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Weather 1st 11th


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Weather 1st 11th

  1. 1. Amy Nelson- Clouds and Weather JournalFriday, April 1st—Predicted Weather: High- 56* Low- 36* Showers around the p.m.-. 8 in rainwww.accuweather.comActual Weather: High- 60* Low- 46*Precipitation- strong tattered edges; rapidly changing contoursNimbostratus pannus Stratus fractus clouds usually show up when there is rain or a drizzle. Today therewas some drizzle, but no full on rain.Saturday, April 2nd—Predicted Weather: High- 47* Low- 33* Cooler with spotty showerswww.accuweather.comActual Weather: High-50* Low- 41* Precipitation: 0.11 inches Nimbostratus pannus clouds Caused rain off and on. Cleared out and got thick on and off
  2. 2. throughout the day., April 3rd—Predicted Weather: High- 50* Low- 36* Cloudy Weather: High- 50* Low- 37*Precipitation: 0.02 in Stratus nebulosus clouds Caused gray coverage, a little bit of drizzle now and then. Very dreary. http://www.clouds-, April 4th-Predicted Weather: High- 49* Low- 36* Rain- Day- .67 in rain Night- .24 in rain Weather: High- 46* Low- 41*Precipitation: 0.58 in Stratus opacus clouds
  3. 3. Caused light-heavy rain throughout the day. Only few breaks between. thTuesday, April 5 —Predicted Weather: High- 47* Low- 35* Rain- Day- 0.18 in Night-0.36 in Cloudy w/ spotty showers, rain Weather: High- 48* Low- 39*Precipitation: 0.06 in Nimbostratus pannus: rain/drizzle Cumulus mediocris: in the sky during rare sun breaks http://www.clouds- mulus/cumulus.htmWednesday, April 6th—Predicted Weather: High- 46* Low- 34*The Chronicle, April 5thActual Weather: High- 48* Low- 37*Precipitation: 0.16 in
  4. 4. timeswhen the sunwas shiningthrough,these cloudswere present Nimbostratus praecipitatio: rainThrusday, April 7th—Predicted Weather: High: 48* Low: 31* SNOW: 0.2 in Weather: High- 51* Low- 32*Precipitation: 0.00 in Cumulus clouds No rain, mostly cloudy. Taken by Amy Nelson QuickTimeª and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.Friday, April 8th—Predicted Weather: High- 51*
  5. 5. Low- 35* Rain: 0.00 in Weather: High- 57* Low- 32*Precipitation: 0.00 inThe ChronicleSunny day, no rain QuickTimeª and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.Cumulus cloudsTaken by Amy NelsonSaturday, April 9th—Predicted Weather: High- 53* Low- 44* Isolated RainThe Chronicle- Friday, April 8thActual Weather: High- 55* Low- 39*Precipitation: 0.00 in Cumulus mediocris Cumulus clouds with moderate development in height QuickTimeª and a The Cumulus always indicates an instability to the layering of air decompressor are needed to see this picture. with appropriate convection or turbulence. http://www.clouds-
  6. 6. cumulus_mediocris.htmSunday, April 10th—Predicted Weather: High- 50* Low- 40* Rain likelyThe Chronicle- Saturday, April 9thActual Weather: High- 53* Low- 44*Precipitation: 0.06 in Stratus nebulosus clouds: Caused gray coverage, a little bit of drizzle now and then. Very dreary. QuickTimeª and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.req_city=Pe+Ell&req_state=WA&req_statename=WashingtoMonday, April 11th—Predicted Weather: High- 53* Low- 47* Rain- 0.13 in Day 0.04 in NightActual Weather: High- 51* Low- 39* Taken by Amy NelsonPrecipitation: 0.07 in Cumulus fractus- strong tattered edges;
  7. 7. rapidly changing contours