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Bp november 2013

  1. 1. E d Power scenario in Assam Assam has been facing power shortage i of demand and supply. acuteaproblem ofthere has been adue to the vast gap It is fact that steep increase of t demand of power in the last 3-4 years in this state. With the increased and economic in has o developmentan average peakactivitiesfor the lasttofew years, AssamMW.been experiencing demand power the tune of 1250 This is more than 2(two) times what it was five years ago. In Guwahati alone in the r years, there has been a in demand of power. Until i past five of years back, only 16%threefold increase were electrified, but as per a couple rural households steps have been a the National Electricity Policy,there has been a undertaken to electrify every household of Assam. As such, great increase in demand for l power in the rural as well as urban areas in recent times. The installed capacity in the State is 574.4 MW. In addition to its own installed capacity, the State has a share of 288 MW from Central Sector Generating Stations owned by NEEPCO and NHPC. Besides this, the State has also 24.5 MW of private power (IPP) generation. The total capacity thus available for the State is 886.9 MW. Till now, Assam is mainly dependent on hydro generations. This is about 60% of the total existing availability. Most of these hydro generators are sourced through Run on River (RoR) which are solely dependent on the rainfall in the respective catchments areas. It was expected that these hydro generators would pick up to 100% of its capacity during this monsoon; but this year due to insufficient rainfall below normal value in its respective areas they are yet to gear up. Also, the gas based thermal power stations are generating far below their full capacity due to inadequate supply of gas etc. That is why the demand availability gap is widening According to Central Electrical Authority (CEA), the peak hour demand in Assam is likely to rise to the level of 1752 MW by the end of 12 th Plan. Currently, average peak demand is 1250 MW against available 700 MW thereby leaving a shortfall of 550 MW. But the state is able to meet only 16% of the peak demand with its own power project (about 260 MW). In coming years, even after adding the share of 240 MW receivable from Palatnana, 380 MW from Bongaigaon TPP and 65 MW from Kameng Hydro project, we fall woefully short on meeting the demand. Therefore, the only option is to set up own power projects to meet at least 50 % of demand forecast. The state Government has identified several new project like 150 MW Lower Kapili, 60 MW Upper Borapani , 60 MW Inter Mediate, 500 mw Margherita TPP, 100 MW Amguri TPP which will require investment of about Rs 7996.00 Crore. Out of it Stat’s share would be Rs 2408.00 Crore. How quickly the impasse over Lower Subansiri Hydro Electric Projects ends, more beneficial it would be to the state. Then Assam will get total 533MW additional power. Editor: Bikramaditya Dutta Kakoti www.businesspositive.guwahati.com Contents... The New Companies Act : A Great Promise –2 Jay Shree from Tea to real estate –3 Govt to infuse 14,000 crore equity in public sector banks –5 Interview with R. Bhatia, V. P. Fiat –7 IOC Chairman Butola walks 15 km to office to save fuel –9 Enlightening the nation– Mahbubul Hoque –11 Lower Subansiri Hydro Electric Project safe and secure –NHPC –15 Myshopbazzar.com Ms. India & Mr. India 2013 crowned –19 Executive Editor: Madhurjya D. Konwar Bureau Chief- Kalyan Gogoi ! Chief Co-ordinator ( Delhi ): Arup Jyoti Gogoi ! Co-ordinator (Kolkata): Rudra Pratap Choudhury ! Special co-ordinators : Jasho Rabi (Shillong), Lithung Tungsha (Kohima), Madhurjya Saikia (Duliajan), Tanmoy Saikia(Mizoram), L.M.Sarkar(Agartala) ! Finance and Planing : Dipayan Borah ! Advisor : Pranjal Dutta (Legal) ! Design & Grapics : Nitul Kr. Dutta Address : Guwahati Office– Bhangagarh, Anil Nagar, by lane no2, House no-1, Pin-781003, Guwahati (Assam) ! Delhi Office– A-12, 2nd floor, Kalkaji, New Delhi- 110019 Mobile : 9954223870, 9508708837 website : www.businesspositive.guwahati.com e-mail : businesspositive123@gmail.com
  2. 2. The New Companies Act : A Great Promise On 29 August 2013 the new Companies Bill finally received the President’s assent that made it into a law, thereby replacing the six decade old regulations under the Companies Act, 1956. The Companies Act, 2013 allows for a contemporary legislation for regulation of the corporate sector in India. The Act, amongst other aspects, provides for business friendly corporate regulations, better corporate governance, focus on corporate social responsibility, enhanced disclosure norms, investor protection, etc. As the most significant provider of equity capital to corporate India, the India Private Equity and Venture Capital (PE and VC) industry stands to benefit from any improvement in the Indian corporate regulatory framework. The new Companies Act will impact the PE and VC industry in numerous ways, some of which are enumerated below. A point of uncertainty lies in the definition of a listed company. As per the Companies Act, 2013, a company with any listed security will be treated as a listed entity. So an unlisted portfolio company of a PE investor, which may have listed its NCDs, will be suddenly burdened with an entire gamut of obligations applicable for a listed company. Are we heading towards a new concept of private listed companies? More onerous for PE investors are the additional liabilities on Directors as the Act puts a higher onus on directors appointed by PE funds. The PE directors could potentially be liable for prosecution under various statutes for any default by the Company’s management. It would perhaps be more appropriate to have PE directors treated on par with other independent directors, as typically they are not involved in day to day management. It is interesting to note that a director will not be penalised for misconduct of the Company if he has raised objections against the activity on record, thereby raising the ante for greater vigilance by PE directors. As per the New Act, investment is not permitted through more than two layers of investment companies. Though the incorporation of this clause aims to prevent diversion of funds through webs of complex corporate structures, the greatest blow will be felt by infrastructure companies. Private equity investors prefer to invest in holding companies, to realise higher returns from the entire group through a single investment rather than multiple investments in subsidiaries. Thus this restriction may deter PE investments in the sector and hence exceptions should be allowed for genuine multi-layered corporate structures. The Companies Act, 2013 now allows the shareholder of a ‘public’ company to enforce put or call options if contractually agreed in respect of transfer of securities. Enforcement of these options under the Companies Act, 1956 was untenable as shares of a public company were required to be “freely transferable”. The act grants statutory recognition to contracts in respect of transfer of securities of a public company, putting to rest contradictory judicial precedents on this aspect. Thus PE investors can confidently utilise clauses such as drags, tags, right of first refusal, etc. against other contracting shareholders, providing for additional contractual protection. This is a big positive for private equity. However enforcement may still be a concern as in the past, Sebi has taken the view that such options do not qualify as spot delivery contracts under SCRA and also do not qualify as legal and valid derivatives contracts because they are not traded on a stock exchange. (continued to page 13) BUSINESS POSITIVE November-2013 2
  3. 3. Jay Shree From Tea to real estate I n a bid to pad up its revenues, Jay Shree Tea and Industries Ltd is considering re-entry into real estate development after a gap of almost ten years. The B.K. Birla Group company, which is mostly into tea plantation and also in sugar and fertiliser in a small way, is exploring ways to develop some of the land parcels available with the company scatted across the country. About a decade back, Jay Shree forayed into real estate development when times were difficult for tea plantation companies and tea prices remained subdued for years, resulting in losses. It had then developed some premium 3 BUSINESS POSITIVE luxury apartments in Bangalore’s market Ali Askar Road area, and off Sarat Bose Road and Raja Santosh Roy Road in Alipore, two of the most sought-after addresses in Kolkata. “We are looking at the sector, we are still exploring. We have several land parcels within India. We want to see what we can do,” said executive director Vikash Kandoi .The company can develop around 2 lakh square feet of built-up area. Investment in the development could be about Rs 30-40 crore. Jay Shree has land in West Bengal, Haryana and other states. The projects would most probably be taken up in joint ventures November-2013 with developers. No doubt , the company’s prime look out is the tea production.Jay Shree plans to produce 23 million kg this fiscal, higher than 20.5 million kg produced last fiscal.”We expect production to be up by about 3 million kg this year. We have again started taking outside leaf, which would be up by 2 million kg this year while our own production would be up by 1 million kg. Out of the total production, bought leaf would be 5 million kg against 3million kg last year. We will be producing at least 1 million kg more of orthodox,” said MD D P Maheswari.It is to be mentioned that Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd. is the third largest tea producer in the world. It has 22 Tea Estates spread throughout India with total area of 9407 hectares under tea plantation. It has five Gardens in Upper Assam, five in Cachar, four in Dooars & Terai, six garden in Darjeeling and two in South India. The company also has two tea processing factories which manufacture tea exclusively from tea leaves procured from other gardens. The company is also scouting for more acquisitions in Africa to strengthen its presence in the black tea market. JTIL has recently acquired three tea gardens in East Africa — two in Rwanda and one in Uganda.The company is one of the largest tea manufacturerexporter of India.
