Client Relations 2013 Strategy
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Client Relations 2013 Strategy



The 2013 Compete Client Relations Strategy Talk. Special thanks to Micah Solomon and his book High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service: Inspire Timeless Loyalty in the Demanding New World of Social ...

The 2013 Compete Client Relations Strategy Talk. Special thanks to Micah Solomon and his book High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service: Inspire Timeless Loyalty in the Demanding New World of Social Commerce.



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  • I’m going to share with you a few words of inspiration that resonate with me in regard to my department’s experience and approach we take in using Zendesk.
  • Sometimes you have to walk before you can run, in the beginning it can be awkward getting your footing and moving forward but when you’re determined you’ll get there! What we’re committed to do…
  • We know customers are already using it, and will likely benefit from it being enabled from within the application.Positively impacts customer retentionEnabling self-service will allow us to respond faster, make knowledge more accessible, and will save precious time and resources to tackling more difficult questions and focus on being proactive with our customer base.
  • We invest in our customers so that they feel confident building a relationship with us.
  • When it comes to the initiatives we want to make our syndicated services more personable and our communications more transparent and proactive. This includes reaching out to clients for data and website issues that impact their use with the goal of being both proactive and as transparent as possible. We’re also hoping to leverage new technologies to innovate in the way we interact with customers with the goal of building relationships and increasing retention.
  • We know new customers will need to learn how to effectively use our products, so we nurture our customers with content showing them how to get value. Common resources includeOne SheetersTactical Step-by-step Nurture EmailsTraining InvitesPersonalized video messaging through Vsnap – working toward this with a PilotUsing Screenr to show customers how rather than simply telling them.
  • These go out to new customers & are distributed to current customers alike.
  • I know I shared a number of tips and tricks that my team has leveraged over the years, however… I thought I’d throw in something we’ve been collectively working on that might get you thinking about your company, your teams, and the impact that you can have on the experience of your customers and colleagues.
  • These were some of the questions we answered together, from our answers we were able to vocalize some common themes. I then used these themes to articulate our team values.

