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Spam the Monkey - episode 2
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Spam continues his adventures in the UK

Spam continues his adventures in the UK

Published in Travel , Sports
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  • 1. The Spam the Monkey Show
    • Episode 2 - Spam does the South Coast
  • 2. Spam decided to take a tour of the South Coast. So he decided on Bognor Regis, the spiritual home of traditional English holidays and the Gunwharf Tower, Portsmouth - which looks a bit like the really expensive hotel in Dubai. Except the lifts work in Dubai.
  • 3. Spam is let loose on Bognor beach… “Crikey old boy, it’s chuffing freezing here! And where’s the sand?”
  • 4. The cold has affected Spam and he suddenly drops into the American vernacular… “ And what the fuck is that? A noddy train? Jeez.”
  • 5. And this is a traditional English seaside holiday camp. “ Looks like prison. What’s the town like?”
  • 6. “ What the hell is this? Have you people not heard of being sued for being scared shitless by flaking, old shop dummies sat in the street for little reason?”
  • 7. Yes, that really is a man in a fully covered wheelchair car thing INSIDE a coffee shop
  • 8. “ But I think I’m too scared to ask anyone. They all look a bit... well, you know. Not quite ‘there’.”
  • 9. Scared of Bognor, Spam heads West to Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth
  • 10. “ What the... ?”
  • 11. “ Let me up it!!!!!”
  • 12. “ Oh yes!”
  • 13.  
  • 14. Spam decided to look through the see-through glass floor panel c. 100m above sea level
  • 15. “ Oh crap!”
  • 16. “ Until the next time, “Cheerio!”