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  • 1. Top Web Design Mistakes Week 2 02/02/2010 Top Web Mistakes
  • 2. Graphics
    • Too Many Graphics
      • Load slowly.
      • Visitors lose patience
    • SOLUTION:  
      • Save for web / optimize
      • Reduce the size of graphics.
    01/13/09 Top Web Mistakes
  • 3. Wordy Pages
    • Why omit needless words
      • Reduces the noise level of the page
      • Makes the useful information more prominent
      • Makes the pages shorter
    • How to omit needless words? Two rules to follow
      • Happy talk must die
      • Instructions must die
    01/13/09 Top Web Mistakes
  • 4. Color: Bad Color Coordination
    • Avoid using dark text on a dark background.
    • Use dark text on a light background
    • Use colors that blend well together 
    02/02/2010 Top Web Mistakes
  • 5. Are your testing audience’s eyes? 02/02/2010 Top Web Mistakes
  • 6. See improvement? 02/02/2010 Top Web Mistakes
  • 7. Long Scrolling
    • Scroll horizontally or vertically to view the whole web page.
    • Create the width of your web page to fit on one screen to avoid horizontal scrolling, and have a maximum of 3 pages to be scrolled vertically.
    02/02/2010 Top Web Mistakes
  • 8. You have to scroll right and down to see all the content 02/02/2010 Top Web Mistakes
  • 9. Meta Tags Missing
    • Without optimizing your web page with a description or keywords, people can’t find you on the search engines.
    • Research key words or phrases relevant to your site content.
    • Include them in your title, description and web site copy.
    02/02/2010 Top Web Mistakes
  • 10. Poor Navigation
    • Visitors can’t easily find the information: broken links, error pages, too many moving objects (animations, flash, scrolling text, marquees)‏
    • Keep your navigation simple, create simple links on all web pages, create simple and clean interface
    02/02/2010 Top Web Mistakes
  • 11. Do you know instantly how to navigate? 02/02/2010 Top Web Mistakes
  • 12. Layout and Design
    • How to Create an aesthetically pleasing design
      • Keep enough white space between your text and images by using margins.
      • Don’t overlap text and images
      • Avoid capitalizing all text
      • Use font type such as Arial or Verdana
    01/13/09 Top Web Mistakes
  • 13. How do you like this layout? 02/02/2010 Top Web Mistakes
  • 14. What is the difference? 02/02/2010 Top Web Mistakes
  • 15. How about this one? 02/02/2010 Top Web Mistakes
  • 16. Frames
    • Avoid Using Frames
      • frames don’t allow bookmarking the page or return to it and sometimes the URLS stop working. 
      • http://www.angelfire.com/super/badwebs/
    02/02/2010 Top Web Mistakes
  • 17. Orphan Pages
    • Some page where the visitor has no idea how it fits in with the overall structure of your web site.
    • You should always have a link to the homepage, so visitors know where they are on your web site.
    02/02/2010 Top Web Mistakes
  • 18. Thank YOU 01/13/09