How Professional Teeth Whitening Works


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For more information on teeth whitening visit If you are looking to have your teeth professionally whitened to Dr. Fletcher, the Dentist for great care.

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How Professional Teeth Whitening Works

  1. 1. How Professional TeethWhitening Works
  2. 2. The Ins and Outs of Teeth Whitening• One of the most important visibleaspects of grooming is the shapeand color of a person’s teeth.Those who have a white set ofteeth are generally consideredmore attractive than someone witha yellowish decayed set of teeth.Because the coloring of teethdeteriorates with age, people haveturned to professional teethwhitening to help maintain theirattractiveness.
  3. 3. Is Whitening for you?• The process of teeth whiteningremoves any discoloration on theteeth making the teeth appearporcelain white. Everyone canhave their teeth whitened andenjoy an amazing white smile,except for those who haveextremely sensitive teeth. Forthose people, whitening the teethmay just aggravate the conditionof sensitive teeth.
  4. 4. Whitening Options• The first is teeth bleaching.Bleaching the teeth involvesapplying a bleach solution to theteeth for approximately one or twoweeks.• Next is a laser teeth whiteningprocess which uses a laser ray toactivate the whitening solution thatis put on the teeth. This methodshows instant results.• There are plenty of whiteningtoothpastes on the market todayfor people to use. This is a slowerprocess, but it is has no sideeffects and is very inexpensive.
  5. 5. Do it Yourself or get a Professional• There are two ways you canwhiten your teeth. A dentist canperform a professional toothwhitening process, or you can do ityourself. With both methods, themain ingredient used is carbamideperoxide. There is one smalldifference. The professionalsolution at the dentist’s office willhave about 15 percent of thecarbamide peroxide, and thehome methods will only have amaximum of 10 percent carbamideperoxide.
  6. 6. How it Works• The whitening process is achievedfrom the bleaching effect of thesolution of carbamide against thetooth enamel. This is why it isoften difficult for someone withsensitive teeth to have thebleaching done. The professionalprocess of whitening teethinvolves laser rays activating thegel after it is applied to the teeth.The result is visible within thehour, which is why so manypeople opt for this method forwhitening their teeth.
  7. 7. Home Whitening• Home whitening methods alsohave carbamide peroxide as theactivating ingredient. However,since the amount of solution isweaker than the professionalsolution, the process must becompleted over a couple of weeksuntil the required results areachieved. If you choose to whitenyour teeth on your own, you mustpay very close attention to theapplication process and how longyou keep the whitening solution onyour teeth. If you leave thesolution on too long, you can havea degree of over-sensitiveness onyour gums and teeth.
  8. 8. Carbon Peroxide• The carbamide peroxide bringsthe enamel of the teeth back totheir original color and shine bybleaching the enamel. Sometimes,you might experience gum or teethsensitivity since the bleaching isoften very strong. Thesesymptoms usually go away in afew days.
  9. 9. The Decision• Whitening the teeth is something that most people decide to do at somepoint in their lives. The results are well worth it to have that dazzling smile!
  10. 10. More Information• For more information on teeth whitening• If you are looking to have your teeth professionallywhitened to Dr. Fletcher, the Dentist for great care.