Learning to learn with linked in recruiter


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Learning to learn with linked in recruiter

  1. 1. TALENT SOLUTIONS Talent Solutions Colleen Carr Recruitment Product Consultant LinkedIn | Chicago, IL | ccarr@linkedin.com Joe Rocha Recruitment Product Consultant LinkedIn | San Francisco, CA | jrocha@linkedin.com Learning to Learn: Navigating the Talent Solutions Learning Center February 20, 2014
  2. 2. TALENT SOLUTIONS What you know you know What you know you don’t know What you don’t know you don’t know Knowledge ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. TALENT SOLUTIONS Learning Center Highlights  Redesigned Interface  User-friendly Navigation  Recommended Learning Tracks – Get started in 60 minutes – Learning Tracks covering 8 weeks – Certification  Webinar Sessions Viewable in Your Time Zone  Customer Communications 3
  4. 4. Live Demonstration
  5. 5. Appendix
  6. 6. Navigating the Learning Center
  7. 7. New navigation bar, accessible from every page in the Learning Center. Search for learning by type / modality.* View all webinars in your selected time zone with the Session Calendar. Search for learning by topic.* Search for learning by language. Navigation 7*Search results default to English learning offerings.
  8. 8. Predefined, recommended learning tracks. View a snapshot of your transcript. Find out what’s new in the Learning Center. Home Page Widgets 8
  9. 9. Default view is Week, All Events. Click Month and select My Events to quick find and launch general sessions. View all webinars in your selected time zone. Place your cursor over a session to view the complete Title, Description, and Time in your selected time zone.* Session Calendar 9*When you open a session, the time displayed will be in the current Learning Center format.
  10. 10. Searches by learning type or topic default to English results. Use Content in Other Languages to find non-English learning offerings. Click an icon to search by learning type.* Search Results 10*Alt tags on icons do not match our nomenclature. For example, the Computer icon alt tag is Online Class, but we use the term Self-paced Tutorial. Use these filters to narrow your search for learning offerings.
  11. 11. How to Find & Register for Live Talent Solutions Learning Center Education
  12. 12. TALENT SOLUTIONS  Select “Training” from the drop down under your photo in Recruiter (top right) Step 1
  13. 13. TALENT SOLUTIONS Step 2  From the Learning Center home page, click “My Account” at the top right and update your Time Zone (if already done, skip to Step 4), the click “Save”
  14. 14. TALENT SOLUTIONS Step 3 Under “Find Learning”, select “Instructor-led Webinars”
  15. 15. TALENT SOLUTIONS Step 3a You can also view a calendar of ALL sessions in your time zone by selecting “Session Calendar” under “Find Learning” (Month view shown below)
  16. 16. TALENT SOLUTIONS Step 4 Browse results, or search by topic, then select desired Course
  17. 17. TALENT SOLUTIONS Step 5 Find the day and time of the session that works best and click “Request” (be mindful of any time zone differences)
  18. 18. TALENT SOLUTIONS  Once you have requested your selected course, you’ll receive an email with a calendar invitation – use this to log in at the appropriate time! Step 6
  19. 19. TALENT SOLUTIONS  Your transcript of courses is under “My Learning” – Registered courses will automatically appear on your Active tab – Access this page to launch your course on the appropriate day and time Step 7