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Servo controller service manual Servo controller service manual Document Transcript

  • SERVO CONTROLLERINTRODUCTION: Sdtork Introduce Digital Servo Controller with several Features for all type ofValve Automation.AIM:Sdtorks main aim is to make automation in all industries so here we are introducing ourServo Controller to satisfy our customer with several Features inbuilt. We only theManufacturer who thinks about customers requirement so now we are introducing ourServo Controller with Valve Opening and Closing Position with Digital Display. Open,Close and Run mode facility with feather touch button and LED Display Shown in the fig1 Display 000.00 Position LED Servo Controller Open Run Cal Close Close Open Cal Close A/M Open Calibration
  • PROCEDURE:Make all the connections properly i.e. Motor feedback and current input. Now switch‘ON’ the instrument, the display reads the present value. To calibrate press and hold“CAL’ (A/M) button for about 5 seconds, now the display reads ‘CAL’ and starts flashingslowly. Then give Input of 4 mA and press ‘CLOSE’ button on Servo the actuator startsrotating in close direction and display starts flashing little fast. After complete closePosition the motor stops and again the display starts flashing slowly. Now give Input of20 mA and press ‘OPEN’ button on Servo, the actuator starts opening and the displayflashes little fast again. After complete open position the motor stops and display readsCAL without flashing. Now press and hold CAL(A/M) button for about 5 seconds to comeout of the calibration mode. The output current of 4-20mA will be calibrated automaticallyduring this calibration process.For Setting the Hysteresis switch off the power and press the CAL Button and switch onthe power servo will display ‘H01’ Increases the Hysteresis by pressing the open Buttonafter setting the Hysteresis press the CAL Button to set the value what you haveselected and if you want the pulse operation Switch off the supply and press the CloseButton and switch on the supply the servo will read ‘NO1’ then to increase the pulseoperation press the open button and set the value and press the CAL button to fix thevalue and you can see the pulse operation. O/P 4-20mA I/P 4-20mA FB + - + - + - 1 2 3 4 5 6 F u s e 230V AC 1 2 3 4 5 6 5A L N E Open Com Close 230VAC To Actuator
  • As per the terminals shown give the connection and see the feed back whether it is potmeter feedback or 4-20 mA feedback and give the feedback as per the specification andassure that the input 4-20mA current is given to the servo from the Source, PLC etc andset 4mA in the source and check the output in the source
  • SERVO CONTROLLER BE-8100 SPECIFICATIONS 1. Operating Voltage : 230VAC (Optoional-110VAC, 24VAC) 2. Display Indication : 0 to 100% for Valve Opening 3. LED Indications : For Valve Opening/Closing and Auto/Man 4. Control Input : 4-20mA, 0-1VDC, 0-10VDC 5. Feed Back Output : 4-20mA 6. Feed Back Input : Resistive or 4-20mA 7. Control Output : 230VAC for Motor for Opening/Closing 8. Auto/Manual Selection Auto Mode : Valve Operates according to control Input given Manual Mode : Valve Operates by pressing Open/Close Keys provided on the front panel 9. Calibration : Auto Calibration facility provided10. Enclosure : 96(w) x96(h) x110(d) mm
  • Operating InstructionsServo Controller controls Opening/Closing function of the Valve fitted with ElectricalActuator. Supply, Feed Back, Motor and Input connections should be properly wired asper the terminal details mentioned in the back panel. One key is provided to select Autoor Manual mode. Selected mode is indicated by LED. In manual mode valve can beoperated by pressing the Open/Close feather touch keys provided on the front panel. InAuto mode valve operates depending upon the 4-20mA input variation. At 4mA the valvecloses fully and at 20mA the valve opens fully. Accordingly for 4-20mA input variationvalve operates close to open 0 to 100% linearly. The display indicates the percentageopening position of the valve from 0 to 100% accordingly. While valve opening/closingtakes place the corresponding LED glows. 4-20mA feedback output is available for 0 to100% valve operation.CalibrationTo calibrate the valve with controller auto calibration facility is provided. Connect thecontroller with actuator and confirm the feedback, motor and input connections are ok.To calibrate press and hold the CAL (A/M) key for about 5 seconds. The display readsCAL with flashing slowly. Now give input of 4mA and press Zero (close) key. The displayflashes little fast and the valve starts closing. After full close the display flashes againslowly, now give the input of 20mA and press Span (open) key, the valve starts openingand after full open the display reads CAL without flashing. Now press and hold the CALkey for about 5 seconds to come out of the calibration mode. Now the valve is calibratedwith controller and starts to operate as per the input given.Fault IndicationsIf the feedback is not connected properly or the value of the feedback input is exceed therange the instrument displays FB with flashing.While calibrating if the feedback is not proper or input 4-20mA is exceed the range orinput is not given as explained in the calibration procedure then display reads Err withflashing.
  • Troubleshooting Symptom Cause/ Check Point RemedyActuator not functioning Check power supply Check power supply Actuator wiring not proper Correct wiring Incorrect Voltage supply Check the input supply voltage suitable for actuator Overload Check operating thrust and rated thrust Control Signal not available Check control signal and provide 4-20 mA Fault in electronics/ failure of electronic Consult Factory cardActuator does not open or Check limit switch settings Calibrate Limitclose completely switch settings High valve torque required Select actuator having higher torque rating Valve choked/ locked Open and Clean valve internallyMotor runs but valve does Mechanical connection between actuator Repair or contactnot move and valve stem broken sdtork.Motor does not run Incorrect voltage Provide correct voltage Improper wiring Correct wiringValve does not open or Disturbance in setting of travel limit Reset Travel Limitclose completely switches switches with cam