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Learn the causes and symptoms of Glaucoma and how to treat them naturally.

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  1. 1. GLAUCOMAGlaucoma refers to a group of eye disorders that usually have few or no initial symptoms and eventually cause harm to the opticnerve that carries information from the eye to the brain.In most cases, glaucoma is associated with higher-than-normal pressure inside the eye (ocular hypertension). If untreated oruncontrolled, glaucoma first causes peripheral vision loss and eventually can lead to blindness.
  2. 2. SYMPTOMS OF GLAUCOMA Fortunately, closed-angle glaucoma is uncommon, but when it occurs, it is a true medical emergency.If you already have glaucoma, then you know the symptoms. If not, then this Open-angle glaucoma sneaks up on us because it hasarticle will make you aware of what to look for. It will also show you how to no early warning signs or symptoms. That’s why it’sprevent glaucoma from occurring at all.Taking medications regularly, as so important to have regular eye checkups and takeprescribed, is crucial to preventing vision-threatening damage. That is why it is good care of our health.important for you to discuss side effects with your doctor. While every drughas some potential side effects, it is important to note that many patientsexperience no side effects at all. You and your doctor need to work as a teamin the battle against glaucoma.Open-angle GlaucomaThere are many types of glaucoma, but the two most common typesare open-angle glaucoma and closed-angle glaucoma. Ninety percentof the people who are diagnosed with glaucoma have the open-angletype. Some of the symptoms of this type are tiny blind spots that G L A U C O M A T R E A T M E N Tappear in our side or peripheral vision that get larger. You start witha little blind spot and end up with no peripheral vision. Blurred visionis another symptom. The elevated pressure of the fluid in the eyecauses the visual changes that accompany blurred vision. Theappearance of colored halos around lights is slight and confusing atfirst. As it grows, the halos become more pronounced and you can’tignore it anymore, or pass it off as tired eyes. Some people think theday is just hazy and that’s why they see the halos. When we enter adark room, it takes a few seconds for our eyes to adjust. A personwith glaucoma has trouble adjusting to the change from light to darkand may not be able to see at all in a dark room. None of us see aswell in the dark as we do in daylight but we should be able to makeout objects after a few seconds. Some people chalk it up to needingnew glasses. No matter how many times they change theirprescriptions, their eye problems persist. Although they shouldn’thave to keep changing their eyeglasses because routine eye examsshould include a check for glaucoma. Prevent Glaucoma With Healthy Habits Good exercise and nutrition habits have as much effect onClosed-angle Glaucoma our eye health as they do on the rest of our body’s health.Closed-angle glaucoma is more serious. It accounts for only about So eat your fruits and vegetables, exercise and relax yournine percent of the people with glaucoma. It occurs when the eyes regularly and get plenty of sleep and glaucoma mayopening between the cornea and iris narrows and the fluid cannot only be something you read about.get to the normal drainage channels. It results in fluid build-up andintraocular pressure and it happens very quickly. Some of thesymptoms are severely blurred vision. This occurs because the fluidbuilds up so fast. It can also be accompanied by severe eye and headpain because of the intense pressure of the fluid build-up. Nausea andvomiting is another symptom of closed-angle glaucoma. Any type ofsevere pain can make us nauseous. Vomiting is frequently a sideeffect of severe pain. The rainbow colored halos around bright lightsappears with both types of glaucoma. The difference is that withclosed-angle glaucoma, you don’t mistake it for haze or tired eyes.Your vision is too poor by that time. Closed-angle glaucoma is alsoaccompanied by rapid loss of vision. The fast fluid build-up isresponsible for that. For more articles about Glaucoma visit our website
  3. 3. Treat and Cure Glaucoma Naturally! Natural treatments and cures are the “in” thing today, and with good reason. Medications have too many side effects and are expensive even with insurance. So, a natural treatment that really works is good news. Glaucoma is a disease of the eye that can lead to blindness. Over two million Americans have glaucoma. Most people think the treatment for glaucoma ranges from topical medications to eye surgery. The most common treatment is eye drops that reduce fluid formation in the eye and promote increased outflow. They have major side effects however, such as low blood pressure, asthmatic wheezing, bronchial cough, light-headedness and fatigue. Nobody wants side effects like these so it makes sense to seek natural treatments and cures. The good news is that there are natural remedies for this condition. They can help reduce elevated eye pressure and in some cases, return it to normal. So, if you have glaucoma or are at risk for developing it, these natural remedies are for you. Rutin, available in supplement form in health food stores, has been shown to normalize collagen metabolism and normalizing eye tissue. This isG L A U C O M A T R E A T M E N T helpful in the treatment of glaucoma. High Quality Supplements To Prevent Glaucoma So, it seems that nutrition plays a very important part in the natural treatment and cure of glaucoma. We all try to eat a balanced diet, but even the best of us don’t always eat right. Our busy lives and convenience foods do us in. The best defense for this problem is a great supplement. Make sure any supplement you buy contains all the nutrients mentioned above in the right quantities. You may have to take additional supplements in some vitamins to get the right amount. The prescription for natural treatment of glaucoma is daily doses of: Vitamin A, Vitamin C,Vitamin A,B,C, E And Glaucoma Vitamin E, Chromium, Zinc, fish oil, and Rutin.Research has shown that improved nutrition is a much better cure than drugs for This is over and above a good daily supplement.glaucoma. A study was done on a group of patients in which they were given large As always, check with your health caredoses of Vitamin A, B, C, and E as well as additional amounts of protein. Most of professional before undertaking above normal doses of supplements. Start practicing goodthese patients saw their eye pressure returned to normal limits within a week. nutrition habits early in life and you may neverThis study was done in Nigeria, but vitamin and mineral deficiencies are prevalent have to worry about treating the U.S. also. Vitamin C doses used in the treatment of glaucoma vary fromperson to person. Some patients respond to 1,000 mg per day, while othersrequire larger doses. However, because individual tolerance varies, the total dailyintake should not exceed 3,000 mg per day unless directed by a physician. Peoplewith elevated eye pressure have been found to be deficient in chromium, zinc andthe B vitamins, especially thiamine. Foods high in these nutrients as well as a goodsupplement, is in order for people at risk for developing glaucoma, or those whoalready have it. Vitamin E is found in good quality oils and is another vitamin thathas been shown to improve the amount of pressure in the eye. Vitamin A is ofcourse, the one your mother told you about when she said, “eat your carrots,they’re good for your eyes.” Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables contain For more articles about Glaucoma visit our websitebeta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in your body. This is one of the http://www.purevisionmethod.combest vitamins for eye health.
  4. 4. Glaucoma Treatment through Holistic Healing G L A U C O M A T R E A T M E N T The most common way to detect this disease is through a test of the pressure of the eye. The test involves administering a puff of air to the eye. When eyes test at an intraocular pressure greater than 21 or there is a large difference in the pressure of both eyes, then the person is diagnosed with Glaucoma. The disease is caused by damage to the optic nerve which is usually linked to increased pressure in the eye. Nerve damage is caused by stress, nutrition deficiency, digestion problems, heredity, chronic diseases, extreme vision problems (such as myopia, astigmatism and farsightedness), eye strain and drugs or other toxins.Holistic healing works because it takes a completely different approach to healing Traditional Treatmentsover conventional medicine. In conventional medicine the focus is on treating The most common treatments of traditionalsymptoms, providing quick fixes and can be on narrow minded thinking methods medicine are eye drops and medication. Once it getswhere the focus is on the singular area. With holistic medicine the focus is wider. severe it is treated with surgery or laser therapy. AllNatural medicine focuses on treated the overall body and mind in a combination of these treatments have side effects and risks. Eyeeffort to make you healthier. Most illnesses are caused by a variety of factors, most drops can be a hassle and they have to beof which have nothing to do with the singular problem area so improving your administered often in order to see any possiblehealth might require multiple approaches. One of the most emerging areas being improvement in the disease. Even then, eye dropsnoticed for benefit from holistic methods is eye health. Eye health is an area where are not a proven method of treating the illnesstraditional medicine separates itself from the rest of your health care. You have to because they are not completely effective insee a specialist who does not ever work with you on the other areas of your reducing the pressure on the nerve that causes thehealth and therefore cannot possibly have your whole health improved. This type disease. Medication is very unnatural for the body.of one-minded treatment does not benefit you and leaves you open to common You can experience side effects that can cause youeye problems. Holistic medicine, however, will help you to be able to focus on more harm than good. They, too, are notyour overall health which will result in better eye health as well. You can use completely proven to reduce the pressure in theholistic healing to help you avoid common disease of the eye, such as Glaucoma. In eye. Eventually most people who suffer will end upfact, holistic medicine is one of the best ways to prevent and treat problems such getting further, more invasive treatments. There isas this. often no need for a person to put themselves at risk to treat their illness when they use a proactiveGetting To The Bottom Of Glaucoma approach. Treatment should be about solvingUsually this eye disease is a problem that is not discovered until the condition has problems, not creating them. If you work toreached an advanced stage. There are no symptoms until the loss of peripheral improve your overall health you can then begin tovision, which signifies the damage has already been done to the eye. Treating this treat many eye problems without having to relydisease can often be invasive and create further problems. A whole body medicinal upon the techniques and methods of traditionalapproach seeks to treat Glaucoma before it becomes a problem that affects your methods that prove to be rather harmful. Naturaleyesight. Some types of common glaucoma conditions are: medicine combines focused exercises for the eye  Open angle or chronic: The most common type, this is caused by the with healthy eating habits and stress relieving trabecular meshwork which is the eyes filtration system, becoming methods. clogged.  Narrow angle: This type is an abrupt onset condition. It is when the eye stops draining. It causes pain, redness, nausea, headaches and must be treated immediately at the Emergency Room.  Low tension: Poor circulation in the body, specifically to the optic nerve, For more articles about Glaucoma visit our website can cause this type of Glaucoma.  Secondary: This type develops as a result of other health problems. It can be related to injury or be a side effect of a drug.
