Module 2


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This is my final project e-learning PPT .

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Module 2

  1. 1. My e-learning course of final group project Module 2 M08W0009 Atsushi Kimura
  2. 2. In module 2, We learn Knowledge of cocktail , History of cocktail , Necessary sake for cocktail , and to What is the cocktail.
  3. 4. Cocktail is , “Drink + something” The cocktail is a drink that mixed sake and something. The whisky makes watered and The sidecar that in full scale with a shaker etc. are cocktails. The cocktail enchants the person by various charms like the delicious, beautiful color and origin of name etc.
  4. 5. Cocktail drink Something
  5. 6. The word cocktail was originally called the MixdDrink in the word that had arisen at the 19th end of the century. The generic name of the drink that mixes something with sake is a cocktail. Mixed drink cocktail
  6. 7. “ To drink sake more delicious, therefore the cocktail was made.” The cocktail appeared in the days of the Romans. It was not called cocktail , and the beer and wine had mixed something simply . At that time, conceived how to drink is a modern cocktail because it drinks sake more delicious.
  7. 8. More delicious!!
  8. 9. The cocktail name is decided by creator . Actually the cocktail name is named from the fashion of the age and the image of the material used . Overwhelmingly a lot of one that is the one that arose spontaneously. For instance, Soltidogg and sidecar. In addition, the victory work in cocktail competition like Red Lion and , There is the one that arose like the moscow mule in the campaign of the sake manufacturer, too.
  9. 10. Gin is used for this cocktail. I will call the gin fizz in this cocktail. arose spontaneously From the victory work in cocktail competition etc .
  10. 11. "It is in the number of stars" It doesn't know whether there are kinds of how many kinds of the cocktail. Because the cocktail that can go back even to the age of Egypt and Rome becomes a great number . And , the bartender might be making a new cocktail somewhere at this moment now. "It is in the number of stars" is a safe answer to how many kind of the cocktail are there.
  11. 12. How many kinds of the cocktail are there?? "It is in the number of stars"
  12. 13. The cocktail's having come to be liked as a drink cooled with ice is at the 19th end of the century. After the ice engine is invented it. After that, the cocktail has evolved for 100 years according to needs in the age. The martini and Manhattan appeared as a type to be satisfied of sake that seemed to be sake in the chaotic world in the 19th end of the century. The pink lady and Singapore sling arose as a style with new vivid color in the age of World War I and the dry law. The Moscow mule and the margarita that fashionable feeling did for a moment appeared after World War II. They become in the standard, and win the guest's support of the bar now.
  13. 14. However, new movement began to be seen in the cocktail at the 20th end of the century. It is movement to enjoy the style that should be called the starting point of the cocktail “Drink + Something". The style that divides the liqueur and wine, etc. who were the supporting players by the joule of the favor and drinks has infiltrated as a material of a current cocktail.
  14. 15. Type to be satisfied of sake that seems to be sake Style with new vivid color Style in starting point of cocktail Style with fashionable feeling
  15. 16. Bartender DS game soft of nintend DS