Alberta WaterPortal - Mike Scarth, Alberta WaterPortal


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Mike Scarth, Executive Director for the Alberta WaterPortal project, presented these slides as part of the Cybera Summit 2010 session, Environmental Infrastructure: The Tools and Technologies Behind Water and Resource Management.

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Alberta WaterPortal - Mike Scarth, Alberta WaterPortal

  1. 1. Cybera Summit 2010 September 22, 2010 Mike Scarth
  2. 2. Background In Alberta, there are over 1,000 water-related organizations, each with different stakeholders and perspectives on the province’s water challenges, opportunities and solutions. Each is creating local and unique websites, data sets and tools to reach their communities of interest How to connect this collective community of water stakeholders and all of this water information and knowledge, in a way that adds value and is complimentary to the goals and work that each of these groups are pursuing.
  3. 3. Alberta WaterPortal: Key Goals • Independent, not for profit organization • Community-based web portal connecting divergent interests and content sources, encouraging dialogue • Easy to find and use • Open sharing of water data, knowledge, tools • No cost, charges or fees for any user • Web 2.0 technologies supporting user friendly applications, modules, features and tools This is a place to easily find and contribute to the information and knowledge needed to make better water management decisions, as well as find the tools and resources to become more actively involved in managing our water resources.
  4. 4. AWRI Water Data Module Identify all publicly available sources of water information on Alberta, and provide a easy to use “key word” search tool to access (link back) to all this water data, information, research. Easily SEARCH for water data by key word or location including body of water, River Basin, LUF Region, municipality, postal code, long/lat… Easily CONTRIBUTE AND SHARE water data or information across the web (share and publish results of research, projects, event, etc) A new expanded and updated search tool…coming early October!
  5. 5. AWRI Water Data Module Connecting over 1,000 different sources of water data, information, research Custom built around an easy to use, and open source platform and search tool Free and web accessible on your mobile phone - 24/7 Hosted by technology that is actually Powered by Water!
  6. 6. Interactive State of Watershed Modules A window to water quantity and quality data for the entire watershed basin using a user-friendly geo-spatial data mapping application
  7. 7. Other WaterPortal Projects SME Water Module Make it easier for small and medium enterprises to connect with each other, and find and share water data, information, news, research, knowledge, best practices and opportunities. Ultimately become more successful in commercializing promising new water related technologies. University of Lethbridge and Cybera (WE HUB) Two year project to explore the use of internet cloud services to collect, share and model water and environmental data. WaterPortal users will be able to access a number of online directories/ catalogues of water related models, data sources, tools and applications directly via the web. Simple tools to chart/graph surface and groundwater data. Water Modules (under consideration) Water and Oil Sands, Agriculture and Irrigation (Virtual Water), Ground Water, Water Law, others...
  8. 8. Thank-You Mike Scarth Executive Director, Alberta WaterPortal 403-616-4807 (cell)