Client Relations 2013 Strategy Presentation Transcript

  • 1. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m Compete Client Relations 2013 Strategy Presented by Lindsey Mark
  • 2. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m2 Facilitate Self-service | High-tech High-touchAnticipatory Outreach | Community Building | Increase customer engagement and satisfaction…
  • 3. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m3 Facilitating Self-service Empower customers to easily answer questions and find product resources.
  • 4. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m4 • Rarely specialize only in competitive behavioral analytics. • Are consistently asked to do more with less. • Want answers to their questions quickly, on their time. • Want to a seamless experience. OurCustomers Photo credit: Shandi-lee
  • 5. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m5 • Keeping our forums up-to-date. • Optimizing our contact forms. • Lay the foundation for in application content Self-service is important and we’ll start by… Photo credit: Phae
  • 6. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m6 • Customerdemand • Forums receive 1,500-1,600 views a month from 1,000 customers. • Retention • PRO’s canceling often say they didn’t know how to use the product. • Fasterresponseavailable24-7 • More accessible & scalable. • Frees our team to focus on high-touch value-adding interactions. Why Self-Service? Photo Credit: ucumari
  • 7. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m7 Benjamin Franklin “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
  • 8. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m8 Photo Credit: geoftheref Long-term Vision To engage with our customers in a central place, with the goal of creating a community that learns from us as well as one another.
  • 9. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m9 High-tech high-touch anticipatory outreach High-tech approaches to providing scalable “must-have” services
  • 10. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m10 Implement Customer Nurture Programs Send customers a series of messages to help them get on boarded and continue to engage them with helpful content throughout their subscription. Personalized outreach Using bring the human element into customer conversations. Leverage Videos to Train Customers Sending short screencasts to show them rather than tell them how to do something. High-TechAnticipatoryApproaches Photo Credit: TangYauHoong & ucumari
  • 11. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m11 Creating resources to help customers understand. Nurture Programs & One-Sheeters Photo credit: andre.vanrooyen
  • 12. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m12 Taking the extra step to help visual learners. We show our customers “how” Photo Credit: * Cati Kaoe *
  • 13. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m13 High-value touch points through short video messages. Vsnap “Your customers are not robots. They're people.” Photo Credit: Jeremiah John McBride
  • 14. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m14 Benjamin Franklin “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
  • 15. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m15 Photo Credit: Arno Meintjes Wildlife Long-term Vision We’re committed to optimizing the customer experience with strategic value-adding touch points, working in concert with Inside Sales to increase retention and renewals.
  • 16. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m16 Community Engagement Getting to know customers away from their keyboards.
  • 17. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m17 User’s Group Agenda • Guest Speaker • Product Updates • Breakout Sessions • Networking Where & When • Boston User’s Group April 2013 • New York City User’s Group Q2 TBD Compete PRO User’s Group Photo Credit: nailbender
  • 18. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m18 Each Event • Host 20-30 participants. • Find customer speaker for our next event. • Gather customer feedback about our Products/Services. • Garner interest for a special VIP beta group. • Foster sharing of ideas & use cases for our products across industries. Foster communities in key cities User’s Group Goals Photo Credit: bdu
  • 19. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m19 Photo Credit:: alles-schlumpf Long-term Vision Sponsor future user’s groups with a strong community leader in these cities. Work to foster a healthy Compete User’s community.
  • 20. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m20 Rethinking the PRO Premium Services Offering Differentiating between support and services
  • 21. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m21 Bybreakingoutthecomponent offeringsfromthecurrent“Platinum Support”packageintoseparate supportandserviceofferingswe canhavemorecompetitive pricing,andgivecustomersonlythe componentstheyneed. Simplifying and realigning support & services Photo Credit: Rainbirder
  • 22. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m22 • Increaserevenue,retention,andsatisfaction • Clearerdefinition ofscopeandbettersettingofcustomerexpectations • Winnewbusinessbasedonuniqueserviceoffering • Createpartnershipsthatwillallowustogrowaccounts • BetterROIforprospects • Abilitytoaddinsightstosyndicateddata Ala carte service & support options
  • 23. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m23 Photo Credit: Randy Son Of Robert Long-term Vision Grow the services branch of our product offering for organizations that want to leverage our expertise from compete’s syndicated products.
  • 24. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m24 Team building, staying focused, and celebrating customer praise The Importance of alignment & values
  • 25. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m25 Compete Client Relations Team Sarah Friedman Client Relations Specialist Kristina Lopez Client Relations Co-Op Photo Credit: Jared Deluca
  • 26. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m26 1. What are some of your personal core values? 2. What motivates/discourages you? 3. What is example of an accomplishment you’re proud of (can be anything)? 4. I feel most happy when? 5. What was the last customer service experience made you feel warm & fuzzy? 6. I pride myself on? 7. How do you like to be recognized, acknowledged and rewarded for a job well done? 8. What makes you feel like a valuable contributor? 9. My biggest strength/weakness is? 10.If you could focus on improving /learning one thing this quarter what would it be? It’s much easier when you first agree on your values. Striking a balance can be difficult.
  • 27. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m27 1. We are committed to anticipating our customer’s needs, proactively reaching out, and carrying ourselves with patience and infectious optimism. 2. We are advocates for our clients —acting as liaisons within our organization to facilitate timely and accurate data, must-have features and functionality, and externally to promote the knowledge and understanding to derive actionable insights from our products. 3. We’re respectful of our client’s time, listen carefully, and are thoughtful in our actions and recommendations. 4. We work hard to keep up-to-date on industry trends so that our clients value our expertise and think of our products and services as “must have”. 5. We have a strong appreciation of facial hair, specifically mustaches and coffee too! Our Team Values
  • 28. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m28 Westay customer focused Our values live in context of real, positive customer feedback that’s updated regularly. • Updated weekly using our satisfaction surveys and VOC tags. • Anyone on the team can submit content in any format.
  • 29. w w w . c o m p e t e . c o m29 @linji http://linkedin/in/lmark Questions Photo Credit: Bob Jagendorf