  4. 4. during the current year. THE COMPANY national tea output. The Company through its Incorporated on 27th October 1945, 4. Contributing around 11% of the investment arm, Birla Holdings Ltd., Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd. is a total Darjeeling tea, considered UAE has acquired 100% stake in part of well diversified conglomerate Champagne of teas. Kijura Tea Co. Ltd. and Bondo Tea of B.K Birla Group. B. K. Birla NEW ACQUISITIONS Co. Ltd., having tea estates, producing Group has been in the forefront of As per the strategic tie up with Assam around 14 lac kgs of tea per annum industrialization in the country since Tea Corporation Ltd. the company is in Uganda (East Africa). Under a joint Independence. An inspiration for procuring green leaf of Longai and venture arrangement, it has acquired generations of Indian entrepreneurs, Ishabheel Tea Estates and operating 60% stake of Mata Tea Co. Ltd. & the Birlas are looked upon as the First its Longai Tea Factory to manufacture Gisakura Tea Co. Ltd., Rwanda. The Family of India Inc., reflecting quality, 6 lac kgs of tea per annum from the companies own tea estates in the reliability and leadership. current season. best quality tea producing belt of Besides tea, Jay Shree Tea & The Parvati Tea Company Pvt. Ltd. East Africa producing 42 lac kgs of Industries Ltd., is manufacturer of acquired by it at Makum (Tinsukia) tea per annum. Single Super Phosphate & Sulphuric in the State of Assam is likely to Acid. It recently made foray into Sugar manufacture 6 lac kgs. of black tea The cost of producing Tea in East Industry by acquiring Africa is lower as there 100% stake in is not much need for M.P.Chini Industries application of Ltd. It also provides fertilizers and GARDEN AREA UNDER PRODUCTION Tea Packaging and pesticides in the field PLANTATION (FY11-12) Warehousing facilities because of the better (Hectares) (lac kgs) at Kolkata and Kochi. soil condition. Further, DARJEELING The company is also the social cost for the engaged in real estate laborers is the 01 Risheehat Tea Estate 256 01.81 business having responsibility of the 02 Tukvar Tea Estate 437 02.32 03 North Tukvar Tea Estate 195 00.97 developed several local Government. 04 Singbulli Tea Estate 303 02.22 properties at prime DIVERSIFICATION 05 Balasun Tea Estate 353 00.88 locations of Kolkata IN SUGAR 06 Sungma Tea Estate 273 01.36 and Bengaluru. The company has The core business acquired 100% stake UPPER ASSAM of the company is Tea in M.P.Chini 07 Towkok Tea Estate 646 18.46 accounting for Industries Ltd.having 08 Manjushree Tea Estate 616 14.09 75.56% of the gross a sugar factory at 09 Mangalam Tea Estate 105 02.26 turnover with Majhaulia in Bihar 10 Nahorhabi Tea Estate 695 14.70 Chemicals & with a capacity of 11 Meleng Tea Estate 760 16.34 Fertilizers at 23.52% 4600 TCD, which is CACHAR, ASSAM and others 0.92% being enhanced to during the half-year 5500 TCD. The 12 Dewan Tea Estate 726 22.39 13 Burtoll Tea Estate 686 20.50 ended 30th September factory has co14 Labac Tea Estate 434 14.51 2010. generation facility of 15 Kalline Tea Estate 463 12.88 KEY 6 MW and its own 16 Jelalpore Tea Estate 367 08.72 HIGHLIGHTS sugarcane plantation 1. It is the only tea of around 1000 acres. DOOARS & TERAI, company in India This is one of the best WEST BENGAL having tea estates in all maintained factories 17 Aryaman Tea Estate 222 08.96 the major tea growing in the State of Bihar 18 Ananyashree Tea Estate 237 14.11 areas of the country. and will enable the 19 Marionbarie Tea Estate 329 06.71 All the teas of India company to leverage 20 Jayantika Tea Estate 604 13.59 under one roof!! its experience and SOUTH INDIA 2. One of the few expertise in 21 Sholayar Tea Estate 401 14.68 Indian tea companies managing agro based 22 Kallyar Tea Estate 299 10.22 to have tea estates industries. Bought Leaves Factories 11.32 abroad. – Business Positive 3. Contributing GRAND TOTAL 9407 234.00 Bureau around 3% of the TEA ESTATES IN INDIA BUSINESS POSITIVE November-2013 4
  5. 5. Govt to infuse 14,000 crore equity in public sector banks Rs.12,517 crore in 13 public sector banks in the financial year ended March 2013. According to the finance ministry, the capital infusion by the government in public sector is done with the “twin objective of adequately meeting the credit The central government has decided to infuse Rs.14,000 crore equity capital in 20 public sector banks during the current financial year. “The Government of India has approved infusion of Rs.14,000 crore in the PSBs during financial year 2013-14, through preferential allotment of equity in its favour,” the finance ministry said in a statement. The country’s largest lender State Bank of India will get Rs.2,000 crore equity capital from the government. The Central Bank of India and IDBI Bank will get Rs.1,800 crore each. The government will provide Rs.1,200 crore equity capital to Indian Overseas Bank, and Bank of India will get Rs.1,000 crore. Punjab National Bank and Union Bank of India will get Rs.500 crore each. United Bank of India will get Rs.700 crore, Vijaya Bank Rs.250 crore, and Syndicate and UCO Bank will get Rs.200 crore each. Other lenders that will be benefited from the government’s equity infusion programme include Allahabad Bank Rs.400 crore; Andhra Bank Rs.200 crore; Bank of Baroda Rs.550 crore; Bank of Maharashtra Rs.800 crore; Canara Bank Rs.500 crore; Corporation Bank Rs.450 crore; and Dena Bank Rs.700 crore. The government infused 5 BUSINESS POSITIVE requirement of the productive sectors of economy as well as to maintain regulatory capital adequacy ratios.” “The government of India, as the majority shareholder, is committed to keep all PSBs adequately capitalised,” it said. Syndicate Bank slashes interest rates on loans The Syndicate Bank has reduced the rate of interest on housing loans with effect from October 9. The rate of interest on all housing loans, irrespective of the quantum of loan, will be on the base rate of 10.25 per cent. The bank has also made the base rate applicable to all existing housing loan accounts with immediate effect. Keeping in view of the ongoing festival season, the bank had already reduced the rate of interest on four-wheeler loans to 10.90 per cent. Similarly, the rate of interest on two-wheeler loans has also been brought down to 12.25 per cent. The bank has slashed the service charges by 50 per cent, on all housing loans and vehicle loans during the festival period. The Syndicate Bank is offering loans to micro and small enterprises at the most competitive rate of interest with nominal service charges. To give focused thrust, the bank has launched tailormade products, aiming at doctors, transport operators, cashew industries, marble and granite industries and textiles and readymade garment units, with attractive terms in rates of interest and service charges, said a press release. November-2013 – Business Positive Bureau
  6. 6. Oriflame India Expands Operations in North East Region S wedish Direct selling beauty major, Oriflame announced another feat in their successful journey in India, with the launch of their new office in the North- Eastern region of Shillong. The establishment, which is Oriflame’s 17th office in India, is a translation of company’s relentless growth and strategic approach. Located in the midst of the commercial centre, the new Oriflame office is situated at Barik opposite Lady Hydari Park. The office will promote the growth and development of 2853 consultants in the region by giving them direct access to all the trainings, seminars and opportunity meetings organized by the company. The office will also store the exciting product ranges offered by Oriflame which the consultants can experience and then sell to their customers. North East is the top performing region for Oriflame India which accounts for 55% of the company’s growth. The brand currently has 159 SPOs in the region, catering to 36,000 consultants. With its robust expansion plans, the company strives to increase the SPO’s to 200 and consultant base to 50,000 respectively by year end. Mr. Partha Kalita, Senior Area Manager for East, Oriflame