Prime Sky


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Over the Air presentation by Tom Hume and Bryan Rieger of Future Platforms about the PrimeSky project they did for the Royal Observatory at Greewich.

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Prime Sky

  1. PrimeSky A gentle stroll through the night sky, courtesy of the Royal Observatory Greenwich Brought to you by SVG, RSS, microformats, open APIs, the WURFL, iCAL, and the one web. Presented by Tom Hume and Bryan Rieger
  2. “Create a web service that provides users with information on events they could expect to see in the night sky on any given evening.” PrimeSky Project Requirements (paraphrased)
  3. Orion The Hunter
  4. Cassiopeia
  5. “The service must work on mobile as well.” PrimeSky Project Requirements (paraphrased)
  6. Umm...