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Sierra Wireless Smart Grid Solutions

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Power Utilities 4pager

  1. 1. Power Utilities Today’s utilities are incorporating more intelligence across delivery systems for mission critical communications. The end goal is reduced consumption, improved efficiencies, better diagnostics, controls and forecasting. An end-to-end digital, two-way communications infrastructure to increase system reliability is crucial.
  2. 2. Utilities as we know it. Utilities are taking strategic steps to incorporate more Sierra Wireless solutions enable secure, real-time two-way communications for intelligence across delivery systems, with the end remote monitoring, control, management, reporting and compliance. We offer a goal of reduced consumption, higher efficiencies, comprehensive range of intelligent embedded modules, routers and gateways to and better diagnostics, controls and forecasting. provide the widest range of device and integration options. Our technology portfolio This requires an end-to-end digital, two-way assures reliable performance in the field with products hardened for harsh outdoors or communications infrastructure to increase system industrial environments, reduces the cost to integrate existing systems with support for reliability. Mission-critical high speed wireless data a wide array of legacy protocols, and assures simpler deployment with open standards networks are critical to this infrastructure. IP network security and management tools. Optimized for Gas and Electric Utility Requirements Secure, real-time two-way communications for remote and mobile monitoring, control, management, reporting and compliance is vital for efficient management of information collection and distribution. Working closely with major carriers, AirLink continues to leverage the latest advances in cellular wireless infrastructure for increased bandwidth, reliability and availability. Airlink’s embedded intelligence simplifies configuration and “always-on” “always-aware” communications management across remote fixed and mobile field assets. Transmission Distribution Secondary Substation Substation Substation Power Generation Utility Control Center Enterprise Consumer Renewable Energy Residential Consumers Mobile Electric Workforce Vehicles Create Distribute Consume
  3. 3. IndUstRy LEAdERshIP Transmissions & Distribution Communications • Open-Standards Network Security Substations are primarily in harsh environments and demand a communications • Remote Management Tools Across Fixed and infrastructure which supports legacy equipment as well as new intelligent Mobile Field Assets electronic devices (IED) for better monitoring and to enable more efficient power • Extensive Legacy Protocol Support rerouting in outages. Mission critical data which needs to be monitored and • Rugged Design for Remote, Harsh, Fixed, managed securely via native DNP3 and other legacy protocol support includes: Mobile and Hazardous Environments • Voltage regulators • Superior Cellular Wireless Network Expertise • Capacitor bank controllers • Reclosers • Fault monitors • Surveillance cameras AIRLInk tEChnoLoGy • • Access controls Weather and seismic monitors ECosystEm • Wi-Fi hot spot for mobile workers Across the grid, Sierra Wireless works closely with technology developers, carriers and customers to deliver innovative solutions. Smart Metering Infrastructure Secure broadband AMI concentrators are required to accelerate monitoring of millions of homes and enterprises with the ultimate objective of empowering users to control and curb their usage. This network must be highly secure and reliable to ensure consumer privacy and increase confidence. Improved insights into customer usage allows utilities to better pinpoint outages and reroute power more efficiently which translates into better customer service. Pipeline Monitoring A reliable, economic, and flexible energy transportation infrastructure is essential to driving efficiencies for utilities. By increasing the number of sensors throughout a pipeline in conjunction with greater intelligence at compressor stations leads to: • Enhanced pipeline system reliability and integrity • Optimized gas deliverability • More efficient utilization of existing capacity • Reduced leaks Field Services UtILIty CUstomERs Communications for mobile and remote operations needs to be integrated with remote fixed assets while reducing risks associated with vehicle investment and operational expenses. Field personnel are given the ability to operate with greater knowledge through the availability and exchange of real-time mission critical data. Creating a true mobile office environment and an accurate tracking solution requires: • Secure, broadband data • Precise GPS tracking and mapping • Rugged reliability • Remote management Electric Vehicles Two way Vehicle-smart grid communications is converging with telematics and location-aware technologies that will help people plan their most efficient EV route as well as the most economical way to recharge away from home without stressing the grid. Regardless of the standards agreed upon, there will be a need for PCI compliant charging stations together with downloadable route planning and EV charging station locations points. Sierra is leveraging its broad experience in wireless infrastructure and telematic applications to support the establishment of ‘best practice’ guidelines for the automakers as the power utility, transportation systems and automotive segments converge in the roll out of the PIEV and its supporting infrastructure.
