Collage 911 by Carol Sill


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This collage series was begun in late August of 2001 and completed just before September 11th of that year.

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  • Collage 911 by Carol Sill

    1. 1. The Emergence of the Serpent of Wisdom This surprising vision appeared before me as I began to collage again for the first time in many years. I followed the trail of discovery, revealing..
    2. 2. The Old Country Here I saw the ancient roots of my Scandinavian ancestors, along with the English and other ancients in a bright clear crystalline land of the dead. What was their message for me?
    3. 3. From the Stars Cosmic potentialities of the feminine mysteries pour wisdom in the cup of life to fill the moon. Lines of priestesses bring knowledge from the stars, pouring unendingly through the vital waters of the cosmos.
    4. 4. The Oracle Powerful wisdom from nature’s Oracle, brings meaning to these messages from afar. The deep voices of the spirits of all things resonate with a tremendous rumbling. The world is about to change.
    5. 5. Dolphins and Dolmen Magical interlude and a resonance with the old old ways, when the music of the dolphins sings of times before civilization and the old ones buried deep under the stones communicate their silence.
    6. 6. The Goose Girl in the Stars Healing, performing miracles, and teaching, the goose girl in the stars observes all. But what is this for, where is all this leading?
    7. 7. The Mysterious Stranger One of these things is not like the other…… Who is this mysterious stranger, and what could be the meaning of his presence now?
    8. 8. Who’s In Charge? Science, manipulation, anti-matter, mathematical constructions….to what end?
    9. 9. Miracle Of Science Our engineers can now reconstitute the dead, creating new entities in the dark lunar shades, emulating the life-force.
    10. 10. Near the End of Time It seems we are near the end of time, and we are in need of great compassion to counterbalance the powerful darkness in the world today.
    11. 11. Siva Puja We reconcile the forces, and come to an understanding, yet the destruction continues. What to do?
    12. 12. Declaration Of War The image I feared most, but which had to be created. What forces are unleashed across the world?
    13. 13. Let’s Rock Here we are, in the changing world - unsteady, unstable, in dynamic transformation, rocking to the beat of our continuous entertainment, while the world we knew falters to find new ground. A dark dance.
    14. 14. Look at This! So I say, look at this! Embrace all worlds, discover new ones, connect with the ancient and live in hope, within it all.
    15. 15. I began this collage series late in August of 2001, and completed it in September of that year, just before September 11th. Carol Sill