Technical Interview Excellence


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Technical Interview Excellence

  1. 1. Technical Interview Excellence Blake Cai
  2. 2. Introduction of Blake Cai • Staffing Consultant supporting Server & Tools Business China. • Work in China R&D staffing team under Patrick Sullivan’s org. • 15 months old in Microsoft. • Studied Broadcasting & Drama in college. • Once dreamed of being another Oprah Winfrey. • Currently learning Japanese as personal project. • Have great passion in watching and collecting Cartoon movies.
  3. 3. Background Server & Tools Business China grows from 20 to 300 FTEs in 3.5 years. On average, each fiscal year we have… 100 Requisitions 400 Loops 2000 Interviews C H • Hiring Need VS Interviewer A Quantity? Quality? Availability? L • Interviewer VS Candidate Experience L Capability? Skill? Experience? E • Hiring Manager VS Hiring Practice N Understanding? Compliance? Advocacy? G E
  4. 4. Methodology Continuous, two-way communication with clients Finalizing  1:1 with BG leaders Planning  Modify proposal  Present the project proposal on STBC SLT  Prioritize meeting Probing requirements  Design project features  1:1 Interview  Work out general Initiating (Senior Interviewer/Hiring project plan & deliverables per phase Manager)  Observation  Survey all (SC)+Feedback interviewers in STBC (Candidates) Identify the Identify potential requirements, Design project Get support existing top problems & framework from SLT problems solutions
  5. 5. Project Framework Training/Brown Bag Scalable, different layers & target audience F Interviewer E Ramp-up Program A Process T Optimization on process design Campus Interview U Excellence R Interviewer E Criteria/Guidance Inventory Criteria to rank interviewers S Guidance to drive an interview loop Responsibilities of hiring manager, interviewer, staffing, AA
  6. 6. STBC Interviewer Ranking AA A B C D • As Appropriate • AA Trainee • Solid & very • Trustful phone • Every external Interviewer • AA trust and is experienced screener hired employee is • AA for close to AA in MSFT interviewer • Proficient at by default “D” Campus/Industry skills and • Mastery at interviewing before finishing candidates maturity level interviewing his/her discipline the smart hiring & • Can be AA for his/her discipline up to L61 ramp-up program intern candidates up to L63 • Able to provide • Is not eligible for • Expert at • Proficient at accurate doing an onsite interviewing interviewing feedback on a interview his/her discipline lead/mgr level relevant independently up to L65 candidates discipline • Mastery at • Proficient at interviewing providing lead/mgr level valuable candidates feedback cross- • Mastery at discipline providing solid assessment cross-discipline *All interviewers in STBC will be graded by AA together with BG Leads & reviewed half a year.
  7. 7. Interviewer Ramp Up Program • Manager identify interviewer • AA check candidates . capabilities • Employee needs of to pass the • Certain amount interviewer probation and of technical after loop performance is at phone screens • AA check least “achieved” • 1:1 assigned by with mentor in last review or mentorship staffing before and from his/her • Mentor doing the onsite approves D manager’s should be interview to C and assessment. Smart Hiring ranked as “A Mentor Trial above. or B” in the Training inventory . observation Interview • Take the Quality Candidate course Mentor Phone Screen • Mentors Control Identification before doing Identification • Needs to any types of needs to observe 3 FTE observe the interviews /intern first 2 interviews of interviews mentor before of the fresh doing any types interviewer of interviews
  8. 8. Q&A Welcome to E-mail me at Thanks!