Be a Beachbody Coach with Bob Sharpe


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Are you looking for ways to be a Beachbody Coach and make an income by inspiring others and yourself to get Fit and Healthy? Get more details:

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Be a Beachbody Coach with Bob Sharpe

  1. 1. In this post I’ll explain some of the most frequently asked questions. These are the crucialquestions on how to be a beachbody coach and reap major success. Ready? Let’s Go!Be a Beachbody Coach – What Exactly ISBeachbody Coaching?What is Beachbody Coaching you might ask? Good question. First I want to put you at ease and tellyou what Beachbody Coaching is NOT.Beachbody Coaching is NOT:Be a Beachbody Coach with what it actually IS:Be a Beachbody CoachPosted by Bob Sharpe in Coach Opportunity | 0 commentsThanks for visiting! Grab Your FREE Team Beachbodyaccount today to get personalized support, access, and motivation tostay on track with your fitness and health goals from Coach Bob Sharpe(P90X, P90X2, INSANITY, Asylum Grad). Sign-Up Now for your free account today.Are you looking for details on how to be abeachbody coach? If you are, I’m glad to have youhere. My name is Coach Bob Sharpe, and I’m theleading coach of our Beachbody Coach team here Please make sure you do your researchon what it takes to be a Beachbody Coach before yousign-up. There are people who move their businessesforward regularly (like our team here at SharpeFIT…Iknow, shameless plug lol), but there are also those whodo nothing big. As a Beachbody Coach you work as aTEAM, and having someone who will support you andgrow your team consistently will be fitness coursewho is this guy?Welcome to Myname is Bob Sharpe, and about 2 years agoI said ENOUGH to being out of shape, fat,and tired! I started this website to documentmy journey while helping others achievetheir results as well. Read more about Bobconnect with me on facebook!recent postsP90X Chest Shoulders and Triceps –ReviewFood Industry IssuesCoach BeachbodyP90X TV OfferA Fitness or Health ProfessionalA Time-Consuming JobA Pyramid Scam or Get-Rich-Quick SchemeSomething if all you want to do is make a ton of money and not care.An opportunity to get FIT and get Paid too!A fun atmosphere with motivated and positive people.A chance to earn part-time or full-time income, if you’re interested.The opportunity to help others lose weight and get fit (talk about something meaningful to yourlife!)Beachbody Coaches are motivators!Start Here! Fitness » Motivation Eating Right » My Journey Make Money Success StoriesHome All About Bob » Work with Bob Supplements » Challenge Groups Contact Shopconverted by
  2. 2. Bob Sharpe and Carl Daikeler (CEO) at the LatestSuccess Club Trip (Disney World)Be a Beachbody Coach – Benefits of Joining withCoach Bob Sharpe and the TeamWhen I first started my P90X journey in2010, I had no idea about BeachbodyCoaching. Once I did, I looked around forsome answers online. Now, 1 1/2 years ofexperience has helped me and my team.My vision is to help hundreds, and soonthousands, with changing their livesphysically and financially. I do not let anyCoach on my team fail in their fitness ortheir business. If you fall, I help you getback up.Joining with the right Coach, when youdecide to Be a Beachbody Coach is veryimportant. If you join with someone whoisn’t as active, or doesn’t follow a bullet-proof placement strategy, you will getfrustrated FAST.Here are just some of the things you getwhen you join me and Beachbody Coaches.Be a Beachbody Coach – The REAL Strategies andRewardsIncome proof is at least reassuring. Iwill help you get to this point (this is myresults after 6 months in the business).This doesn’t mean you’ll get the sameresults right away, but you will getaccess to our full training arsenal to giveyou the tools to get there!There are a lot of great rewards and benefits when you decide to Be a Beachbody Coach. I will helpyou tap into some strategies depending on what you want to do! This isn’t a typical “MLM BusinessOpportunity”. There are strategies that work for everyone. The key is that you aren’t just sellingsome product, you are changing the LIVES of PEOPLE! By helping themselves (and YOURSELF)become FIT and Healthy, we all Live A Healthier, More Fulfilling Life (this is the mantra ofBeachbody!).If you are introverted, or extroverted, it doesn’t matter! There is a strategy and game plan foreveryone. In fact, I’m very introverted myself, and I’ve been able to make this business highlyP90X TV OfferP90X INSANITY HybridWeekly Training Calls.Top Secret Training Arsenal: A password protected training site right here on SharpeFIT.comthat I will give you once you Become a Beachbody Coach on our team.An unbeatable Strategy. I use the outside placement strategy that will help benefit YOU (I willexplain this more in your Coaches Corner Training once you are on-board).I promote you by bringing in new Personally Sponsored Coaches for YOU. If you are workingyour business, I will help you succeed! This helps you get rank advancements a bit quicker.My availability 24/7 to help you help others. We are all in this as a team, so whether you aremy personally sponsored Coach, or a Coach on our Team at SharpeFIT, I will help all of you!!Many more secrets I can’t share until you get on-board and check out our exclusive CoachesCorner Training.converted by
  3. 3. Your first name Your email addressShare thisnow:Like 10 TweetTweet 81 2successful for myself and my wife Cristen. Do not let ANYTHING stand in your path.So what are the requirements to Be a Beachbody Coach?$39.95 to start (this covers your Coach Online Office, Business Fees, and Online WebsiteSet-Up).$15.95 per month (this covers maintenance fees for your websites so you can direct peopleto!). This is dirt cheap considering all that you get with this package.Shakeology. I recommend all of my Coaches drink Shakeology daily. It is a nutritionalsuperpower that will help you commit to your health. Plus, customers always ask about thisproduct, so it would be a little dumb (in my opinion) if you have no clue how awesome this isfor your health.Motivational Attitude. I want someone on my team with an “ALL-IN” and “No QUIT” attitude.Those who join thinking they will be making what I’m making overnight fail miserably. Donot make this mistake. Instead, get on board, get excited, and realize that if you listen towhat we tell you to do, take daily consistent action, and compound these two things overtime, you will be HIGHLY Successful.You think you’re ready to Be a Beachbody Coach on our Explosive Power Team today? If so, clickthe button below. After you are signed-up and set-up, I will reach out to you for the next steps toyour success. If you have any questions, that’s OK! This isn’t for everyone, and some may alsowant to get more details before the become a Coach. Below this post is a Blue Box. You can enteryour information in there to get access to a special presentation I put together regardingBeachbody Coaching (30 minutes long of pure content and value for you).I look forward to working with you!Bob SharpeLeave a ReplyYour email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *Name *Email *WebsiteBe a Beachbody Coach PresentationBe a Beachbody Coach PresentationSimply enter your information into the form below for FREEaccessSimply enter your information into the form below for FREEaccessYour Privacy is SAFE! Ill do 100 push-ups if I spam you!Other posts that may interest you:1. Beachbody Coach Levels Beachbody Coach Levels – The Basics Wow, all of t...2. Beachbody Coach Failure When people join as a Beachbody Coach, they are excited...3. What is Beachbody Coaching – The Beachbody Coach Mystery Are you trying to figure out What isBeachbody Coaching...In 2010, Bob Sharpe was 70 pounds overweight andstruggling with Acid Reflux. After getting his life in shape,he dedicated himself to a healthier lifestyle. Now, afterlosing 70 pounds and being in the best shape of his life, hisgoal is to help others do the same through his Beachbodycoaching and assistance here on BobSharpe on Google + | Leaders Only – Click Here4converted by
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