Creativity, Passion and Innovation in Finance, Banking and Law


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Can banks be at the forefront of financial innovation, participate as protagonists of disruption and intrapreneurship, instead of being incumbent sauropods ready to be wiped out?

That is what H-FARM Ventures is betting on together with leading banks Unicredit, Gruppo Banca IFIS, SiamoSoci e Intesa Sanpaolo. H-ACK BANK is a hacking coding marathon on Feb 8-9 near Venice, Italy.

H-ACK is the first hackathon format completely dedicated to the world of business that was founded with the goal of helping the operators of traditional business to find new ideas and new approaches to the market through digital tools. H-ACK BANK is a 24-hour marathon devoted entirely to the banking sector. During the event, the representatives of the participating banking institutions will work closely with young hackers, developers, finance and marketing specialists, graphic and interaction designers, in order to create a constructive synergy and make concrete the dialogue between traditional and digital worlds. The goal of H-ACK BANK is to identify new solutions through digital tools and technology, leveraging Italian excellence in the field.
H-ACK BANK is aimed at those who are willing to get in touch with the most important banking Italian banking institutions, and create projects that respond to their needs by working as a team for 24 hours.

Recent mathematical discoveries, and their combination in trustless decentralized transaction tables paved the way to a wave of unprecedented innovation in the fields of digital money, finance, entrepreneurship, commerce, on a global scale. Spearheaded by Bitcoin, this innovation is spreading out to new layers creating a stack of solutions not dissimilar from the way the traditional TCP/IP stack sustained the Internet application boom.

The promise is that of truly revolutionary financial solutions emancipating billions of people who today live outside of the modern world of banking and finance. Their clash with the incumbent players in the field is unavoidable, and as such has to be smartly managed in order to maintain the speed of innovation, while recognizing the need of a wider public to grow its understanding and familiarity without the downsides suffered by the wildest experimenters.

Part of H-FARM Venture’s H-ACK BANK weekend, this talk explores the opportunities that developers with cross-domain interests and skills between finance and computer science can leverage, offering the world exciting never-before-seen applications generating value in unprecedented scales.

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Creativity, Passion and Innovation in Finance, Banking and Law

  1. 1. February 8! 2014! ! Venice! Italy Creativity, Passion and Innovation in Finance, Banking and Law Image: Wikimedia
  2. 2. David Orban CEO, Dotsub ! ! @davidorban @dotsub
  3. 3. Facebook Group: “Internet of Money”
  4. 4. Opening Survey Results
  5. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Networks Foundation Experiments Principles Q&A
  6. 6. Networks
  7. 7. Acceleration
  8. 8. Pyramids archer10
  9. 9. Feudalism dicktay2000
  10. 10. Industrial Age sludgeulper
  11. 11. Network Age jurvetson
  12. 12. Technology is Key
  13. 13. Network Society
  14. 14. Photovoltaics - Ecat?
  15. 15. 3D hydroponics - Plantlab plantlab
  16. 16. 3D Printing - Makerbot makerbot
  17. 17. P2P Currency - Bitcoin sylvar
  18. 18. Foundation
  19. 19. A New Technology Stack (Finance *is* Technology) Example Remittance Bitcoin BlockChain Joi Ito,Wikipedia
  20. 20. Trust is Earned, not Imposed The New Yorker
  21. 21. The Network is the Authority
  22. 22. Is Your Country Future-aware?
  23. 23. Proof of Work – Proof of Stake “Bitcoin is like Sudoku:
 hard to solve,
 easy to prove”! ! Andreas Antonopoulos Background: NOAA Ocean Explorer ! Photo: David Orban
  24. 24. Distributed Autonomous Corporations Wikipedia
  25. 25. Experiments
  26. 26. Localbitcoins Image: Wikimedia
  27. 27. Buying an Espresso Image: Wikimedia
  28. 28. Live Trading on Satoshi Square Image: Wikimedia
  29. 29. International Remittance New York Dakar Image: Wikimedia
  30. 30. Fewer Quants, More Startups Image: Wikimedia
  31. 31. Deflation for a Sustainable Future Image: NOAA Ocean Explorer ! Chart:
  32. 32. Monetary Sovereignty in the Age of Bitcoin? ! Background: NOAA Ocean Explorer ! Photo: David Orban
  33. 33. Principles
  34. 34. The Privilege of Failure “The formula for success? 
 Double your rate of failure.” Thomas J. Watson, IBM “The Internet multiplied a thousandfold our failure rate, without increasing the cost of our success” Cory Doctorow
  35. 35. Questions Ignorance Answers
  36. 36. Competitiveness Invention! Innovation
  37. 37. @davidorban ! @dotsub @singularityu
  38. 38. Creativity, Passion and Innovation ! in Finance, Banking and Law