India quoted, ‘North East is one of the most important markets for Oriflame and the top performing regions in India. In the past, we have witnessed double digit growth of over 30 percent from this region and predict even higher development prospects in the time to come. With the opening of our new office in Shillong, I foresee many more consultants being associated with the brand.” While the company offers over 550 products in five distinct categories, Skin Care, Fragrances & Colour Cosmetic ranges are the top 3 selling categories for the brand in Shillong. – Business Positive Bureau Mahindra’s 10-seater aircraft takes wings Mahindra GippsAero, the Australian aircraft manufacturer and subsidiary of the Mahindra Group, has successfully completed the first flight of its new aircraft, the GA10.The aircraft, which is the first single turboprop developed in Australia, is a 10 seater, multi-role aircraft based on the very successful GA8 eightseater utility aircraft. The first flight took place at GippsAero’s home base at Latrobe Regional Airport in eastern Victoria on May 1.This aircraft will soon enter the Indian market, company officials said.Powered by a Rolls-Royce 250 turboprop engine, the GA10 will suit a wide range of applications from passenger and freight work to air survey and surveillance roles. With the completion of this first flight, the GippsAero engineering team will subject the prototype to an intensive programme of static and flight tests to gain a CASA Type Certificate for the GA10. It is anticipated that the new type will be available for customer delivery in the first half of 2013.The company plans to soon announce details of a deposit programme that will provide an opportunity for operators to secure a purchase position. Now Television in your Pocket with Tata Sky Tata Sky, pioneer of technological innovations in the DTH industry, announces the launch of “Everywhere TV”– by which subscribers will soon be able to enjoy all their favorite TV channels and movies-on-demand on the move. Available to Tata Sky subscribers, this service could be availed by downloading Tata Sky’s Mobile app from the Apple and Android stores. The Mobile app supports a host of free features, while to take Everywhere TV service, the subscriber will have to pay Rs 60 pm. This will entitle him to over 50 TV channels On the latest innovation, Vikram Mehra, Chief Commercial Officer, Tata Sky, elaborated, ”Our research has shown that lifestyles are getting busier in today’s day and age. People spend hours in transit or waiting daily. Today over 60% of the (Tata Sky) population use internet to view videos on their Smart phones and tablets either at home or at office. Everywhere TV is a unique service for all those valued subscribers who want to keep in touch with their favourite shows, programmes and channels that they have subscribed on Tata Sky even when they are on move through their mobile handsets.” Consumers will be able to view varied TV content on a single platform with ‘Everywhere TV’ instead of downloading and paying for multiple apps offering different channels or services, as has been done traditionally. In addition to Everywhere TV, one can also use the Tata Sky mobile app to remote record on set top box for their favourite TV shows on the set-top box, browse the EPG when they are outside their homes and use their mobile device as a wifi remote at home. BUSINESS POSITIVE November-2013 6
  7. 7. Interview With the competition among car makers is getting fierce with companies bringing new models at cheaper price to lure buyers, Italian car maker, Fiat Chrysler India says it has no plans to join the price war by slashing prices of its existing models. Mr. Ravi Bhatia, Vice President (Sales and Network), FIAT Group India Automobiles speaks to Business Positive as to why it is not interested to jump into the price war and what is their strategy to mark their presence in the Indian market. Edited Excerpts: " There is a price war between the companies to attract customers in the dull market conditions. Are you contemplating to bring down prices of your existing models? # We are not into price war. Our strength is our quality, innovation and technology. The group is big and we have access to platforms from Europe, North America and South America. So we can bring better products that can be adapted or engineered for Indian conditions. And that’s what we are going to bring. Fiat is already present in the 70% of the auto market with its B+ and C segments. Now we are going into sports utility vehicle (SUV) segment, so that’s another 10%. Now, only a small portion of around 10% is remaining for the A segment, or the small car segment. We do not want to get into mass segment as our strength is in B, C segment. So we will concentrate on B and C segments. " How do you plan to grow the company in coming years? # We want to be a significant player in 7 BUSINESS POSITIVE this market. We were a top player once, we want to get back. We want to double our market share, which is less than 1% as of now. We sell around 7,000 cars per annum, we are looking to double this number after opening 100 dealerships by the end of this year. We have the technology, innovation and great brands worldwide. So, we believe we are the right company that over time the Indian consumers would like to love.Also, we have the largest parts stock room in Asia and that is located close to our factory. We are stocking components there. And they can be supplied to any part of the country within 3 working days. So our service commitment can be met. " What will be your marketing strategy in the current market scenario? # There are about 200,000 Fiat cars in India. They are Fiat customers, who owned this car earlier and now probably shifted to other brands. Fiat was a household name in the past. Now, we want to approach these customers, mainly in the smaller towns and bring back to us. Cities like Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat are very strong hold of Fiat customers. So main thing is to get back our old customers, give them the right service experience and sales experience. There are die hard fans of Fiat brand, waiting for a dealership to get located nearby them. So, when we have those types of November-2013 people, than price doesn’t matter. We are very fortunate to have them. " With new launches in the pipeline, are you looking at expanding production capacity in the coming years? # No. That is not required as we’ve sufficient capacity to produce 200,000 cars and 300,000 engines and transmissions at our existing facility at Rajnangaon near Pune. " What is the strategy that you have adopted to grow in the Indian market after your split with the Tata Motors on dealership front? # We have adopted a three-pillar strategy to mark our presence in India. This is based on network, branding and products. This helps us to go directly to the Indian customers and not through a partner and cater to our customers better. On the branding side, we had to reintroduce the Fiat brand because we felt that the brand had grown over the years and there is a need to get connected with new customer class. And on the product strategy, we are planning to launch nine new or significantly upgraded models from the existing ones. Four of them will be from Fiat brand, four from Jeep brand, which is also a Fiat brand and a performance car from Abrath brand. These will be introduced in phased manner over the next two-three years. – Business Positive Bureau
