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Trip to rome


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Trip to rome

  1. 1. Claudia’s Trip to Rome
  2. 2. Flights and Dates Destination:Rome Departure Time:6:50pm Nov 6 Arrival Time:12:40pm Nov 7 Flight:Emirates Length of time for flight:34hours Staying length:1 Week Costs:$8520 (Both ways) Accommodation:Mazo Boha Hotel
  3. 3. People I’m Taking Claudia (33 years old) DOB: 24/4/1980 Rylie (35 years old) DOB: 13/6/2001 Emma (10 years old) DOB: 28/10/2003 Samara (12 years old) DOB: 6/5/2001
  4. 4. Day Plan Day 3: We will have breakfast at the hotel and then we will go to the Colessium vanch we will look around there and go out for lunch at the Venzia Cafe $60. We will go to the Allaenal Dacho Cinema $30 and watch a movie then we will go out for dinner at the Zustie Devencho restaurant $150. Day 4: We will have breakfast at the hotel and then we will make our way to Perua Black Water Rafting $300. We will then have lunch at the Venzia Cafe $50 and then we will go out for dinner at the Croaching Dine in restaurant $50.
  5. 5. Day Plan We will hire a seven seater car for a week and it will cost $1456. Spending money:Rylie $400, Claudia $400, Samara $250, Emma $250. Day 1: We will arrive at our hotel and then we will make our way to a cafe to have our lunch, which will cost $50. We will then go back to the hotel in our rented car $400 and will set up our rooms. We will then have dinner at the Broad Davench Restaurant which will cost $150. Day 2: We will have breakfast at the hotel which is supplied and then we will head out to Dovien Beach with a picnic. We will spend the day there and will then go to the Harol Dezinay restaurant which will cost $150. ,
  6. 6. Day Plan Day 5: We will have breakfast at the hotel and then we will go to Rollercoaster Land and spend the day there. We will take a picnic lunch and then we will have dinner at the hotel. Day 6: We are having breakfast at the hotel and then we are going to Rainbow Magic land $173 and then we will have dinner at the Da Fortunatorl Pantheon restaurant.We will have breakfast at the hotel and then we will meet up with Emma’s family to go to the Bioparco Zoo $200 (just for our family) . We will spend half the day there and then it will be time to go to the airport to fly home.
  7. 7. Flights • • • • • Destination:New Zealand Departure Time: 7pm Arrive Time: 8pm (the next day) Stops: 3 (France, Hong Kong, Sydney) Flights: Emirates
  8. 8. Italian Words (Hello) Saluto (Good Morning) Buona Giorno (Where are we?) Dove Siamo (Thank you) Grazie si (Good Night) Buona Notte (Good Evening) Buona Sera (Fine) Dir (Wonderful) Fam
  9. 9. Top Ten Major Cities in Italy • Rome • Venice • Florence • Milan • Naples • Verona • Turin • Bologna • Perugia • Genoa
  10. 10. Currency New Zealand money is totally different than Italian money. So when we go to Rome we have to exchange the New Zealand dollars into Italian dollars so that we can spend that money.
  11. 11. Fashion in Rome BOYS BOYS FASHION AROUND ROME IS QUITE INCREDIBLE. THERE ARE SO MANY SHAPES AND SIZES. THERE ARE DIFFERENT STYLES FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE. I’M SURE YOU WILL ENJOY SHOPPING IN ROME! :) Girls fashion is an important thing in Rome. Clothes can come in many shapes, sizes and styles! :) GIRLS
  12. 12. 20 Items to bring on our vacation 1. Toiletries 11. ipod/Mp3/Ps3 and charger 2. Clothes/togs 12. Breath Mints 3. Shoes 13. Make up (if needed) 4. Money/visa/eftpos 14. Head phones 5. Camera and charger 15. Day bag 6. Phone and charger 16. Sun glasses 7. Drivers Licence 17. Hat 8. Passport 18. Sunscreen 9. Airline Tickets 19. Watch 10. Snacks 20. Towels
  13. 13. Traditional Foods Dinner: Taverna Lino is one of the most popular and traditional foods in Rome. It has it’s unique flavour which to us would taste kind of like spaghetti bolognese. Nearly every restaurant would have the wonderful tasting Taverna Lino on its menu. Dessert: Tiramisu is a very traditional but tasty dessert. It is a very tasty treat that came about when they were making another dessert but failed and called the new one Tiramisu.
  14. 14. Rome’s Climate Rome is a warm country the coldest month is January and the hottest months are July and August. Rome is 4640km away from the equator which makes Rome a hot country.
  15. 15. Letter to a Friend Cassie Butcher 19 Kauri Cresent Snells Beach Dear Cassie, Hi, I am having loads of fun in Rome. I so wish you were spending this magnificent holiday with me and my family! What have you been up to in New Zealand? Have I missed anything to important? I’ve had a great time visiting the wonderful theme parks and the national buildings and statues! I can’t wait to see you again but once I leave Rome instantly I would want to come back! See you soon. Claudia
  16. 16. Five Famous People Pamela Anderson Charlize Theron Pamela Anderson is a famous model from Rome. She has discovered and trialled many forms of make up as well as modeling. Charlize Theron is a actress and she also trials make up. Paul Wesley Ariana Grande Ariana Grande is a famous singer and actress born in Rome. She is wealthy and has an amazing career now and in the future. Paul Wesley is a famous actress born in Rome. He has acted on many movies and is going to act on many more movies to come. Leah Goldman Leah Goldman is a famous actress and singer from Rome. She has a unique voice that brings appeal to the Italians.
  17. 17. Thanks for watching! :) My trip to Rome is going to be the best! And to the people coming with me, I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy this holiday to Rome! :)