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BISP is committed to provide BEST learning material to the beginners andadvance learners. In the same series, we have prepared a complete end-to endHands-on Guide for WebLogic Administration. The document focuses on how tovarious ways of deploying application. Join our professional training program andlearn from experts

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C ognos beginner's guide

  1. 1. OBIEE 11G Logs and Configuration FilesTroubleshooting Log Name Log Location Location Example Increase LogUsage Log Level configuration fileInstallDe-installPatch Examples: ■ Linux and UNIX: C:Program FilesOracleInventorylogs Q: Is this ? deinstall2010-08-15_09-01-33PM.out USER_HOME/oraInventory/logs/ possible ? deinstall2010-08-15_09-01-33PM.log ■ Windows: C:Program installProfile2010-08-15_09-01-33PM.log FilesOracleInventorylogs oraInstall2010-08-15_09-01-33PM.out oraInstall2010-08-19_01-21-49AM.err OPatch2010-08-19_02-15-05-AM.log 2010-08-19_01-21-49AM.log installProfile2010-08-19_01-21-49AM.logStartupShutdownExecutionWLS Admin Server AdminServer.log <Middleware_HOME>user_projectsdoma C:OBIEE11Guser_projectsdomains In WLS Console > ? bifoundation_domain.log insbifoundation_domainserversAdminSe bifoundation_domainserversAdminSe biFoundation_dom AdminServer-diagnostic.log(BI JEE log rverlogs rverlogs ain > servers > (Action Services and Security Services), - AdminServer review in FMC) access.log Logging Tab has a logsbipublisher bipublisher.log ????? General and an HTTP sub-tab General (general settings for logs for this server) By default all messages are published By default all messages go to the log file.WLS Managed Server bi_server1.log <Middleware_HOME>user_projectsdoma C:OBIEE11Guser_projectsdomains biFoundation_dom ? bi_server1.out insbifoundation_domainserversbi_server bifoundation_domainserversbi_server ain > servers > bi_server1.out00001 etc 1logs 1logs bi_server1 bi_server1-diagnostic.log (BI JEE log (Action Services and Security Services), - Logging Tab has a review in FMC) General and an access.log HTTP sub-tab logsbipublisher bipublisher.log ????? General sub-tab (general settings for logs for this 1
  2. 2. Troubleshooting Log Name Log Location Location Example Increase LogUsage Log Level configuration file server) By default all messages are published By default all messages go to the log file.BI System Components(BI instance)OracleBIServerCompon nqserver.log <ORACLE_INSTANCE>diagnosticslogs C:OBIEE11Ginstancesinstance2dia Use FMC ORACLE_INSTANCent Nqquery.log OracleBIServerComponentcoreapplicatio gnosticslogsOracleBIServerCompone Diagnostics tab > Econfigcomponent Administrator_NQSAdminTool.log n_obis1 ntcoreapplication_obis1 Log Configuration _typebi_component Administrator_nQUDMLExec.log to set a higher _name “Log Level” OracleBIServerCom (For detailed info : See System ponentcoreapplicati Administrators Guide for Oracle Business Log Levels on_obis1logconfig.x Intelligence Enterprise Edition, 8.2 ■ Incident Error ml Understanding Diagnostic Log and Log option Configuration Files) ■ Error option ■ Warning option ■ Notification option ■ Trace option such as set Trace to “FINEST” (performance impact!) For nqquery.log, set level 0 thru 5 in BI Admin Tool > Manage Security for each userOracleBIPresentationSer sawlog0.log <ORACLE_INSTANCE>diagnosticslogs C:OBIEE11Ginstancesinstance2dia As above ORACLE_INSTANCvicesComponent webcatupgrade0.log OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent gnosticslogsOracleBIPresentationSer Econfigcomponent catalogcrawler coreapplication_obips1 vicesComponentcoreapplication_obip _typebi_component sawcatalogcrawlerlogsys0.log s1 _name OracleBIPresentatio nServicesComponen tcoreapplication_ obips1instanceconfi g.xmlOracleBISchedulerComp nqscheduler-<n>.log <ORACLE_INSTANCE>diagnosticslogs C:OBIEE11Ginstancesinstance2dia ORACLE_INSTANC 2
  3. 3. Troubleshooting Log Name Log Location Location Example Increase LogUsage Log Level configuration fileonent OracleBISchedulerComponentcoreapplica gnosticslogsOracleBISchedulerComp Econfigcomponent tion_obisch1 onentcoreapplication_obisch1 _typebi_component _name OracleBIScheduler Componentcoreappl ication_obisch1insta nceconfig.xmlOracleBIJavaHostComp Jh.log <ORACLE_INSTANCE>diagnosticslogs C:OBIEE11Ginstancesinstance2dia As above ORACLE_INSTANConent Jh-n.log OracleBIJavaHostComponentcoreapplicat gnosticslogsOracleBIJavaHostComp Econfigcomponent ion_obijh1 onentcoreapplication_obijh1 _typebi_component _name OracleBIJavaHostC omponentcoreapplic ation_obijh1logging _config.xmlOracleBIClusterControlle Nqcluster-<n>.log <ORACLE_INSTANCE>diagnosticslogs C:OBIEE11Ginstancesinstance2dia As above ORACLE_INSTANCrComponent OracleBIClusterControllerComponentcore gnosticslogsOracleBIClusterControlle Econfigcomponent application_obiccs1 rComponentcoreapplication_obiccs1 _typebi_component _name OracleBIClusterCon trollerComponentcor eapplication_obiccs1 ccslogconfig.xmlOPMN Debug.log C:OBIEE11Ginstancesinstance2dia As above ORACLE_INSTANC Opmn.log gnosticslogsOPMNopmn Econfigcomponent Service.log etc _typebi_component _name OPMNopmnopmn. xmlTroubleshooting JavaComponentsAs above plusEmbeddedLDAP (can be EmbeddedLDAP.log DOMAIN_HOME/servers/server_name/dat C:OBIEE11Guser_projectsdomains ? ?used in conjunction with EmbeddedLDAPAccess.log a/ldap/log/EmbeddedLDAP.log bifoundation_domainserversbi_serverthe access.logs, as DOMAIN_HOME/servers/server_name/dat 1dataldaplogEmbeddedLDAP*.logabove a/ldap/log/MiscellaneousRepository log <Repository Name> .rpd.log <ORACLE_INSTANCE>OracleBIServerC C:OBIEE11Ginstancesinstance2bifo ? ? omponentcoreapplication_obis1repositor undationOracleBIServerComponentc y oreapplication_obis1repositorySampl eAppLite.rpd.LogUpgrade ua<timestamp>.log BI_ORACLE_HOMEupgradelogs ? ?Usage Tracking (Only if NQAcct.yyyymmdd.hhmmss.log STORAGE_DIRECTORY parameter in the ? ?redirected to logs) Usage Tracking section of the NQSConfig.INI file determines the location of usage tracking log filesBI Agent Log Agent-JobID-InstanceID.xxx The default location for log files is the Log ? ? 3
  4. 4. Troubleshooting Log Name Log Location Location Example Increase LogUsage Log Level configuration file directory in the Oracle Business Intelligence installation directory on the computer where the Oracle BI Scheduler is installed. 4