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  • 1. Brain Fingerprinting Jessica Laks April 26, 2005
  • 2. Background
    • Brain fingerprinting: technique used to determine scientifically what information is, or is not stored in a particular brain
    • Not a measure of guilt or innocence
    • Measures the response to visual or audio stimulus
  • 3. Applications
    • National security
    • Medical diagnosis
      • Alzheimer’s Disease
    • Advertising
    • Crimial justice system
  • 4. National Security
    • Identify terrorists and accomplices prior to attacks by determining whether specific information is embedded in the memory of the subject
  • 5. Medical Field
    • Alzheimer’s Disease
      • Detects P300 brainwave
      • Symptoms reversible through dietary and medicinal changes
    • Pharmeceutical companies
      • See effects of new medication
      • Doctors can monitor treatments and adjust them
  • 6. Advertising
    • Brain fingerprinting allows advertisers to determine what information from an ad is retained in memory
      • What elements do people pay attention to
      • What type of media is most effective
      • How to advertise to people all over the world
  • 7. Criminal Justice
    • Used with MERMER technology
    • FBI and CIA endorsed to convict criminals
      • P300 brainwave is emitted if a memory of presented stimulus exists in the brain
      • Difference between perpetrator and the innocent is the memory of the crime scene embedded in the brain
  • 8. Pros and Cons Criminal justice Advertising Medical diagnosis National security
    • Possibility of inaccuracy
    • Can be relied on too heavily
    • Constant testing for new products can become time consuming and expensive
    • Must find random people to use as test subjects
    • Time consuming for patients who need constant monitoring
    • Infringement of privacy for citizens
    • Can rely on racial profiling
    • Puts criminals in jail
    • Reduces number of false accusations
    • Focus ad campaigns specifically on what works
    • Can save thousands of lives by early detection
    • More personalized treatments
    • Safer US
    • Stop terrorists before they attack
  • 9. References