Millward Brown research: Brand recognition study on facebook pages


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Millward Brown research: Brand recognition study on facebook pages

  1. 1. a fan page effectiveness case study:optimizing a well-loved community
  2. 2. CHALLENGE APPROACH FINDINGS INSIGHTS OUTCOMEClient ChallengeIn Australia, J&J set out to understand the brand value of theirtightly-knit Johnson’s Baby Facebook fan page community. In theprocess we looked to answer a few key questions:1) Who are Johnson’s Baby fans?2) What value do they see in the fan page?3) Is the fan page improving their relationship with the brand?4) How could the fan page be improved further?
  3. 3. CHALLENGE APPROACH FINDINGS INSIGHTS OUTCOMEOur ApproachDynamic Logic uses a proprietary FanIndex methodology. Respondents are recruited via Facebook fan pagewall posts, inviting them to a 5-minute survey. Fieldwork for this study was carried out across a one-monthperiod and a total of 133 survey respondents were recruited. Based on our sample, we found that most fansare women 25-34 who are regular Johnson’s Baby buyers. Female 100 % Wall post: "Dear Johnson’s Baby fans, <25 10 your opinion is important to 25-34 74 us! Please help us improve this page by answering our short 5 35+ 16 minute survey." Bought last 49 Buy regularly, not 30 last
  4. 4. CHALLENGE APPROACH FINDINGS INSIGHTS OUTCOMEOur FindingsThe fan page is well-liked, frequently revisited and achieves an above average FanIndex. Most of its success isdue to the usefulness, trustworthiness and variety of the information available to fans. Brand posts about newproducts are particularly popular and the input from other fans in the community help make this page stand out.The page strikes a nice balance of the brand talking to the community and the community talking to each other. 55% Overall opinion Recommend Useful info 42% “Very favourable” “Very likely” 52% Trustworthy 52% (51% norm) 49% (48% norm) 47% FanIndex Varied info 44% 38% rating J&Js Baby 103 Norm (100 norm) Posts about new 68% products 56% Revisit likelihood Attentiveness 68% “Very likely” “A lot” Contests & giveaways 67% 70% (65% norm) 45% (41% norm) 42% Posts by other fans 31% “I love that I can ask other “I like latest news and updates on JOHNSONS® products parents anything and get a (the bubble bath for example) and also friendship, knowledge broad conversation going.” and advice from the fan base and other parents!!”
  5. 5. CHALLENGE APPROACH FINDINGS INSIGHTS OUTCOMEResearch InsightsThe fan page is clearly building the % Increase in Opinion of Johnson’s Babyperception that Johnson’s Baby offersuseful advice. However, it is not Is useful with tips and advice from other mums 64%building other brand equity metrics or 42% Offers something differentpurchase intent as well as we see 48%with most other fan pages due to Is a brand I love 40% 47%restrained branding. 39% Is the most popular 41% J&Js BabyRecommendation: maintain the Is of a better quality 36% 44% Normstrong community feel but increase Is setting trends 35%brand prominence so that users don’t 46%forget who is supporting the page. Is worth paying more for 20% 30% Likely to buy Johnsons Baby in 44% the future 50%
  6. 6. CHALLENGE APPROACH FINDINGS INSIGHTS OUTCOMEBusiness Outcome Following the research findings, there were three major outcomes:The positive findings encouraged ongoinginvestment and support of the pageTo address the brand prominence issue, the page wassubsequently rebranded from “More LovingMoments with JOHNSON’s Baby”  “Johnson’s BabyAustralia”The rebranded page more than tripled in size,but still retained high levels of interaction and the samestrong community feel
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