Causes of World War II


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Causes of World War II

  1. 1. 1929<br />The US stock market crashes, and foreign investors removed their German interests. <br />180975506730Immediately following this, the great depression hit Germany. This led a desperate people to turn to Hitler and his party, who had immediately taken advantage of the mass panic.<br /><br />1930<br />Nazi party receives huge influx in votes, going from 12 seats to over one hundred. This places them as the second largest political party in Germany.<br />95250337185The Weimar government begins to fall, leading to Hitler taking advantage of the people's lack of faith in their government.<br /><br />1931<br />German banks fail, and people continue to suffer in fear.<br />Hitler meets the man in charge at the time, and is considered for a group effort in order to keep communists out of power.<br /><br />1932<br />Hitler finally becomes a German citizen, due to the help of some of his friends in high places. This allows him the capability to run for president or any other major political positions.<br />Hitler is named chancellor, if only because the other candidate has very little support, and because it is intended that he be used as a figurehead. Members of his party march through the streets singing on this night, prompting everyone to join in the festive mood, and gain the people's confidence.<br />35242545720<br /><br />1933<br />Hitler calls for the enabling act, which allows him legal dictatorship. This act is granted to him, and his complete power over Germany begins.<br />Hitler removes Germany from the League of Nations, and begins his planning of how to re-arm the country.<br />35242552705<br /><br />1934<br />The president of Germany dies, leaving his title to whoever is put in office.<br />Hitler claims the position of president and title of fuhrer, technically illegally, and gets rid of all remaining ways to take him out of the office. He is now in absolute control, and the people all believe in him and his ability to do great things for Germany.<br />43815013335<br /><br />1935<br />The Nuremberg laws are passed by Hitler's government, effectively taking away the citizenship from all Jews, the ability for Jews to marry non-Jews, and the Jews' human rights.<br />Hitler rejects the Treaty of Versailles and begins to re-arm.<br />13335019050<br /><br />1936<br />Hitler forms an alliance with Italy, militarizes the Rhineland, and sends military assistance for the Spanish civil war. Some real heavy duty firepower is coming out of the works now, but no one seems to care.<br />Germany hosts the summer Olympic games in Berlin. Hitler even goes so far as to remove all anti-Semitic signs in public places, not wanting the visitors to find anything wrong with the way Germany is. At the same time, Hitler promotes his thoughts on the master race by having only Aryan people compete for Germany. The revenue of the Olympics is tremendous.<br /><br />1937<br />150 leaders of a catholic organization are arrested for treason for associating with Marxists. Few feel any need to oppose Hitler, and those who do are swiftly imprisoned. <br />Anti-Semitism grows, and many Jews find it impossible to find work, homes, or even a place to buy food. There is nothing they can do about it.<br />36195079375<br /><br />1938<br />Hitler gains support from Austria in the form of one of his supporters gaining the chancellorship there, and marches with his men to his hometown of Vienna, where he is hailed as a hero.<br />A meeting is held in Munich, where during negotiations Hitler demands for Czechoslovakia to give up its German speaking districts to the third Reich, in hopes of appeasing Hitler. This only works for a short time.<br />133350120650<br /><br />1939<br />Hitler's forces invade Poland with lightning attacks, triggering the second world war. Immediately following his triumph in Poland, he begins the enslavement of the so-called subhumans. <br />He momentarily turned his attentions to the west, where his lightning attacks prevailed quickly. Thus began some of the worst year in history for humanity. <br />23812581280<br /><br />Top 5<br />5. 1938- gaining Austrian support. There was nationalism in Austria, they saw good things coming from Hitler for Germany and why wouldn't they want what looks best?<br />4. 1934- Hitler gains supreme power, and it was ultimately made possible by the nationalist angles he worked to get the support of the people.<br />3. 1939- Germany launches the first attack of the world war. People thought that whatever Hitler came up with would be for the good of the country, and followed him into war.<br />2. 1933- Hitler calls for the enabling act. There is a reason people just let him take over. His promises looked very good to and for the people.<br />1. 1930- Nazi party had huge growth in seats. This is because people believe they can do something for their nation.<br />Bibliography BIBLIOGRAPHY 1933. (n.d.). Retrieved January 24, 2011, from events leading to world war 2: summer Olympics. (n.d.). Retrieved January 24, 2011, from wikipedia: Hitler. (n.d.). Retrieved January 24, 2011, from and War in Europe, 1937 to 1940. (n.d.). Retrieved January 24, 2011, from Macrohistory and world report: Germany. (n.d.). Retrieved January 24, 2011, from wikipedia: laws. (n.d.). Retrieved January 24, 2011, from wikipedia: war II: 1938. (n.d.). Retrieved January 24, 2011, from promise of peace: world war II:<br />