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Open stack meetup_boston_ubuntu_cloud


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Open stack meetup_boston_ubuntu_cloud

  1. 1. Ubuntu Cloud and Juju David Mandala Senior Sales Engineer ARM (worldwide) 1
  2. 2. About CanonicalWhere London, Boston, Taipei, Shanghai, Montreal, São Paolo, Isle of ManWhen Established in 2004Who 500+ peopleWhy To bring Ubuntu to the world2
  3. 3. “Precise Pangolin” LTS Ubuntu 12.04 Year = 2012 Month = April = 043
  4. 4. Lifecycle4
  5. 5. Ubuntu Server Volume server ● Fastest growing OS on x86 ● Standard part of certification ● Leading linux OS used for internal development in US and EU Cloud ● Ubuntu is positioned as the leading guest and infrastructure Linux OS for the cloud ● Ubuntus business model in uniquely positioned for this ● Ubuntu cloud is the foundation OS for Openstack. Next 24 moths will see huge growth in Private and public clouds based on Ubuntu + Openstack Service Orchestration & Big Data ● Ubuntu manages distributed applications s services ● 40+ leading technologies such as Hadoop, Cloudfoundry, MongoDB, Couchbase Server, Cassandra and Tomcat all supported. ● Manage services on servers, in Ubuntu Cloud in Amazon or combinations of all 35
  6. 6. Ubuntu: We are CloudInfrastructure● Ubuntu AMIs run on private or public EC2-based clouds● 3 of the 4 main public clouds build on Ubuntu● Ubuntu is the reference platform for OpenStack● Openstack is the core supported technology in Ubuntu Cloud● Cloud Foundry FLOSS PaaS from VMware developed on Ubuntu● Vmware public PaaS implementation,, built on Ubuntu● Engine Yard and Heroku also built on Ubuntu6
  7. 7. Ubuntu Cloud in your pocket!!Ubuntu Cloud Live● Ubuntu 11.10 and OpenStack Diablo on USB key● Easy instructions to get from Ubuntu server to your own instance(s)● Great way to learn about all the components of Ubuntu and Openstack● Requires an x86_64 compatible desktop/laptop machine and 4GB or larger USB drive● Download here
  8. 8. Service Orchestration8
  9. 9. DevOps Distilled™ - Isnt that config management? Config Management Service Orchestration ● Machine Centric ● Service Centric ● De-coupled from provisioning ● Coupled with provisioning ● Knowledge Sharing Involves Customization and ● Designed for Knowledge Sharing assumptions. ● Complimentary to config management ● Analog: ./configure && make && sudo make ● Analog: apt-get install install 10
  10. 10. Charms are simple name: mediawiki● Reusable, codified best-practice. summary: "website engine for collaborative● Deploy a charm to get a service. work" description: |● Doesnt require foreknowledge of who MediaWiki is a wiki engine (a program for will use them or how. creating a collaboratively edited website). It is● Assumptions can be eliminated designed to handle heavy websites● Easy to read, easy to review containing library-like document collections, and● Some details: supports ● Some yaml metadata user uploads of images/sounds, multilingual content, TOC autogeneration, ISBN links, ● A few scripts that run at the right etc. time requires: db: ● Well encapsulated interface: mysql ● Written with whatever tool you slave: want! interface: mysql cache:● interface: memcache provides: website: interface: http 11
  11. 11. Jenkins 90+ charms12
  12. 12. Lets see it in action!13
  13. 13. Join Us● IRC: #juju on● Launchpad:● Web:● Charms:
  14. 14. Questions pleaseThank youResources: