The Black Man And Dating - Becoming More Attractive To TheLadiesWhen it comes to being a black man and dating every man th...
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The Black Man And Dating - Becoming More Attractive To The Ladies


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The Black Man And Dating - Becoming More Attractive To The Ladies

  1. 1. The Black Man And Dating - Becoming More Attractive To TheLadiesWhen it comes to being a black man and dating every man thinks they are a catch. As you knowevery fish that a fisherman catches he doesnt keep some he will throw back. Well, how can I becomethe catch that the ladies want and not the one they throw back. By the way men my definition ofladies is not women you just want to sleep with and forget about them. I am talking about developingsomething real and long lasting.The first thing you need to do is educate yourself. Studies show that in the African Americancommunity more women are attending and finishing college than there male counterparts. What doesthis mean? If you are not educated you are going to be left behind. Just by the nature of having moreeducation women are being exposed to more opportunities, making more money and meeting peopleat higher social and economic levels. Once you have walked in those circles, the Johnny come latelyon the street corner whistling at her when she walks by is not so attractive anymore. Being a blackman and dating is not just about good physical appearance, your mind has to be in top shape as well.As a black man you need to educate yourself to keep up with the changing times. I am not saying thatyou have to get a college degree, but if you dont make sure you get a skill that gets a job where youcan support yourself and your family comfortably. It is not about whether your woman makes moremoney than you because thats not important, but its about holding up your end of the bargain andbringing your fair share to the table.Education doesnt just mean book knowledge either. Expand your cultural and social knowledge aswell. Read more books. Go to museums, art shows and plays. Learn about fine wines, travel andgreat music. Show a woman you know more than hip-hop and R&B culture or whats on the sportspages. You dont have to leave that stuff behind but just let them know there is more to you than that.You also have to learn how to take care of yourself. We live in a different age than 50 years ago.Back then women were for the most part the homemakers so they did all of the cooking and thecleaning. Today black women are professionals and working just as much if not more than men. Youneed to learn to do things around the house. Learn how to wash clothes, cook, clean, changediapers. Dont think this is just for the women anymore because the truth is its not. A man who cantake care of a house is a very attractive man. If you dont believe me ask your mom, sister or anyfemale friend.Finally men take an interest in some things she likes. You dont have to love everything she loves butbeing a black man and dating in this society may mean going to a chick flick or spending all day at themall every now and then. Black women are looking for men who are not selfish but who care aboutwho they are as a person. They want a man, who will encourage them to continue to grow anddevelop in all areas of their life. Listen men, if you become that kind of man not only will the ladies lineup to catch you but they wont want to throw you black