Glass And Crystal Museum Malaga Spain


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Document reviewing the Glass and Crystal Museum in Malaga, Spain. For more guides, please visit us at

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Glass And Crystal Museum Malaga Spain

  1. 1. b-m e t .co m m/blo g/the-glass-and-crystal-museum-malaga-spain/#.UV6pDe4wmXIThe Glass and Crystal Museum Malagaby adminSpain is a country rich in history and culture, a region thatis as disparate and contracting as the climatesthemselves. When one visits Spain, he or she can becertain that the trip will be unf orgettable. T his being said,another way to add a bit of lustre and colour to a Spanishholiday is to partake in the stunning visual wonders thatthe Crystal and Glass Museum of Malaga has to of f er.What is the Crystal and Glass Museum?T he Museumof Glass and Crystal is located in Malaga on the site of aover 3,000 individual works of glass and crystal f romvarious cultures f rom across the world. A f ull third ofthese pieces are on permanent display while theremainder are rotated around yearly, theref ore it is rare that a return visitor will see the same works of arttwice. Another striking accent to these visual wonders are the vintage f urniture pieces which surround eachexhibit; the f urniture corresponding to the time and the culture of the glass on display.T his photo of Museum of Glass and Crystal is courtesy of TripAdvisorWhere is it Located and How do I Get T here?Unsurprisingly, this museum is located in the f amous tourist destination city of Malaga. T he physicaladdress is Antigua Calle Gaona No. 20. As Malaga is a city well equipped with public transportation, arrivingto the museum should not be dif f icult. Additionally, many locals can give assistance and every taxi driver iswell f amiliar with the location.
  2. 2. T his photo of Museum of Glass and Crystal is courtesy of TripAdvisorHow Much Does a Visit Cost and What are the Opening Hours?For adults, the ticket price is €5 per person, while group discounts reduce the price to €3, as also ref lectsthe price f or pensioners 65 years or older. Likewise, children will pay €3 to enter. Opening hours are f romTuesday through Sunday, f rom 11am to 7pm.What Can Be Seen in the Museum?T he Crystal and Glass Museum displays various works of art f rom dif f erent time periods and locations.T he ancient civilisation exhibit showcases works f rom Egypt, Phoenicia, the Greco-Roman Empire and f rommedieval times. T heir 16th and 17th century portion of f ers glass and crystal f rom Holland and Hungarywhile introducing the visitor to the Catalan artists’ works f rom northeastern Spain. Paintings f rom the 18thcentury artist Phillipe Mercier are also displayed along with glass works constructed during the reign ofCharles the III and Charles the IV. Finally, 19th century English glass is also on public display, signed by theartisan T homas Webb. T his, of course, does not include the rotating exhibits.
  3. 3. T his photo of Museum of Glass and Crystal is courtesy of TripAdvisorHow Big is the Museum?Considering the museum is located in what was once a castle, it is of considerable size. It occupies severalf loors each containing rooms representing a dif f erent time period. Additionally, three large internal patiosexist f or the visitors to relax on.Are T here Guided Tours?Due to the nature of these objects as well as the inf ormation surrounding them, all visits are accompaniedby a tour guide. T hese tours are provided during open hours, f rom Tuesday through Sunday f rom 11am to7pm.What Up-and Coming Events is the Museum Holding?Besides of f ering tours of these wonderf ul works of crystal and glass art, some notable events areoccurring in the near f uture, the most prominent of which is called the Exposicion de la Malaga en Miniatura(Miniature Exhibit of Malaga). It is scheduled to be held until March 31 st. Other events will be scheduled asthe year progresses and summer approaches.T his serves as a brief description of some of the wonders that the Crystal and Glass Museum of Malagahas to of f er. Visiting here will provide colourf ul memories that are certain to last a lif etime.