  8. 8. FIAT India inaugurates its new dealership Fiat Group Automobiles India Pvt. Ltd inaugurated its independent and an exclusive dealership “Green Valley Motors” at Guwahati. The Green Valley Motors showroom is located at NH37, Lalmati, Barsojai, Guwahati-781028. The showroom facility comprises of 3000 sq ft of space to display 5 cars and a 4000 sq ft state of the art workshop to ensure commitment to serve the customers beyond expectations. The dealership was inaugurated by Mr. Ravi Bhatia, Vice President (Sales and Network), FIAT Group India Automobiles. Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Ravi Bhatia said: “FIAT India views Guwahati as a very strategic market and the inauguration of an exclusive dealership is in accordance with our strategy to capitalise on this potential. We are confident that our association with Green Valley Motors will play a crucial role in identifying the customer base and enhancing customer experience in Guwahati. Guess signs up Priyanka as global brand ambassador A merican fashion brand Guess has signed Indian actress Priyanka Chopra as its global brand ambassador for next year. “Chopra’s confidence, strength and sensuality reflect the qualities I always look for in a model and she reminds me of the young Sophia Loren,” Paul Marciano, CEO, creative director and co-founder of Guess, told ET. “With the Indian movie industry exploding on a global stage, and Guess having a brand presence in 87 countries, we could not have found a better global brand ambassador,” he said, speaking from New York. Bryan Adams, Canadian rock star and photographer, has shot Chopra’s first campaign for Guess in a signature black and white collection that is expected to be released next month. Chopra says the deal gives her an opportunity to connect with a wider, global audience. “In a way, it signifies that the world is becoming more and more borderless, allowing talent and creativity to explore its fullest potential,” she told ET minutes before boarding her flight to New York for the announcement of the deal. A couple of people familiar with the world of celebrity management said Chopra’s one-year contract with Guess is worth Rs 5-10 crore. Vinita Bangard, MD at Krossover Entertainment, which has been managing Chopra’s endorsements for the last eight years, said: “This global deal will definitely see her price (for domestic endorsement) going upwards.” BUSINESS POSITIVE November-2013 8
  9. 9. deficit. IOC Chairman R S Moily said he and all Butola walks 15 km to officials in his ministry office while ONGC and in oil PSUs chiefSudhir Vasudeva nationwide will travel by takes metro once in a public transport every week, as the oil PSU Wednesday. heads take lead in Joint Secretaries shunning petrol or diesel Neeraj Mittal and guzzling cars to support Aramane Giridhar rode Oil Minister M Veerappa bicycles for 8 km to Moily’s call for fuel office. Oil Secretary conservation. Vivek Rae did not use State gas his official car while utility GAIL’s Chairman Joint Secretary and Managing (International Director B C Tripathitoo Cooperation) P K Singh walked from his and Moily’s P S Sanjeev residence to office and Kumar took separate back while two joint metros to office. secretaries in the Oil The rest of the 200Ministry rode bicycles. odd staff in his ministry Moily himself took too took public metro to office on transport, while most October 9 as part of a PSU staffers used car campaign to promote pools or took the metro fuel conservation so as or bus to office. to help cut the nation’s “I have requested massive oil import bill. ONGC chief Sudhir Vasudeva, GAIL chairman other ministers to also Moily had given a B C Tripathi also do their bit to save fuel declare one day of the call to declare week as ‘Bus Day’, Wednesdays, starting during which staffers should be from October 9, as ‘Bus Day’ or others either took metro or a bus,” encouraged to utilise only public ‘Public Transport Day’ for his Moily said. Moily travelled to transport for their daily commute,” ministry and 14 public sector oil office by metro on October 9. The Moily said. companies. subsequent Wednesday was a Moily said though he has issued “I am happy that my call has public holiday, but it didn’t stop a circular to his ministry and the oil received such a wide support. IOC people like ONGC’s Vasudeva to PSUs, the move is totally Chairman (Butola) walked 15-km continue using metro to office. voluntary. He is hoping measures to office, so did GAIL Chairman “We have to take lead in saving such as Bus Day and a Rs 52 crore (Tripathi). Two of my joint fuel. On the first day, (October 9) nationwide six-week mega secretaries came on bicycles and we saved an estimated Rs 2 crore campaign to propagate in fuel bill as all of us left conservation of oil and gas will cars in garages and took help taper demand and cut oil public transport.” import bill. India spent almost USD Moily has suggested to the 145 billion on importing oil Department of Personnel that it last fiscal and the introduce staggered office timings conservation drive is aimed for government employees to ease at cutting the huge foreign peak-hour traffic and has asked the exchange outgo which is the Urban Development Minister to single-biggest reason for introduce a free cycle scheme in some of present economic select cities to help save fuel. woes like current account IOC Chairman Butola walks 15 km to office to save fuel 9 BUSINESS POSITIVE November-2013
  10. 10. Music be the mood for life Stereomood.com is a free music streaming service that plays music according to your mood We all love our music, don’t we? And, there should be music for every situation. And, not just any music, the right kind of music is needed in a situation. It all depends on our mood and this is where Stereomood.com comes in. What does Stereomood do? It simply turns your mood into music, presto! Stereomood.com is a free music streaming service that plays music according to your mood. It’s just not confined to your mood, it also plays music that goes with any of your daily activities. Imagine you have just returned from a hectic day at work and all you want to do is listen to some nice music and chill out. Well, there is your cue. You type in “chilling out” and Stereomood will dish out a playlist that will play songs to suit your mood. Is it accurate, precise? Yes. Stereomood.com has dedicated music editors who filter songs and music from blogs around the world. This is the part which makes it all the more enticing. You will have a plethora of music at your disposal. A new song, a new rhythm every time there is a change in your mood. There are no complicated registration procedures. You can get started for free. You will only need registration if you want to add certain songs to your favourites or mixes. You can also log in using your Facebook account. Stereomood’s database is immense. Powered by Soundcloud, its search is precise. Every mood comes with a description and a compact music player - complete with functions such as volume control, report abuse, play, pause and so on. And if you wish to experiment, Stereomood has a nice feature called the Mood Flip. Click on the Mood Flip option, and it re-routes you to a playlist of songs that are totally opposite to your current mood. For instance, it once flipped me to the “traffic jam” mood from the “chilling out” one. For those who like their music on the go, a Stereomood app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. There is an endless list of songs and moods at Stereomood.com which will certainly fulfil your appetite for good music when it’s needed the most. Toyota Launches New Etios Xclusive and New Etios Liva Xclusive Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) launched the New Etios Xclusive and Etios Liva Xclusive , Limited Edition. The launch marks One Lakh sales of Etios and the Second Anniversary of Etios Liva. Only 2000 exclusive units of the Limited Edition vehicle will be sold till the month of Nov 2013. Etios and Etios Liva are the first Toyota vehicles to be exclusively designed for the Indian customers. The vehicles are manufactured at TKM’s second plant at Bidadi. The gasoline engine and transmission for Etios and Etios Liva are manufactured at Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts. Etios and Etios Liva have seen success not just in India but also in right hand drive markets like South Africa , Srilanka, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Nepal, Bhutan, Brazil, Argentina and with the recent addition of Indonesia. The New Etios Xclusive and Etios Liva Xclusive, Limited Edition, is based on the G grade of the current lineup. The new vehicles are available in both, petrol and diesel variant. The New vehicles are available in three colours White, Classic Grey, and Symphony Silver. Speaking on the occasion of the launch Mr. Sandeep Singh, Deputy Managing Director Marketing and Commercial, TKM said “We have launched these vehicles to mark an important milestone in the journey of Etios and Etios Liva. – Business Positive Bureau BUSINESS POSITIVE November-2013 10
