[Challenge:Future] IRBO: Youth have a handfull of work to do


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[Challenge:Future] IRBO: Youth have a handfull of work to do

  1. 1. Project Name: Youth have a handfull of work to doTeam: IRBOCountry: MontenegroUniversity of Montenegro, Faculty of Economics Podgorica
  2. 2. Experiencing the problem Montenegro is a small country with a population of 625 266 people. According to Statistical Office of Montenegro, MONSTAT, the number of youth (15-24 year) in 2011 census was 86 909 people, of which 40,1% is officially unemployed.• In order to experience the youth unemployment, in our country, we took several surveys and discussion groups.• Surveys were made for youth, and they were taken by phone, Facebook and random testing on the street. Following cities were included: Podgorica, Nikšić, Budva and Pljevlja.• Discussion groups meetings were run with the aim of detailed, first person problem expirience. Participants were student from different faculties, ages between 18 and 24. 2
  3. 3. RESULTS :• Results of survays were astonishing:• Only 19% of youth is working (full time/part time job or volunteering)• Approximately about 77% of examinees are willing to work or volunteer during studies, but only 38% of them were actively searching for job last three weeks.• 49% of youth said that educational system does not provide adequate knowledge nor practice during their education, required for their employment.• When it comes to leaving the country and studing abroad, 76% of examinees belive that they have better opportunities in life and work abroad, than in Montenegro, and 68% of them are willing to take a risk, and go abroad.• Concerned about the results, we organized several discussion groups. The aim was to understand in more detail what is the reason of youth not searching for the job, and reasons why didn’t they got a job, when they applied for it.• Most particularized problems were: underdevelopment, nepotism, „experience-needed syndrom“, lack of knowlage needed for job etc. 3
  4. 4. After doing the survey and conducting discussion groups we tried to define the problemof youth unemployment. Using cause-consequence analysis and meeting peers, findingout more about their prejudices and perspectives regarded to find job, we discovered acomplex network of major and minor problems, which in synergy are creating stillunsolvable problem of today. Increasing population Development Nepotism of technology Pension erosion Lack of knowledge Longer life experience- needed syndrom Asymmetric information Cultural background Undevelopmed Crisis and third sector recesions 4
  5. 5. Exigency SolutionIn order to find an appropriate solution, we explored existingservices for decreasing unemployment in Montenegro.There were a lot of online sites and organisations forconnecting employers and potential employees, governmentimplementation of the plan for employment of trainees withhigher education, two business incubators in Podgorica andBerane and increasing number of Non-governmentorganizations.Although the existence of various organisations andgovernment efforts to employ youth, actions are usuallyshorth term and the results are barely noticeable. 5
  6. 6. Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno!!! One for all, all for one!!!Our solution is to establish an non profit organisation whichwill connect all universities and vocational schools withexisting and future provision of courses and organisationswhich are organising seminars and both of them withcompanies, ventura capitals, business angels, businessincubators and government.So we can all fight together and win against unemployment ofyouth and unemoloyment in general, and develop our country.Organisation will be developed in three phases, which willhave no explicit duration. 6
  7. 7. First phase - EducationFirst phase is designed as educational phase. It will be two stagemodel of educating Enterprises.First stage will be to cooperate with existing organizations andcompanies who hold seminars for companies. After introducingour mission to companies we could start to educate and affect,first of all, on small and medium Enterprises of southern regionto employ domestic workers over the summer season, and whateffects it will have.Second stage will be compund of series of seminars which willpresent the benefits of the business Internet presentations inbusiness, unemployment and its effects on long term in ourcountry etc. 7
  8. 8. Second phase – Connecting dotsSecond phase is main purpose of our organisation, and it willstart year after setting up first phase.Companies that were willing to attend our seminar will beofferd a prospect and detailed plan of collaboration of ourorganisation with domestic universities and schools anddomestic and foreign capital investors.The main object is to initiate development of northern region,which includes: development of transport infrastructure, startingup numerous different businesses in industrial, agricultural andtourism sector. 8
  9. 9. Third phase – ControlIn addition to provide sustainable organisation, we will startthird phase, parallel with a second phase of developing ourorganisation.We will have an independent sector of our organisation whichtask is to control, our organisation and established and existingcompanies which are participating in the project.How we could manage full control of the system, we would bewilling to be monitored by multiple domestic and foreignorganisations. 9
  10. 10. ExpetationsResults we came accross while conducting our analysis of thecurrent situation in the labor market in Montenegro andexpectations od montenegrin youth, we can expect that oursolution to this problem can make important progress towardshigher employment ratesIn next two years, we are expecting a 20% raise in domesticemplyment, especially during summer season in southern regionIn next five years we plann to help recovering and developingroad infrastructure and industry in the northern region. 10