How to fix a wet keyboard


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How to fix a wet keyboard

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  2. 2. Laptops are at a disadvantage when it comes to laptopreplacement parts because they aren’t designed to be as robustlyupgradeable as desktops. This fact is practically a given when talkingabout integral system components like CPUs, hard drives, and videocards; but this is just as applicable with “outer” laptop parts likebatteries, LCD screens, and keyboards. While the outer parts arerelatively easier to come by than the inner laptop components, theycould still cost you a pretty penny, being that every single laptoppart is more often than not custom-made by the computermanufacturer to fit in its laptop and its laptop alone.
  3. 3. Let’s talk about fixing a wet keyboard. A few simple steps to follow when trying to Fix a Wet Keyboard1. Turn off your laptop There are a lot of people who neglect this simple step, whether they do it intentionally or otherwise. If neglected, it could pose the problem of having the spilled liquid come into contact with exposed laptop parts and short your computer out.2. Wipe away the liquid using a small towel Afterwards, put the towel down on a flat surface (a tabletop, preferably). Lift the laptop up, and ever so gently tilt it to the side to allow the excess water inside the gadget to run off and drain out. Do not do this with violent, jerky motions because doing so could make the liquid inside slosh around further and contact even more laptop parts. Just tilt the computer at an angle and let the liquid pour out onto the towel. Rotate your laptop slowly if need be to really get all that liquid to come out.
  4. 4. 3. Dry off the excess liquid with a hair dryer Make sure to let the air get in those tight spaces between the keys. Also, make sure to set your hair dryer on “cool,” as a higher temperature could possibly melt all those delicate plastic and silicon components.4. Wait for a couple of days or so before you start using yourlaptop again This is to ensure that every last bit of fluid has dried up by the time you turn on your machine again. This is especially imperative if the liquid spilled on your keyboard is viscous like starchy soups or sugary drinks. After waiting, your laptop should be good to go.
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