  11. 11. Enlightening the nation Mahbubul Hoque B orn in Village Purbogool under Patharkandi of Karimganj District of Assam on December 1, 1973, Mahbubul Hoque did his matriculation from Karimganj with star marks, HS (Science) from G.C. College, Silchar, B.Sc(Hons) & MCA from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) securing first class second rank in the year 2000.Mahbubul Hoque is brought up with lots of struggle since his childhood days. He lost his father when he was studying in Class VII in the year 1981 who was a govt. service holder & the only earning source of the family. Then he started to take tuitions to bear the costs of his study, he even sold home cultivated vegetables in the market. Later he also lost his mother while he was studying in Class XII in the year 1991. To add to his woes, his elder brother also died suddenly in a tragic accident suspected to be a conspiracy in September 1998 who was partially helping him financially for his higher studies. Hoque got job offers from different MNCs & academic institutions of the country as well as abroad but decided to come back to his native place. He 11 BUSINESS POSITIVE decided to start an IT College & approached different stakeholders for financial support. But no one responded. Even though he embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship by giving practical trainings to four IGNOU students & started to assemble computers to generate revenues for his dream project. Starting with only one computer he brought from AMU, he went on to buy four more computers, which was the initial logistical support to the students, when he started his institute with only 14 students in a rented building in the year 2001. With hardly any response from the stakeholders in the field of education and lack of awareness in the society regarding the potentialities of the IT sector, it was not an easy task for this young and dynamic entrepreneur. But undaunted by barriers he finally got his chance to run professional courses in Computer Science and Information Technology and Management Science under the distance education scheme of Sikkim Manipal University. The result — Central IT College— was established in the year 2001.Slowly the dream grew, to include more professional courses. Today CITC is proud to be rated as the No. 1 center in North Eastern India November-2013 &ranked 2nd in the country by SMU. It has also been selected as the Nodal Centre of the entire North Eastern region. SMU conferred UNIVERSITY EXCELLENCE AWARD for the last 5 consecutive years. More than 5,000 students have so far passed out from CITC and have found gainful employment in India and abroad.Once he started on the treading on the road of his mission, he never looked back and started creating new milestones in the field of educational infrastructure. Keeping his pursuit in mind he foundedEducation Research & Development Foundation in the year 2005 under his chairmanship and established Regional College of Higher Education in 2007 – the first college under North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, creating a niche for itself by excelling and getting top positions in all the examinations conducted by NEHU.Keeping the quality educational need of his home and border areas, he also started Central Public School, Patharkandi in 2008 and Central Public School, Badarpur in 2010. This also enabled the vastly rural population of the area to aspire for
  12. 12. quality education giving Rural Education a new height in those remote part of Assam.In the year 2009, Regional Institute of Science & Technology (RIST) was established which is the only Engineering College in Meghalaya approved by AICTE, New Delhi & affiliated to NEHU, Shillong. This institute imparts education in six engineering streams and has emerged as one of the very few institutes of the region with world class infrastructure. The institute also boasts of the best faculties in the subjects being imparted.In 2010, the dream project of ERDF – University of Science & Technology Meghalaya (USTM) – came into being under the provisions of USTM Act enacted by Legislative Assembly of Meghalaya. Spread over a plot of over 400 acres, this University is unique in its own way and destined to transform the North East into a techno-savvy region.In this long journey of 12 years, he had to face lots of hurdles and in the process; he had to take many bold steps & decisions. As Central IT College is spread in different blocks in different rented buildings, he had managed to buy a plot of land in the outskirt of Guwahati to make it a full-fledged campus. Despite starting the construction works, due to meager response from the State Govt.and certain administrative issues, ultimately he had to move towards the state of Meghalaya & Meghalaya Govt. had appreciated his initiatives. To get approval & affiliation from the competent authorities-NEHU & AICTE was also no easy task. There were lots of struggle involved. Even he had to take the legal recourse for redressal of grievances. Finally he succeeds to get justice.It is a universal fact that to grow in such nature one has to have funds. The fate had something else is store and whenever he approached the commercial banks, his proposals were rejected. The constant source was only the mobilization of the fees collected through the students and the well wishers in the market who wanted him to grow and deliver the education to the needy students. Only in the year 2008, the great financial Samaritan NEDFi appreciated his zeal and dedication in the field and came forward to provide loan of Rs. 15 crore. Upcoming Projects Mahbubul Hoque has a strong determination to continue his mission of spreading Education to every nook & corner of the region. Under the VISION 2020, the foundation has a plan of establishing number of Institutions listed below : $ Another eighteen CBSE affiliated Schools in Minority dominated rural areas in phase wise. $ Centralised Women’s Hostel with Library and Coaching Facility for Administrative Services. $ Three ITI is for women. $ Ten B.Ed Colleges. $ College of Architecture. $ Cultural Centre having Guest House facility. $ One Educational TV channel namely “Gyan Vigyan”. $ Centre for Innovation and Rural Development. $ Entrepreneur College, Pharmaceutical College, Physiotherapy Institute. $ Five Star Hospital with Medical College. Founder of Institutions Central IT College. ERD Foundation A trust under the provision of Indian Trust Act 1882 and registered under societies registration Act XXI of 1860. Regional College of Higher Education (RCHE). Central Public SchoolPatharkandi. Regional Institute of Science and Technology (RIST). Central Public School-Badarpur. University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Centre for Coaching and Guidance. Khairun Nessa Begum Women’s CollegeYear:2012 (Foundation laid). Awards & Recognitions $ Awarded with the prestigious “Edupreneur Award” by Engineering Watch from Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development at the Engineers’ Conclave 2013. $ Received “Maulana Abdul Jalil Choudhury Memorial Award” for the year 2013 from North East India Emarat-e-Shariah· $ Minority Educational Leadership Award by MOMEIN, New Delhi. $ Received SMU Excellence Award when Central IT College was ranked 2nd in all over India for consecutive 6 years. $ Felicitated by the Minority Welfare Society, CABSFORD Public Relations, Public Relations Society of India. – Business Positive Bureau BUSINESS POSITIVE November-2013 12
