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Acce, automated messaging

Acce, automated messaging



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  • Welcome to the Soundbite booth. In the next 10 minutes you will hear about the most powerful On-Demand Automated Messaging Platform for 3 rd Party Debt Collections.
  • Soundbite is an on-demand customer communications platform that enables companies to instantly deliver interactive voice messages, e-mail and text messages, to their customers via an ASP model, which further empowers those customers to respond immediately. Soundbite is a solid fit for companies in the financial services, telecom, collections, utilities and healthcare industries, the Web-hosted solution provides unlimited personalized calling capability; automated, real-time access and management of campaigns; high response rates; a 98 percent answering machine detection rate; the ability to directly connect with an agent; and automated self-processing Completely web-based, customers do not need to buy costly hardware and software and spend weeks and sometimes months to implement dialing and calling strategies to collect debt. Now I will talk about certain key features of the Soundbite product
  • AutoManage, is a series of rules that is used to monitor campaign behavior in real time. For example, alert issues and call center issues, such as call rates adjustments, can be auto-managed without integration on the call center side. The status of each rule is shown on the AutoManage tab; and enterprise users can enable, disable and edit the rules. AutoManage rules can be configured at 3 levels: campaign Account Enterprise How is Auto-Manage different from Load balancing? Basic Load Balancing adjusts campaign pace based on number of agents connected. AutoManage™ takes several additional factors to influence effective pacing of calls and eliminates the need to watch over campaigns While keeping agents busy in the call centers.
  • Common and repetitive tasks in most Collections and Outbound Call Centers are provided in a user-friendly Web-based Web script management that provides the ability to create and modify scripts and campaigns online. These campaigns can now be easily modified on-the-fly for emergencies or after-hours operations. Users are able to view and modify prompts, states and direct-connect numbers. Backend customer data can be easily and securely imported and exported. Finally personalization to your end customers where in their names can be announced via advanced technologies like Text to Speech and Speech Recognition.
  • Soundbite provides a Web Services API – A soundbite format for accepting customer lists via industry standard protocols like SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol Using the API customers are provided with an advanced method to upload lists, modify scripts, create campaign templates and initiate campaigns The on-demand and blended suppression both inbound and outbound allows for blocking phone numbers from receiving calls during a campaign; numbers can be added at any time up until a call is placed, even if the sub-campaign has already begun. With blended suppression available, users can automatically incorporate numbers received on a SoundBite inbound campaign, while numbers may be uploaded either automatically or manually
  • For customers who desire traditional methods – FTP – File transfer protocol or SFTP – Secure FTP mechanisms are provided by Soundbite to import and export files. By using Secure FTP and State of the art PGP Encryption, customers are assured that sensitive data is not leaked out and 100% privacy is ensured. Results of the campaign run can be sent back to a desired customer premise FTP server via secure methods as well.
  • To summarize With Soundbite, Collections customers can Increase Productivity ---- Read slide Increase Revenue Growth – read slide Virtualize Operations – read slide -------------------- To seek all of these in your Collections Call Center – consider Soundbite.
  • Thank you. I now welcome Questions from the audience.

Aca 2006   balaji Aca 2006 balaji Presentation Transcript

  • ACA 2006- San Diego SoundBite Product Features Balaji Sundara, Director Product Management No Hardware. No Software. OnDemand Customer Communications™.
  • SoundBite: On Demand Collections Platform
    • Next Generation Solutions for:
      • Collections, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing
      • Web-based Self-service
    • Hosted Solution - 100% ASP (multi-tenant)
      • No Software / No Hardware
      • Automated 3 rd party verification
      • Unlimited Capacity
    • Advanced Voice Messaging
      • Pre-Recorded Interactive Messages
        • Agent less Transactions
        • Direct Connect to Agent
      • Pre-Recorded Alerts/Notifications
      • 98% Answering Machine Detection
  • Soundbite On-Demand Collections Platform Auto-Manage Virtual ACD Flexible Integration Web Services/ SOAP Usage and Account Tracking Auto-Manage Virtual ACD
  • AutoManage™: Virtual ACD
    • A series of rules that monitors each campaign
    • Each rule watches some aspect of the campaign
    • Rules can take actions:
      • Slow down/speed up/pause calling
      • Green/yellow/red status light
      • E-mail alerts messages
  • Soundbite On-Demand Collections Platform Auto-Manage Virtual ACD Secure Data Transfer Web Services/ SOAP Usage and Account Tracking Usage and Account Tracking
  • Usage and Account Tracking
      • AutoManage™ and user actions are logged
      • AutoManage™ signals filter up to account and enterprise level views
      • Automatically monitors and controls campaign performance
      • Optimizes agent utilization
      • Detects and avoids problems
    productivity benefits
  • Soundbite On-Demand Collections Platform Auto-Manage Virtual ACD Secure Data Transfer Web Services/ SOAP Usage and Account Tracking Flexible Integration
  • Flexible Integration
      • Automate common or repetitive tasks
      • Integrate with existing systems (CRM, CMS, etc.)
        • - 2-way data exchange
      • Campaign and Call Scripting
      • Text to Speech and Speech Recognition
  • Soundbite On-Demand Collections Platform Auto-Manage Virtual ACD Flexible Integration Web Services/ SOAP Usage and Account Tracking Web Services / SOAP
  • Web Services Integration
      • SoundBite Web Services API
      • SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol
        • - Upload a list
        • - Modify a script
        • - Create a campaign template
        • - Initiate a campaign
        • - Upload a real-time suppression / exclusion list
        • - Pause / Resume / Stop /Archive a sub-campaign
        • - Change calling speed or number of agents
  • FTP Integration
      • FTP or SFTP (secure)
        • -Upload a list (can be PGP encrypted)
        • -Initiate a campaign
        • -Upload a real-time suppression / exclusion list
      • Report delivery from SoundBite
        • -To any ftp server
        • -Can be PGP encrypted
  • Efficiency & Productivity with SoundBite Productivity Look at excess agents capacity and utilize them for inbound calls Virtual Operations Increase qualified leads Decrease operational costs Introduce IVM to your Call Center to collect MORE Revenue growth
  • Thank You!
    • Questions