Provisioning Sites in SharePoint 2010 Using Web Templates


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  • OSP302 | SharePoint 2010 Composites: Do-It-Yourself Business Solutions16:30 - 17:30 | Ballroom 2
  • Provisioning Sites in SharePoint 2010 Using Web Templates

    1. 1. Provisioning sites using Web Templates in SharePoint 2010 <br />Chakkaradeep (Chaks) Chandran<br />SharePoint Consultant<br />Microsoft<br />
    2. 2. Session Objectives and Takeaways<br />Site Provisioning Methods<br />Web Templates – Getting Started<br />Web Templates – Deep Dive<br />Programmatically accessing web templates<br />Tips and Tricks<br />Demos<br />
    3. 3. Site Provisioning Methods<br />Site Definitions<br />webtemp*.xml<br />onet.xml<br />Feature Stapling<br />Site Templates<br />(Save As)<br />Custom Code<br />Custom Site Definitions<br />Provisioning Providers<br />Web Templates<br />Existing Site Definition<br />Elements.xml + onet.xml<br />Features<br />
    4. 4. Why Web Templates?<br />Developers want easy way to provision sites<br />Based on standard SharePoint site definitions<br />Something that is completely Feature Based<br />No access to file server (Sandboxed!!!)<br />Cloud Power <br />
    5. 5. How to build one?<br />Web Templates<br />Existing Site Definition<br />Elements.xml + onet.xml<br />Features<br />Elements.xml<br />onet.xml<br />
    6. 6. Farm or Site?<br />Farm scoped feature <br />Available for the whole farm <br />Site scoped feature <br />Available for a particular site collection <br />
    7. 7. demo<br />Web Templates – Level 100<br />Getting Started<br />
    8. 8. Activating Site Features (onet.xml)<br />The SiteFeatures element contains references to site collection features to include in the site template<br />Featureslisted in SiteFeatures elementare activated only during root site creation<br />Featureslisted in SiteFeatures elementare not activated during sub-site creation<br />workaround<br />
    9. 9. Activating Site Features (Sandboxed Solutions)<br />When you activate a sandboxed solution:<br />Site features get automatically activated<br />
    10. 10. Web Template ID<br />Web Templates<br />Existing Site Definition<br />Elements.xml + onet.xml<br />Features<br />Records the Publishing template ID<br />workaround<br />{featureGUID}#WebTemplateName<br />
    11. 11. demo<br />Web Templates – Level 200<br />Deep Dive<br />
    12. 12. Programmatically Accessing Web Templates<br />SharePoint identifies your web template with the following:<br />{FeatureGuid}#WebTemplateName<br />PowerShell – Site Scoped<br />C#<br />PowerShell – Farm Scoped<br />
    13. 13. Tips and Tricks<br />Start from a simple site template<br />SharePointRootTEMPLATESiteTemplates<br />Farm Scoped – Creating a root site collection<br />Site Scoped – Creating a sub site<br />
    14. 14. Tips and Tricks<br />In Web Templates, you can only use Configuration ID 0<br />The Configuration element in the onet.xml file specifies the various lists and modules<br />Avoid Modules, Use Features<br />Feature Stapling is not available with Web Templates<br />Web Templates do not support Variations<br />
    15. 15. Review: Session Objectives and Takeaways<br />Site Provisioning Methods<br />Web Templates – Getting Started<br />Web Templates – Deep Dive<br />Programmatically accessing web templates<br />Tips and Tricks<br />Demos<br />
    16. 16. Related Content - Thursday<br />Developing Windows Phone 7 Applications for SharePoint<br />9:00 New Zealand 4<br />Real world service application federation with SharePoint 2010<br />10:40 Ballroom 2<br />Provisioning sites using Web Templates in SharePoint 2010<br />11:55 Ballroom 2<br />PowerShell and SharePoint: it’s not just for the SharePoint IT Pro<br />1:55 Ballroom 2<br />
    17. 17. Related Content - Thursday<br />The SharePoint 2010 Search Service Decoupled<br />3:10 New Zealand 3<br />Creating a Federated Extranet with ADFSv2 and SharePoint 2010<br />3:10 New Zealand 4<br />SharePoint 2010 Composites: Do-It-Yourself Business Solutions<br />4:30 Ballroom 2<br />Visualizing data and bringing business process to life with Visio Services<br />5:45 Ballroom 2<br />
    18. 18. Related Content - Friday<br />Using Visual Studio 2010 to Create SharePoint Load Tests<br />10:40 Ballroom 2<br />SharePoint 2010 and Project Server 2010 Together<br />11:55 Ballroom 2<br />What every developer should know about Office<br />1:55 Ballroom 2<br />SharePoint Throttling Explained<br />3:10 Ballroom 2<br />
    19. 19. Track Resources<br />SharePoint and FAST Search VM<br />FAST Search Capacity Planning<br />SharePoint 2010 Capacity Planning<br />Search Topology<br />Upgrade and migration resource center<br />Resource Centers<br />Current SharePoint Public Websites (wssdemo)<br />
    20. 20. Resources<br />Learning<br />Microsoft Certification & Training Resources<br />Connect. Share. Discuss.<br /><br /><br />Resources for IT Professionals<br />Resources for Developers<br /><br /><br />
    21. 21. Evaluate your sessions<br />on CommNet and go in<br />the draw to win instant<br />prizes<br />
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