  13. 13. contd. from page 2... Key Highlights The New Companies Sebi has in the past asked contracting parties to delete such options from the shareholder agreements. Similarly in case of a foreign PE investor, RBI holds the view that instruments carrying put options should be treated as debt and should follow regulations similar to ECBs. Therefore even if Sebi allows these options through an amendment, uncertainty still remains for a foreign investor until RBI clarifies their position. There is a need for consistency and clarity across regulators in this regard. From an exit perspective, the new law allows an Indian company to merge with a foreign company, thereby facilitating crossborder M&A. Also mandatory allocation of certain percentage of profits to reserves is done away with. This means higher repatriation in the form of dividends, which is a strong positive for PE investors. On the other hand, the Companies Act, 2013 also introduces a one year cooling period between two consecutive buybacks, which may limit repatriation strategies for PE investors. Welcome news for PE investors is that differential rights on shares will now be allowed but will be subject to rules that are yet to be prescribed. Finally the Act proposes to free the High Courts and eliminate Company Law Boards, replacing them with a dedicated law tribunal – National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), appeals from which will lie in the National Corporate Law Appellate Tribunal. Even though final implementation may take some time, this is a major step towards achieving speedy resolution of corporate cases. The design of the New Companies Act attempts to streamline the corporate structure of the country to meet the needs of a rapidly changing business environment. Although some clauses need to be implemented more practically by the government, the Act poses great promise to meeting the much needed objective of improving the country’s. 13 BUSINESS POSITIVE $ $ Maximum number of members in a private company increased fro 50 to 200 Limit of number of members in an association or partnership (without incorporation) to be increased up to 100 $ One Person Company (OPC) - a new vehicle for individuals for carrying on business with limited liability. $ For defined infrastructural projects, preference shares can be issued for a period exceeding 20 years $ Provisions relating to further issue of capital made applicable to all companies $ The terms foroffer of securities, form and manner of ‘private placement’ to be as prescribed $ Shares cannotbe issued at a discount except sweat equity shares $ Time gap between 2 buy-backs shall be minimum 1 year. $ Stringent norms provided for acceptance of fresh deposits from members and public $ Any deposit accepted before the commencement of 2013 Act or any interest due thereon to be repaid within 1 year from the commencement of 2013 Act or from the date on which such payments are due, whichever is earlier. $ Credit rating made mandatory for acceptance of public deposits. $ 2% of average net profits of last 3 years to be mandatorily spent on CSR by companies having – net worth of ‘ 5 billion or more; or turnover of ‘ 10 billion or more; or net profit of ‘ 50 million or more. $ To align withthe provisions of the Income tax Act, companies to have a uniform financial year - ending on 31 March each year $ Consolidationof financials for a company having a subsidiary, associate or a joint venture made mandatory $ National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA) to be constituted by Central Government to provide for dealing with matters relating to accounting and auditing policies and standards to be followed by companies and their auditors $ Mandatory audit rotation for listed and prescribed classes of companies. $ Restriction placed on provision of specified non-audit services by an auditor to ensure independence and accountability of the auditor. $ Mandatory internal audit for prescribed classes of companies. $ At least 1 director of a company shall be a person who has stayed in India for 182 days or more in the previous calendar year. Existing companies to comply with this provision within 1 year from the date of commencement of the 2013 Act. $ Listed and prescribed class of companies to have at least 1 woman director.Existing companies to comply with this provision within 1 year from the date of commencement of the 2013 Act. $ Prescribed class of companies to have whole-time Key Managerial Personnel (KMP)– Chief Finance Officer to be a whole time KMP for prescribed classes of companies – Whole time Director included in definition of KMP. $ Electronic voting forBoard and shareholders meetings introduced. $ Following committees of the Board made mandatory for listed and prescribed classes of companies :– Audit committee, Stakeholder relationship committee, Nomination and Remuneration committee and Corporate Social Responsibility committee $ Director to vacate office on remaining absent from all the meetings of the Board of Directors held during 12 months with or without obtaining leave of absence. $ Contents of Directors’ Report elaborated. Directors to annually report on the existence and effective operations of systems on compliance with all – Business Positive Bureau applicable laws. November-2013
  14. 14. MEGHMALLAR Professionalism in Construction Management P roject Execution is the biggest challenge today, especially on time and within budget. Project Execution actually implies the overall planning, coordination and control of a project from inception to completion aimed at meeting a client’s requirements in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project. An interesting and challenging scenario emerges when the role of the client and project executor converges. This dual role is played by all promoters & builders. To deliver a project which is technically sound and within budget one needs to keep abreast of the latest trends in the construction industry. Meghmallar has been in the Real estate business as a builder and promoter since the last two decades and they feel proud of it. The company always kept commitment to their stakeholders in a befitting and professional manner. The company authority said– “Our commitments have been possible because we always believe in the fact that a home is a onetime investment for our clients. We believe that profit should be earned with dignity and pride. Profit should accrue as a bye product of an honest and practical approach to creating wealth for society. This is possible only if we can build up a team spirit with all our stakeholders commensurate with a practical and an honest respect to emerging technology and professional management techniques.” Meghmallar made the begining in 1987, the size of the projects were small and the utilize the technical support of all there stakeholders to maintain quality of their workmanships and material used. The process was very tedious and time consuming. The scale of the projects did not justify mechanization and introduction of professional management techniques in construction. Gradually with time as they scaled up the project sizes they preferred to bring in technology in construction through phase wise mechanization of construction. At the same time they started to adapt professional management techniques. The process of shifting to a professional company requires a paradigm shift in once mindset. A very delicate and balanced approach was essential to separate, coordinate and delineate the scope of works of the Promoter and the Builder. Professional parlance dictated that the role of a promoter needed to be that of a client and the role of the builder had to be that of a Project Construction Manager. This point has always been at the fore front of all project planning. They realized that the first and foremost requirement of good construction lies in proper management of construction materials and construction techniques. Meghmallar’s motto– % Quality has to be created % Quality cannot be bought % Quality product depends on quality inputs. – Business Positive Bureau BUSINESS POSITIVE November-2013 14
