[Londyn 2011] Beyond cucumber management with cucumber.fm


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[Londyn 2011] Beyond cucumber management with cucumber.fm

  1. 1. Beyond Cucumber management with Michał Czyż
  2. 2. 360scenarios
  3. 3. 1910scenarios
  4. 4. @<estimation_number> • @1 @2 ● @3 @5 @8 @13
  5. 5. @<initials>@bk @mw @rj
  6. 6. @m<number> @i<number>
  7. 7. @_<status>
  8. 8. @new, @removed, @skipped
  9. 9. @__<place_id>::<component_id>@__checkout__address_details@__checkout__address_details:: address_look_up@__checkout__confirmation
  10. 10. @m1 @mc @__place_one::c_oneFeature: Sample feature@i1 @2Scenario: sample scenario one@i2 @1 @newScenario: sample scenario two
  11. 11. #:::wireframe: http://some_url#:::page: place_one#:::component: c_one@m1 @mcFeature: Sample feature#:::estimation: 2@i1Scenario: sample scenario one
  12. 12. @m1 @_spec@m1 @_todo,@_backlog @mc@m1 ~@_done,@_qa,@_accepted@m1, @m2, @m3 @new
  13. 13. Synchronization (remote branches) 1) stories_<latest> 2) stories_<timestamp>
  14. 14. Part of bigger ecosystem
  15. 15. ./personas/product_owner.ymlinclude: - signed in user - registered userabout: represents the stakeholders and the businessgoals: - have control and overview of product building ...motiviations: - build great productpoints_of_pain: - delays in deliverytasks:...
  16. 16. @__loginFeature: Sign inIn order to get access to protected sections of the siteAs a registered userI want to sign in Scenario: Visitor signs in with invalid data ... Scenario: Visitor signs in with valid data ...
  17. 17. Feature: writing expert review for product In order to promote best products As pro user I would like to post expert reviewBackground: im on product page Given im logged in as user one And I open product "Siemens Phoenix 103 BTE" pageScenario: posting product review When I follow Add Review And I fill in title with This is Great Product And I fill in description with 5 paragraphs of text And I rate product as 5 And I press Save & Close Then I should be on product page And I should see This is Great Product within Review And I should see product rating 5 When I open home page Then should see product Siemens Phoenix 103 BTE on top h When I open product listing And I navigate to Siemens Phoenix types And I sort by date descending Then I should see This is Great Product as first When I go to product listing And I fill in search Siemens phoenix 103 BTE And I press Search Then i should see rating 5 within Siemens Phoennix 103 BTE
  18. 18. ScenarioImpact
  19. 19. Background: im on product page...Scenario: posting product review...Scenario Impact: product appear on top rated products widget...Scenario Impact: product have expert rating on product listing...Scenario Impact: review is accessible from reviews listing
  20. 20. @scenario_impact_base_scenarioScenario: posting product review...@scenario_impactScenario: product appear on top rated products widget...@scenario_impactScenario: product have expert rating on product listing...@scenario_impact_lastScenario: review is accessible from reviews listing
  21. 21. ?
  22. 22. Contact info:Mail michalczyz@gmail.comTwitter cs3bTools and usefull resources: https://github.com/aslakhellesoy/cucumber/wiki https://github.com/cs3b/cucumber_fm http://demo.cucumber.fm/documentation/featuresFont:http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/TitilliumTextPictures[2] http://maps.google.com[3,6] http://www.selleo.com[9,10] selleo – Rafał Bromirski[15,18,19] http://demo.cucumber.fm[21] selleo – Rafał Bromirski[22] from redmine[24] http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-happy-with-laptop-image6621668[27] http://www.flickr.com/photos/wwworks/3800306463/sizes/l/in/photostream/