Ubuntu in the cloud What's Coming - Nick Barcet, Canonical


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Ubuntu in the cloud What's Coming - Nick Barcet, Canonical

  1. 1. Ubuntu in the cloudwhats coming?Presentation byNick Barcetnick.barcet@canonical.comwww.canonical.comJuly 2011
  2. 2. Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud2 Presentation by Nick Barcet
  3. 3. Ubuntu Cloud → Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) Your Workloads Build your infrastructure as a service public or private cloud ● Based on OpenStack UC Images Any OS ● Supporting KVM, Xen & LXC hypervisors ● All components can be made highly available ● EC2, EBS and S3 compatible OpenStack ● One of the workload made easy to deploy with Orchestra KVM, Xen or LXC Ubuntu Server3 Presentation by Nick Barcet
  4. 4. Ubuntu Orchestra Orchestra Install Orcherstra on your Infrastructure Server first server4 Presentation by Nick Barcet
  5. 5. Ubuntu Orchestra Orchestra Associate profiles with Infrastructure Server MAC addresses via the web or API interface5 Presentation by Nick Barcet
  6. 6. Ubuntu Orchestra Orchestra Turn on your hardware, Infrastructure Server the deployment happens, your infrastructure is ready!6 Presentation by Nick Barcet
  7. 7. Ubuntu Orchestra Orchestra Bare metal deployment Infrastructure Server from the Ubuntu Installer ● Zero touch deployment of complex workloads ● Configuration management ● Customizable Components ● Cobbler ● Fact database ● Cloud-Init ● Pluggable management tools (Ensemble as default)7 Presentation by Nick Barcet
  8. 8. Ensemble Ensemble treats individual services as atoms that are described as formulas and Ensemble can be instantiated one or environment many times. Cloud app Cloud app Cloud app and dependency solver8 Presentation by Nick Barcet
  9. 9. Ensemble Load Balancer HAProxy Each formula (or atom) define dependencies and/or provides. Depends Provides Ensemble environment Cloud app Cloud app Cloud app and dependency solver Provides Depends SQL Database MySQL9 Presentation by Nick Barcet
  10. 10. Ensemble Load Balancer HAProxy Varnish Multiple formulas can provide the same service and can be easily switched. Depends Provides Ensemble environment Cloud app Cloud app Cloud app and dependency solver Provides Depends SQL Database MySQL10 Presentation by Nick Barcet
  11. 11. Ensemble Varnish Varnish Ensemble maintains the relations between the services so that you dont Ensemble Ensemble Relation need to care about the environment elasticity of your environment. Cloud app Cloud app Cloud app Relations are to formulas and dependency solver what bounds are to atoms. Ensemble Relation Services are loosely coupled MySQL but highly cohesive. MySQL MySQL11 Presentation by Nick Barcet
  12. 12. Ensemble Varnish Ensemble delivers service focused management through their life-cycle Ensemble Relation ● Offers the same simple rules to Ensemble environment components of you infra as we do already for packages on your servers: dependencies, provides Cloud app Cloud app Cloud app ● Adds the notion of dynamic relations between components ● To provide you with simple automated and dependency solver* elasticity that is easy to expand Ensemble Relation ● Working on your bare metal servers (through Orchestra*) as easily as on your favourite clouds (AWS, OpenStack*, ...) MySQL12 Presentation by Nick Barcet *coming soon
  13. 13. Next steps● All development is public● Communication is open Join Us● IRC: #ubuntu-ensemble and #ubuntu-server on irc.freenode.net● Launchpad: http://launchpad.net/ensemble https://launchpad.net/orchestra● Web: http://cloud.ubuntu.com http://ensemble.ubuntu.com● Slides: http://ubuntuone.com/p/12eV/13 Presentation by Nick Barcet
  14. 14. Thank youNick Barcetnick.barcet@canonical.comwww.ubuntu.com