  15. 15. A fter nearly two years of complete Lower Subansiri Hydro Electric Project safe and secure –NHPC 15 BUSINESS POSITIVE rumor that NHPC is constantly conspiring against the people of halt in Gerukamukh Lower Assam .But reality is not like Subansiri Project , the NHPC again that.”Explaining in details about the comes forward to break the ice. dam design and safety, Mr. Rakesh NHPC’s appeal and assurance to the informed- the dam which is being people of Assam-”the dam is totally built in Subansiri is a Concrete safe and secure. It is being built as Gravity Dam. All the necessary per the recommendations and guidelines and instruction of expert guidelines of expert committee .It group is followed here. The height would neither break down in water of the dam is 210 meters from the pressure nor in earthquake. sea level and 116 meters from the Moreover, there is no any fear of river bed. As the project is Run of downstream effect, instead it would The River , the dam would not block help to control flood”. The the river flow. There are eight organization has recently invited a tunnels in the dam. One tunnel group of journalist from Guwahati among the eight tunnels will remain to visit the project site .Speaking to the media person Mr. Region-wise Hydropower potential in Rakesh, Executive Director terms of installed capacity (in MW) ,LSHEP, said, “As a govt. undertaking NHPC is always committed to the people of Assam and North east. It would never do anything, nor did anything which is anti-people or against common good. No doubt, there are some apprehensions among the people of northeast about the project. But a certain section of people spread the November-2013
  16. 16. open for 24x7 where 250-300 cubic meter/second of water would be discharged. So, there is not any fear of dry up of the river in lower part. Actually the general flow of water of Subansiri in lean period/ winter season is 250-300 cubic meter/ second. On the other hand, in rainy season ,the water level would be maintained in 15 meters below the pinnacle of the dam. In case of excess water ,eight surge tunnel is maintained here. The executive Director claimed, “LSHEP is a multipurpose dam. Along with electricity production, flood control, irrigation water navigation etc purpose could be carried out. But firstly , priority is given on electricity production and flood control. Afterwards, other aspects would be considered.” Though irrigation is a state subjet, according to Mr. Rakesh,NHPC has engaged IIT,Rurkee for feasibility study.It is to be mentioned that Assam would get total 533MW electricity from NHPC’s project.As per Hydro policy, Assam would get 25MW free power,It can buy another 208 MW Power. Additionally the central govt. has decided to provide 300MW unallocated power to Assam. Dam safety The concrete Gravity Dam of 116 meter height has been designed for all statutory load combinations including all water and seismic loads as stipulated in IS code 6512. Provisions for bureau of Indian Standards and national/international practise have been followed for stability and design of dam. Further during exposure of the dam Foundation, the rock mass parameters of the dam foundation were tested and have been found to be better than evaluated earlier during preliminary design stage. Though the dam has been meeting all the prescribed criteria all along, doubts were raised on the stability of the dam particularly in view of weak rock present and high seismicity. Although it is not difficult to design a dam on weak rock for any set of loading conditions as the weak strength properties would only make the section wider which in the present case was already done since from the very beginning. To clear the doubts of safety and stability of dam, its design features have again been thoroughly reviewed by an independent body- Dam Design Review Panel (DDRP) as per the recommendations of Thatte committee. DDRP has suggested some additional safety measures that will ensure s a t i s f a c t o r y performance of the dam on a long term basis for all prescribed loading conditions in the present geo seismological setup. & The dam has been designed for seismic design parameters as approved by national committee on seismic design parameters. & Base width for the dam which was kept 1.35 times of Dam height will further be increased to 2.16 times to incorporate the additional safety measure proposed by DDRP. Normally based with is kept as 0.8 times of dam height. & 30 m long concrete apron provided at the toe of the dam with end shear key and 36mm diameter 9m long anchors to prevent any damage to dam toe. Site specific seismic design parameters study of LSP was conducted by Dept of earthquake Engineering IIT Roorkee. The recommended seismic design parameters (0.38g PGA) were approved by NCSDP. Expert group has disputed the seismic design parameters adopted for SLP. Owing to this, NHPC has obtained the opinion of Emeritus Prof. A S Arya, an eminent earthquake engineer and Dr. J R Kayal, former Dy. Director General and a known seismologist, who have confirmed that PGA value need not to be increased beyond 0.38g. Project background & Project conceived in the year 1955 by CWC & GSI & Detailed investigation started since 1976 and agencies involved were BUSINESS POSITIVE November-2013 16
  17. 17. Infaura providing Business software Business, which once had piles of documents, CWC, GSI, BFCC, CSMRS, NEHARI, & CWPRS. & Brahmaputra Board submitted the feasibility Report in the year 1983 after detailed investigations. & Project handed over to the NHPC in March /May 2000 for DPR preparation and execution. Chronology of clearance & NOC from Govt of Assam in January 2002 & TEC from CEA in January 2003 & Defence Clearance In February 2003 & PIB clearance in April 2003 & Environment clearance in July 2003 & CCEA clearance in September 2003 & NCSDP clearance in April 2004 & Forest clearance in October 2004 & Construction work started in January 2005 – Business Positive Bureau has now opted all digital formats. Earlier searching up of information usually took a lot of time, now it has become easier and faster both searching and sharing of information. Complete integration of business software within a business ensures improved productivity, efficiency and hence increased profit. Business software is taking business into a new dimension and making more competitive. Infaura – An agency founded on December 2012, based at Duliajan,Assam; has been providing a suite of products featuring various business needs, to monitor and improve productivity and increased profitability. Student Management System(Ideal for Educational Institutes); Hospital Management Solution; Payroll Management System; Invoicing App; Retail Management Solution; Tea Garden Management Solutions are some benefiting key stakeholders. At Infaura business can find a custom solution to fully suit its needs. Staffed with experienced agency professionals, disciplined and knowledgeable training and support specialists and engineers (who have turned their passion into profession); Infaura thrives on the immediacy of a client’s business, building ideas into high quality products using latest standards below cost and above quality expectations).Few other Infaura services for business interest are:- Front/Back End Website Development, Website Maintenance and Support, Content Management, Web and Social Media Advertising, SEO, Long term Web Management/Maintenance Service etc.How to reach! infaura.group@gmail.com, contact@infaura.com Contact No. - +91-97074-08976 Coming up-City center Mall Summary of Hydro projects in Ar. Pradesh 17 BUSINESS POSITIVE November-2013 City center Mall- a new shopping mall is coming up in Guwahati. Set up nearby International Hospital ,Christianbasti which is under construction, the project is taken up by Brahmaputra group. There will be dual entrances to the mall both from GS road and Zoo road. A complete zone for shopping and entertainment, City Centre would be the first of its kind in the entire north-east. Sprawling over 4,25,000 sq ft built up areas the Mall will be of G+5 type. There would be 6 screen pvr cinemas. With more than 150+ retail shops, anchor shops, food courts,fine dining and entertainment zone the center will be world class shopping and entertainment plaza. The fully A/ C shopping center will provide a complete lifestyle experience to its customers. The Mall would have 500+ car parking basement and large atrium space. If anybody/group interested to book a shop he/she can contact at 9854077777/9854044444 or email at Mailcitycenter.sales@brahmaputragroup.com
