SmB café 14 Mar '13 – PNO consultants - Merlijn Bazuine


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SmB café 14 Mar '13 – PNO consultants - Merlijn Bazuine

  1. 1. PNO is market leader ininnovation financing, with a special focus on grants. Our Subsidies in Life Sciences & Healthcare service model aims at supporting companies, public organizations and partnerships in their efforts to obtain grants and other financial resources for theirinnovations, and at boosting the effects of these organizations’ innovative work. PNO works with expertteams, among others in thearea of Energy, Life Sciences& Healthcare, Logistics, High Tech and EU grants.
  2. 2. Subsidies?© PNO Consultants B.V.
  3. 3. SUBSIDIES? Role of subsidies •Subsidy should never be the goal! •But a strategy to realize ambitions •Good subsidies are much more than just money!© PNO Consultants B.V.
  4. 4. Quandaries and slip ups… 4
  5. 5. Often money dissipates… • “We don’t have the time!” • “To much bureaucratic hassle!” Missedflow management • “Subsidies are way too complex!” Opportunities • “We already know all subsidies” • “You’ll lose IP” • Not all projects included & covered • Poorly coordinated proposals Sub-optimal (random) • Counterproductive proposals! Applications • Focus on brochures/websites • “Going for the rebuttal!” • Underrealisation • “We’ll fix that later!” Partial • Lack of management & control • Failure to report changes payment • “Subsidies are someone else’s • Poor documentation and or even responsibility!” accountability (compliance) fines! • There’s no insight in portfolio or yield at the work-floor: no commitment 5
  6. 6. Grant procurement; a continuous process 6
  7. 7. Grant Procurement, possible services PNO Process Initiate Apply Comply management• Scans & gap analysis • Execute the entire • Risk analysis • Portfolio management• Benchmark grant application • Risk management • Web enabled tools• Training process • Financial planning • Management• Business cases • Review of grant • Technical reports information and• Partner search & proposals • Financial audits and reporting consortium building • Second opinion reports • Forecasting (cash)flow• Legal risk analysis • Contract negotiations • Legal audit and of funding• Project development with grantor bodies support• Develop PPP • Due diligence• Innovation consultancy Your results:• Insight in grant • Up to date expertise • Risk management • Insight in performance performance & hands-on • Lower of grant portfolio• Insight in relevant experience administrational • Insight in flows of grant opportunities • Higher efficiency, burden funding within the• High quality fundable convenience and • Ensuring payment of organization projects success rate awarded funding• Motivated go/no go • Successful proposals decisions and applications 7
  8. 8. PNO Consultants – Our viewMission Statement:“Connecting ambitions”To offer clients the bestgrant and innovationconsultancy in EuropePNO network:Offices in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium,United Kingdom, France & Italy and internationalcooperation with qualified partners across Europe 8
  9. 9. PNO Consultants – Our viewWe stand for:- Unrivalled track record in procurement of government grants and incentives;- No risks for conflicts of interests, services not restricted by audit independence issues;- Leading best practices covering all stages of grant procurement;- Proven methods for risk management & financial control;- Well known organizing grant procurement for clients in responsible ways;-The success rate of PNO in EU-grant acquisition is are around 40%, exceeding EU averages and success rates of many competitors. 9
  10. 10. PNO Consultants – Some of our clients 10
  11. 11. Connecting Ambitions In Life Sciences & Healthcare Health Insurances Branche org’s Patient org’s Start-up’s Big Pharma HospitalsUniv. Biotech, Medtech Lab’s (Home) Care Innovation Chain (Scientific ) Research Development Application Knowledge Skills Investments Regulations Market Regional-, National-, International Governments Collaboration faciltates innovation 11
  12. 12. Questions & answers Dr. Merlijn Bazuine Consultant Life Sciences & Healthcare T +31 (0)10 289 10 20 M +31 (0)6 5491 8567 12