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  • This is a story about how social media is being used to tell an important story - the story of human exploration of the solar system\n
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  • 11 years after launch of Sputnik and 8 years after Yuri Gagarin\n
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  • STS 135 Atlantis July 8 2011\nMore than 500 individuals from 35 nations have been in space\n
  • ISS - continually staffed for 11 years. \n
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  • Mars Curiosity Rover - to be launched this Fall\n\n
  • Titan!\n
  • Vesta\n
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  • NASA lost the story.... The Moon landing was a great story but routine exploration - living and working in space - isn’t as compelling. NASA is now using different social media streams to tell its story\n\n
  • The big issue is how to explain the big complex sciency stuff so that folks like us can understand and share in the enthusiasm\n
  • In many ways, NASA has engaged with the space enthusiast audience in a way to leverage them to influence the larger public and congress. NASATweetups is one example....\n\n
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  • DoD only has 114,000 likes...\n
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  • sts 135 generated 2,000 photos on flickr\nIt’s been effective from a numerical standpoint but also in reaching many audiences that NASA wants to engage\n\n\n
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  • Astronauts are sending pictures directly to the public via Twitpic without going through NASA PAO\n
  • First check-in in space. Can now get this badge by following NASA on Foursquare and visiting KSC or NASM\n
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  • Presentation at #140ConfHV

    1. 1. How NASA is using Twitter and SocialMedia to Tell its Story David Parmet #140ConfHV
    2. 2. Sec. 203. (a) The Administration, inorder to carry out the purpose ofthis Act, shall(3) provide for the widest practicableand appropriate dissemination ofinformation concerning its activities.
    3. 3. The First Tweet?
    4. 4. Warning. Space Porn.
    5. 5. Since then...
    6. 6. Oh, The Places We’ve Gone
    7. 7. Asteroids, not just a video game
    8. 8. Hubble Deep Field
    9. 9. The Future Looks Bright
    10. 10. Space Got Boring Been there... done that
    11. 11. How Do RocketScientists Tell Us About Their Jobs?
    12. 12. Key Audiences• “The Public”• Congress• Space Enthusiasts
    13. 13. On Earth
    14. 14.
    15. 15. If you follow one Twitter account....follow @NASATweetup
    16. 16. Spend your own money to travel to Florida during itsleast pleasant season, bum a ride to a rented house splitwith strangers, and wake up on a couch before dawnmultiple days in a row. Thats no vacation - unless NASArequests your company. spend-your-own-money.php
    17. 17. @NASATweetup• #NASATweetup has been used over 200,000 times• Attendees of the STS 134 Tweetup had more than 3 million combined followers• 700 Twitter users have attended 5 Shuttle launches• There are 24,000+ photos on Flickr tagged “nasatweetup”• NASATweetup Alumni Group on Facebook has nearly 600 members
    18. 18. #FromSpace
    19. 19. Links••••••• history-and-future-of-nasas-social-media-strategy/
    20. 20. kaithxbai @davidparmet