  18. 18. JENVAC™ Airtel simplifies data for customer usage Indigenous Japanese Encephalitis vaccine Genome Valley based Vaccine and Bio-Therapeutic Innovator; Bharat Biotech recently launched its Vero cell- derived purified inactivated JE vaccine “JENVAC™” which received the manufacturing and marketing approvals by Drug Controller General of India (DCGI). It is a fully indigenous vaccine commercialized using strain, identified, characterized, manufactured and tested in India.The uniqueness of JENVAC™ is its strength to provide increased immunogenicity and long term protection as a result of unique manufacturing technologies. The virus strain for this vaccine was isolated in Kolar, Karnataka during the early 1980’s and characterized by the National Institute of Virology Pune and the strains were transferred to Bharat Biotech for further vaccine development. The vaccine candidate strain was adapted to vero cell substrate and it is manufactured using novel purification, inactivation techniques with advanced bioreactor technology. The most significant benefit JENVAC™ brings over live attenuated vaccines is that it can be administered during disease epidemics because it is a highly purified and inactivated vaccine. Dr. V.M. Katoch, Secretary Department of Health Research, Govt of India, said “ JENVAC not only represents as a successful example of developing a totally Indian product of immense public health importance by public -private partnership but also will prove to be a good stimulus to ICMR institutes and other institutions to move fast with their leads to fully developed products by following this route” In the clinical trials JENVAC™ showed superior safety and immunogenicity, in head to head comparison with the live SA14-14-2 vaccine. JENVAC™ met all its primary and secondary endpoints, in the age group of 1 to 50 years, after 1 or 2 doses of vaccination. Phase III trials showed 98.7% sero-protection 28 days after the 1st dose and 99.8% seroprotection 28 days after dose the 2nd dose. The results proved that JENVAC™ can be administered as a single dose during epidemics for mass vaccination campaigns and also as a 2 dose schedule during routine immunization as part of the National Immunization program in endemic regions. The added benefit of JENVAC™ is its ability to provide long term sero-protection. – Business Positive Bureau, Delhi It is beyond doubt, that in today’s world, mobile devices are the most personal and yet powerful technology used by any individual- be it a businessman, a bureaucrat, corporate leader or a student. In current times, it is used not only for making calls or texting, but has become a part of our lifestyle. Data consumption has grown by 117.0% compared to the corresponding quarter last year and has reached 27.3 billion MBs in the current quarter. This is surely a pointer to the direction, which is set for the growth of data in India. In the last few Quarters Airtel has witnessed a steady growth in data, as it has moved up. Interestingly, out of the 12 million users of the Re 1 video store Store’, which allows customers to download a host of services including music, games, videos and photos – all for just Re 1— of these, 4million were first time mobile internet users. Launched in May 2013, this proposition introduced affordable video downloads across 8 genres (including movies, lifestyle, music, comedy etc.). As part of this, a back-end technology powered its library of 30,000+ videos worked as compatible with all forms of mobile technology (GPRS/2G/3G) and almost all mobile devices. Airtel mobile customers can dial 56789 from their phones to visit the ‘Re 1 Entertainment Store’ and get started. The store is compatible with over 5,500 mobile devices including feature phones.Just how well the ‘Re 1 videos’ campaign innovation did for Airtel, on the data front, is evident from the encouragement Airtel got to broad base it into the all new ‘Re 1 Entertainment Store’. The Traction seen by Airtel’s Re 1 videos -12 million users of the Re 1 video store — of these, 4 million were first time mobile internet users,Traffic volume on Airtel Live increased to a whopping 22 million in July 2013 from 12 million in March 2013. Some 3,00,000+ videos, games, songs and photos available for across languages, genres and devices + internet browsing packs for social networks / news websites — all at Re 1 only. – Business Positive Bureau BUSINESS POSITIVE November-2013 18
  19. 19. Myshopbazzar.com Ms. India & Mr. India 2013 crowned A midst glamour and glitter in the capital At a grand and glittering show Ms. Deepshikha Verma from Dehradun and Mr. Amit Singh from New Delhi were crowned as Myshopbazzar.com Ms. India & Mr. India 2013 . Mr. Sagar Shah from Vadodara & Ms. Shikha Sharma from Chandigarh were declared as the first runner up and Mr. Manish Mehta from Delhi & Ms. Esha Tewari Pandey from Noida were declared as the second runner up. The fashion gala was held in New Delhi on 19th October Where BUSNIESS POSITIVE took an active part magazine media partner. Eminent jury and brand ambassadors for the beauty pageant included Mr. Shakti Anand, a famous TV actor who has worked in famous TV serials, Sudeepa Singh an Indian model and actress, Actress Nisha Kothari, TV Anchor Yogita Singh, TV and Bollywood Actor Amar Upadhyay, Akhil KumarIndian Boxer and Arjuna Awardee, Fashion DesignerShravan Kumar Ramaswamy.The grand finale was choreographed by Fashion Choreographer Shie Lobo.The winners of subtitles are as follows: Ms. Talented (Male & Female): Mr. Ankit Verma & Ms. Vidhi Sachdev, Ms. Photogenic (Male & Female): Mr. Rajat Pal & Ms. Shweta Pal,Ms. Popular (Male & Female): Mr. Manjunatha Reddy G & Ms. Payal Singh,Best Model (Male & Female): Mr. Manish Dadheech & Ms. Savita Singh,Best Walk (Male & Female): Mr. Dr Kuldeep Sharma & Ms. Radha Bhatt,Beautiful Eyes (Female): Ms. Asha Fred,Best Physique (Male): Mr. Parvez Magray,Best Smile (Male & Female): Mr. Vishwash sharma & Ms. Sonali Verma. The mesmerizing evening was filled with well known celebrities from various walks of life. Amar Upadhyay,crowned Mr India said, “I would like to personally thank Myshopbazzar.com to provide me the opportunity to be a jury member for such a wonderful beauty contest. The enthusiasm and competitive spirit seen among the contestants was truly inspiring.” The contest consisted of six stages. The first three stages consisted of objective type questionnaires on topics like Current Affairs, Hollywood & Indian Film industry, IQ assessment. The contestants answered these questionnaires on myshopbazzar.com website. In the fourth stage, the participants submitted their two minute videos where they said something about themselves. On the basis of that, 50 contestants were shortlisted from all over the India. Those shortlisted 50 candidates were moved on to the penultimate 5th stage which consisted of a subjective type questionnaire where 5 questions on different topics were put to the contestants and they were required to provide answers in 500 words. In the last screening stage, 10 candidates for Ms. India title and 10 candidates for Mr. India title were shortlisted based on the points that each candidate scored. Ten candidates for Ms. India title and ten candidates for Mr. India title were shortlisted for today’s main grand finale from all over the country. Myshopbazzar.com, apart from being one of India’s fastest growing online shopping portals has also been actively involved in creating awareness about social and environmental issues critical for modern India. As a responsible corporate organization, we have undertaken issues like Save the Girl Child, Save Electricity, Go Green and Save Water as our Corporate Social Responsibility. – Business Positive Bureau, Delhi World Architecture Day Celebrated by Tata Tiscon on 7th October 2013 at Guwahati,Assam 19 BUSINESS POSITIVE November-2013
  20. 20. myshopbazzar.com Ms. India & Mr. India 2013 Business positive feels proud to be magazine partner Some interesting moments