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My Powerpoint final for my Microsoft Office 2010 class- DONE!

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The mormonreligion azlynsolomon

  1. 1. The Church Of JesusTHE MORMON RELIGION Christ Of Latter- Day WHAT WE BELIEVE Saints
  2. 2. MORMON RELIGION BASICS What is the name of our church? So, what are the people called? What is the “Book of Mormon?” Who is Joseph Smith?What are missionaries? Why do we build temples? THE MORMON RELIGION 2
  3. 3. WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE CHURCH?“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”The church is named after JesusChrist because it is not ourchurch, it is Christ’s church.Through divine revelation and aprophet called of God, wereceive direction in which manor “latter-day saints” mightconduct the church. THE MORMON RELIGION 3
  4. 4. SO, WHAT ARE WE CALLED? We are sometimes referred to as:“LDS” – This is short for “Latter-Day Saints.” If you ever hear this term, it is correct.“Mormon’s”- This is also a correct term. We are sometimes called “Mormon’s” because we believe in “The Book of Mormon.”You can call us either or!  And just for the record…we arepretty normal. Check it out. THE MORMON RELIGION 4
  5. 5. The Book of Mormon is “Another Testament of Jesus Christ.” The Book of Mormon is to be read along side the bible, it helps to teach truths, explain and sustain the bible. It is a record of what was happening on the American continent during biblicaltimes. It is a record of many prophets, that we believe, wrote this for our “latter-days.” We read The Book of Mormonwith the Bible, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. THE MORMON RELIGION 5
  6. 6. In the western part of New York, in the early 1800’s the passion over religion was intense. It was a time of theological turmoil. Joseph Smith was a young boy of age 14 at the time, who did not know which church to join. So many of them claimed they were the only true church. One night he read in the bible James 1:5 “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God…” Joseph decided to do just that… “ask of God”…or, in other words… pray about it.When he did, Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father(God) appeared to him. They told him none of thechurch’s were right, and that he would aid inrestoring the true gospel. From that time forwardJoseph Smith restored “The Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-Day Saints,” through the Lord’s instructions. Healso brought forth the “Book of Mormon.” Asgenerations went forward, new prophets werecalled, and today our prophet is Thomas S. Monson.He leads the church today just as Joseph once didthrough the Lord’s guidance. THE MORMON RELIGION 6
  7. 7. Missionaries are young adults whoat age 19 leave their homes andfamilies to wherever they arecalled to preach the gospel. This isan immense sacrifice. But we do itbecause we want to share thetruth with everyone! Why wouldn’t you want to share something so wonderful with the world? Missionaries wear a white shirt and black pants, or in the girls case a black skirt. They always have a name tag on, with their name and the name of the church. They are there to tell you more about the gospel and answer any questions you may have!  THE MORMON RELIGION 7
  8. 8. WHY DO WE TO PERFORM BAPTISMSBUILD TEMPLES? FOR THE DEAD#1. Baptisms for the dead. Webelieve that all should have thechance to be baptized into thechurch, so we perform baptisms forthose who have passed from thislife. TO PERFORM MARRIAGE CEREMONIES FOR TIME#2. Marriage. We believe a couple AND ALL ETERNITYshould be married for “time and alleternity,” not just “until death do uspart.” They should have thechance to be with each otherafter this life. TO SEAL FAMILIES#3. To seal families together. Just as TOGETHER FOR TIME ANDone would be married ALL ETERNITYforever, families should also betogether forever. THE MORMON RELIGION 8
  10. 10. Just for kicks… Here are some of our wedding photos of the temple we were married in. Bountiful, Utah  THE MORMON RELIGION 10
  11. 11. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints isone of the fastest growing church’s in the world ! Church Membership16,000,000.0014,000,000.0012,000,000.0010,000,000.00 8,000,000.00 6,000,000.00 4,000,000.00 2,000,000.00 0.00 1870 1930 1970 2010 THE MORMON RELIGION 11
  12. 12. HOW TO LEARN MORE? I believe that knowledge is important tohave for one’s self. It’s always nice to knowfrom your own findings, rather than to hear it from someone else, because when it comes to the LDS church there are many different views out there and misleading information. So… VISIT http://lds.orgOr…of course, ask your local missionaries!  THE MORMON RELIGION 12