  4. 4. Sierra Wireless is expanding AirLink™ Communications Routers and Gateways the wireless world with a comprehensive offering of Sierra Wireless offers a comprehensive range of intelligent communications gateways for remote fixed and mobile wireless solutions, including assets over wireless mobile broadband networks. Our product portfolio assures reliable performance in the AirPrime™ embedded modules, field with products hardened for harsh outdoors and industrial environments, support for a wide array of legacy AirLink intelligent gateways protocols and simplified deployment with open standards IP network security and management tools. and routers and AirCards™. Customers count on us to help Raven Series MP / PinPoint X PinPoint XT them succeed with innovative, Intelligent Rugged Gateways Ultra-Rugged In-Vehicle Tracking Platform reliable, high-performing solutions In-Vehicle Router and early access to new cellular technologies for fixed remote and mobile mission-critical utility applications. AirLink Intelligent Gateways and Routers Fixed Asset Management Field Service and Logistics Mobile Resource Management • Certified for Hazardous • Mil Spec Certified • Mil Spec Certified Powered By: Environments • Event Reporting • Event Reporting • Sessions Persistence • Machine Protocols for • 802.11g Hotspot • IP Network Security • Remote Management SCADA/Telemetry • IP Network Security • Remote Management • Configurable Serial Protocol • IP Network Security • Remote Management • SuperSense GPS Support • Remote Management • Multiple I/O ports for • IP Filtering • Serial or Ethernet Interface Tracking/Alarms • Port Forwarding • ModBus, DNP3, BSAP, DF1, etc • Events Reporting Realized Benefits in the • IPsec VPN Energy Workspace AirLink Control Environment (ACE) The Sierra Wireless AirLink Today’s utilities are incorporating more intelligence Events Reporting - Comprehensive vehicle software suite enables across delivery systems for mission critical sensor monitoring and exception reporting for secure, real-time two-way communications. The end goal is reduced real-time status using the ALEOS Events Reporting communications for remote consumption, improved efficiencies, better Engine to report time sensitive status and actionable and mobile monitoring, control, diagnostics, controls and forecasting. This requires event notifications for better decision making and management, reporting an end-to-end digital, two-way communications overall system efficiency. Highly customizable and compliance. Airlink’s infrastructure to increase system reliability. to meet a customer’s specific requirements, e.g. embedded intelligence simplifies “speed limit threshold crossed,” “liftgate engaged,” configuration and “always-on” • Electric power transmission and distribution or “pressure threshold.” communications “always-aware” communications management across remote fixed • Pipeline monitoring and control Remote management - Configuration parameters and mobile field assets. and firmware upgrades can be pushed over-the-air • Telemetry and SCADA to remote equipment with minimal user intervention to reduce field service visits using the AirLink Software Suite. Remote • Over-the-Air Configuration Mobile Resource Management - Increase diagnostic and monitoring can be done in real-time • Comprehensive Remote productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive to decrease the frequency and duration of on-site Management advantage in managing the mobility of workers, trips to reduce downtimes from days to minutes. vehicles, and assets. AirLink devices are highly • Device Troubleshooting and configurable for specific applications to improve Logging Embedded Machine Protocols - In serving the operational efficiencies. Utilities market for over decade, Sierra Wireless • Minimize Field Visits has deployed solutions in nearly every energy • Lower Total Cost of Ownership Field Service Management - To optimize management application. This experience has information processed by field workers, AirLink enabled us to continuously enhance our ALEOS products provide a pervasive high-speed broadband intelligence with legacy machine protocols enabling connection to vital back-end databases to file our devices to be easily integrated in many reports, handle payments, and access customer scenarios without upgrades needed to existing information in real-time which improves productivity legacy equipment. and automates processes. FoR moRE InFoRmAtIon: north America & Asia Tel: +1 510 624 4200 Fax: +1 510 624 4299 Europe, middle East & Africa Tel: +44 20 8 622 3015 Fax: +44 20 8 622 3206 E-mail: AirLinkSales@sierrawireless.com www.sierrawireless.com Sierra Wireless, the Sierra Wireless logo, AirLink, ALEOS and the red wave design are trademarks of Sierra Wireless. Other registered trademarks that appear on this brochure are the property of the respective owners. © 2010 Sierra Wireless, Inc. www.sierrawireless.com