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Project kronos open_stack_design_summit
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Project kronos open_stack_design_summit


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  • 1. Integrating Xen and OpenStack with Project Kronos OpenStack Essex Design Summit October 5, 2011 Todd Deshane
  • 2. Xen and OpenStack Overview● XCP and XenServer ○ XenAPI driver ○ Compute installed in a guest (DomU)● Project Kronos ○ XenAPI driver ○ Compute node installed on management domain (Dom0)● Xen hypervisor ○ libvirt driver possible ○ Note that XenAPI has a lot more features than libvirt (See discussion:
  • 3. Project Kronos● Port Xen API (XAPI) to Linux distributions ○ Debian and Ubuntu first ○ Fedora next● Phase 1 timeline ○ Ubuntu PPAs of XAPI packages for Ubuntu 11.10 ○ Simultaneously, push packages to Debian unstable● Phase 2 timeline ○ Ubuntu 12.04 LTS blueprint ○ Project Kronos developers @ UDS
  • 4. Pros and Cons of Nova in Dom0 ConsPros ● Shares resources with ● Ease of management Dom0 ● Package install ● Less isolation ● Shares auth/networking ○ Nova problem could ● Direct access to all VM affect Dom0 or other operations VMs ● Simpler solution in general ● Great for development ● Easy proof of concept (install on existing distro)
  • 5. Pros and Cons of Nova in a VMPros Cons ● Can be installed/updated ● Additional auth/network as a brand new VM for every host ● Can be deployed in ● Another layer of similar manner to VMs complexity ● Isolation ○ System administration ○ Decoupled ○ Indirect access for VM dependencies operations ○ Dom0 and other VMs not affected by Nova ● Restartable Nova VM ● Dedicated VM resources
  • 6. Project Kronos vs. XCP/XenServer● Project Kronos ○ Simpler for new users (deployers) ○ Start from distribution (Ubuntu, etc.) ○ Nova in Dom0 potential isolation issue● XCP/XenServer ○ More effort to set up initially (especially for new users) ○ Start from pre-packaged distribution ○ Nova in VM model is still a great option
  • 7. Project Kronos - Current Status● Working Debian packages and repo ○● Work items and manpower breakdown ○● Ubuntu Developer Summit planning in progress
  • 8. Project Kronos and You● Still under development, but functional ○ Any testing is welcome (report issues on xen-api mailing list)● Working OpenStack packages in Debian unstable would be nice to have (could apt-get install everything)● Packaging help is always appreciated ○ RHEL port in progress (Xen community member) ○ Ubuntu packages of our Debian ones ○ Interest in Fedora and other distributions?● Any OpenStack/xapi conflicts? ○ xapi uses port 80 for management (stunnel for HTTPS) ○ Other potential issues or conflicts?● More info: kronos/
  • 9.