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India Public Affairs Round-Up April 2015


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India’s dependence on coal for energy production is worrying. There is an urgent need to diversify energy sources; it could mean the difference between a robust economy and ones that struggles.

MSLGROUP in India’s latest public affairs newsletter analyses the government’s efforts to establish a renewable energy paradigm.

With solar power prices falling, it is clearly the focus of the push. Wind is another priority area. Ambitious targets have been set but the plan has its flaws. Critics point out that innovative funding models are required, so are tax incentives.

‘Public Affairs Round-up’ also puts under the microscope two landmark legislations – the controversial Land Acquisition Bill and the Insurance Bill. Both have been the subject of intense debate. While industry has lauded both of them, critics say the bills would have an adverse social and economic impact.

Similarly, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) finds itself at the centre of a political storm. A consensus among the states on it was elusive even as the government committed to implementing it next year.
What will they mean for India and will they help achieve the economic resurrection the country needs?

We hope you enjoy reading it. For more information or feedback connect with our India team @MSLGROUP_India or reach out to us on Twitter @msl_group.

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