched 2001 in Austin, TX) celebrates female power and diversity
      • 143 leagues in the U.S. and counting
      • Teams skate for charities
      • Skate names and costumes showcase alter egos
        • Top professions for derby skaters are teacher s, stay-at-home mom s, waitresse s, and attorneys
  • Rollergirls Are Every Size, Age and Ability
  • The True Derby Ethic
    • Is about going beyond
      • What you think you can do
      • Who you think you can be
      • Helping other women and girls do the same
      • Showing the world how powerful it can be
  • So What if That Involves Fishnets?