  5. 5. MORE ONGlaucomaTraditionalTreatmentsEye exercises help to focus, relax and train the eyes.Healthy eating helps to improve the overall health ofyour body. The stress relief comes in the form ofyoga, tai chi or other meditative type exercises ormethods. Together this combination produces anoverall healthy body for you which is the basis ofgood eye health. Some things you may do in the It is hard to deny that whole health approaches will help you improveholistic method of healing are: your overall health as well as your eye health. You can get much more benefit from natural medicine then from traditional medicine. Taking the  Eye exercises holistic approach can only help you to achieve good health and prevent  Eliminating harmful toxins from further problems that you have with your vision or with any other health the diet through organic eating condition from which you may be suffering.  Drinking 8 or more glasses of water per day  Learning stress management techniques  Doing physical exercise for 20 minutes each day  Controlling allergies, both environmental and food  Supplementing your diet with vitamins G L A U C O M A T R E A T M E N TThe whole idea is to fix the root causeof Glaucoma, which in most cases is theincreased pressure in the eye. This isthought to be caused by problems withcirculation in the body. A healthierlifestyle will eliminate other commoncauses of pressure like eye strain as wellas eliminate many toxins and digestiveproblems. When compared totraditional approaches to treatment,holistic methods are non-invasive withminimal side effects. It fixes theproblems that cause the pressure andnerve damage so even if you are not yeteffected by glaucoma you can prevent it.Since this condition can be hereditarythat is an amazing thing that eventraditional medicine cannot claim to beable to do. When you look at thetraditional methods of treatment andcompare them to the holistic approach For more articles about Glaucoma visit our websiteto treatment you can easily see which www.purevisionmethod.comone is better for your body.
  6. 6. 6 Ways To Prevent Glaucoma Naturally!1 First Step To Prevent Glaucoma Number one is to adopt a regular exercise program. I can hear you now, “What is exercise going to do for my eyes?” For one thing, it keeps our weight down and increases the blood flow to our major organs. The eyes are one of our major organs. Increased weight means increased disease risk and poor blood flow cause hardening of the arteries and of course there are veins and arteries in and near the eyes Prevent Glaucoma With Healthy Eating Habits2 Number two is good nutrition. Now you’re saying, “Oh, here we go, another diet.” No, not another diet, just good. eating habits. If you knew that eating junk food all the time would cause you to go blind, and eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, good quality proteins and oils would keep you from developing glaucoma and saving your eyesight, which would you choose? Not such a hard choice anymore, is it? Save Your Eyes By Quitting Smoking3 Number three is to avoid smoking and being around secondhand cigarette smoke. If you’re a smoker, you already know that quitting is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do. You’ve heard all the lectures on what cigarettes can do to your body, so I’m not going to tell you those again. I am going to tell you that cigarette smoking and secondhand smoke can damage your eyes and your eyesight as fast as it can damage any other part of your body. I never heard of anyone getting cancer of the eyes but just think about spending the rest of your life blind from glaucoma or some other eye disease caused by smoking. It most certainly can happen.4 Two More Steps To Prevent Glaucoma. Number four is keeping allergies under control. Allergies can cause us to rub or itch our eyes sometimes to the point of corneal injury. We’ve stated previously in another article that old eye injuries can cause us to be susceptible to glaucoma. Also, many people with allergies use corticosteroids to control the itching. These have been proven to be damaging to the eyes after long periods of use.5 Number five is preventing or keeping diabetes under control. Diabetes is the number one contributor to eye disease. Preventing it by eating a proper diet without a lot of sugar is the preferred way to deal with it. If you can’t prevent it, then keeping it under strict control is the next best option. Diet and exercise go a long way in achieving this goal. I don’t mean to sound like a diet and exercise guru, but I can’t stress enough, how important they both are in maintaining good eye health and glaucoma prevention. Check Your Eyes Regularly6 Number six is having regular eye checkups. Every one to two years is good and will help guard against developing glaucoma. Some of the risk factors requiring regular checkups are; age 65 or older, family history of glaucoma, are of black or Asian ancestry, have diabetes, have a chronic inflammatory disease, have had any serious eye injury or are taking steroids. A little knowledge goes a long way toward preventing glaucoma. You can increase your knowledge about eye health and clear vision by learning more about glaucoma from the Pure Vision Method Natural Vision Improvement Program. For more articles about Glaucoma visit our website
  7. 7. YES, you can get rid of Glaucoma naturally!