Bio data of kalki


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If you are having the following qualifications you are the Kalki. See the table:
Bio data of kalki

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Bio data of kalki

  1. 1. If you are having the following qualifications you are the Kalki. See the table:Bio data of kalki Sun zodiac (nostradomus)(english) Aquarius (jan21 to feb 18) Sun zodiac (indian) Aquarius (feb 14 to mar 14)(app)(kumbha masam) 666 His birth date will be 15th February to 15th march as he is Aquarius. And the dates may be 15.2.1978,24.2.1987,6.3.1968,15.3.1977 and other similar numbers so that the numerology numbers will be 6&6. And if his name has the numerical value of 6 then he will become 6 6 6. It is the number of Venus. Anti Christ has the value 666 as per mythology. But for one religion if it becomes anti but for the another religion it may be favourable. For example Lord Vishnu in his avatar as “Vamana” has killed the king “Mahabali” of Kerala. While the country is celebarating it as “thiruvonam” festival , it is the mourning day for the Keralites for the demon king Mahabali. Similarly Lord Muruga has killed the demon “suran” and the day was celebarated as “surasamgaram” by the people in India but is a mourning day for the Madagaskar island people for the death of their king Suran. Lord Krishna has killed the demon "Narakasuran" and the day is celebrated as "deepavali" the festival of light throughout India, but Tamilnadu Government is refusing to celebrate it as they are having the feeling that Narakasuran may be a thiravidan (south Indian). But as people are already accustomed to it by generations they are not obeying the Governments words. (when I search in a relaxed mood "suran" I found that Pamela Suran is a Jerusalem Artist,Robert Suran Basketball Player,Viewing Suran Bulagiin Hural Blogs at Madagascar,heather (suran) wojcik is from Germany.and finally a district itself is there in surans name in our Bihar itself. so surans are there everywhere.) and to further filter this list and to further reduce the probability of chances to
  2. 2. become an Aquarian both in English zodiac and in Indian zodiac the only dateavailable is 15th february. so to get 6 & 6 the dates will be15.02.1942,15.02.1951,15.02.1960,15.02.1969,15.02.1978,15.02.1987,15.02.1996, if you were born in the above dates go to terrace daily and pray towards the sun and searchwhether there is any U.F.O waiting there to receive you.ChyrenselinChyrenselin is the misspelled name “CHIRANJEEVI” (omni present) (one of the names of Lord Vishnuin Sahasranamam ) by Nostradomus. CHI as in Chicago, RAN as in run, JEE as in jeer, VI as in victory.Moon starRohini_________________________________________________________________________________thithithe thithi (the origin of the english word "date")( the date from the no moon day) will be ashtami(eighth day) of Lordkrishna or navami (ninth day) of Lord Rama._________________________________________________________________________________namamRama and krishna had namam (sricharanam) in their forehead. kalki will also have that in hisforehead.
  3. 3. natural formation of namam by nerves. kalki may have one like this.artificial drawing of namam by vaishnavaits (followers of Vishnu)namethe name will be one among the thousand names of Lord Vishnu (sahasranama)_________________________________________________________________________________
  4. 4. nosepuranas say that he is having a horse face (vaji mukh) it is also a symbolic representation of having ahorse nose (vaji muk). horse face vajimukha horse nose vaji muk ruling nose
  5. 5. Moon zodiacRishaba (taurus) For Krishna moon is in Taurus and sun is in Leo. ie:sun is fourth from moon.For Kalki moon is in Taurus and sun in Aquarius. ie: moon is fourth from the sun. It will givean yoga when sun and moon are in kendras 1,4,7 & 10th places to each other.
  6. 6. Place of birth (nostradomus)Peninsula (south india or south africa)Place of birthTambrabarani river bed (tirunelveli,kanyakumari,tuticorin districts)Day of birthThursdayPlace of birthShambala villageCasteBrahminAgeAlready crossed his fourteesTime of appearence (nostradomus)Around 2025Time of appearence (mayan calender)2012LifeLiving a middle class lifeMovementNo ashram type of developments,sudden appearence,one man army. Normally the divine men afterattaining certain sidhdhies will be sitting under a tree blessing everybody who are crossing themwithout worryingabout the atrocities in this world. But Kalkis arrival is not for that. He will haveto eradicate everything bad. So he will not doing his meditation now. He will be in the anger ofcorrecting this world.FatherVishnujashaMotherSumatiWifePadmaChildrenJay and VijayFoodVegetarian
  7. 7. time of apperance (purana) when the world has lost its moral value he will come. but we cannot say the time because the worldhas no moral value at all even from the beginning, (May be my expectation may be high with a highstandard scale.)leadershipA normal layman... a grassroots level worker would take the whole system... the whole humanity by storm.This gentleman would be given the nomination of Bhagavan Kalki by the masses later. wifeShe is fair and he is darkExtra curricular activitiesEight perfections. Means eight great sidhdhies. (asta maa sidhdhies). The question of how a singleman can control the entire world is having the answer here. This is a mind over matter case. oneman can control the thousand crores.sidhdhiesUthanan goes through one nadi among these nadis upward. Hebrings the soul to heaven or hell or to the human world according tothe past life of individuals ….3.7/prachno upanishadIf this Uthanan (upward nadi) is activated in the body the body willbecome light and floats in the sky. This sidhdhi is called lahima.There are eight sidhdhies totally. By severe yoga practice John PaulOlhaperri is doing this floating in front of White house U.S.A,and infront of President palace at Santiago,Sile. refer newspapers.……….ashokha
  8. 8. chriss angel is walking on water just like that. If uthana nadi is strengthend one will becomelight and can walks on water or in air.the mantra is aur agash ka sampanth ruiki uthan are eight sidhdhies (there is no English equivalent for this, we can say perfection inmeditation)in total. By severe practice of meditation one can attain this. click the above link to see thevideo in u tube. What criss angel is doing above is LAHIMA. It is making the body or anyobject weightless. One can walk on water like a feather or float like a feather in air.
  9. 9. KARIMA is making the things or beings more weight. One can take the size of a mountainor a tree and keep him unmovable..ANIMA is making the things or the beings small. One can take the shape of a fly and goanywhere else.MAHIMA is making the things or beings big. This also cannot be moved or shifted.PRATHTHI is going any where else without any hindrance. One may be available at manyplaces at the same time.PRAHAMIYAM is entering any body available and go anywhere else. One can enteranotherbody and travel to any place.ESATHTHUVAM is doing the five works of God himself. One can give life to a deadone.VASITHTHUVAM is control the devas (people of the heaven), human beings, asuras(people of the hell),reptiles,birds,animals etc.Clairvoyance is one of the sidhdhies. (but not coming in the list of this eight majorsidhdhies). Nostradomus and similar people who has told the future are having thissidhdhi. They can travel beyond the limit of time and distance limitations.christ had two or three sidhdhies. In this level one must be careful in showing theircapacities. If they are troubled by enemies they will have to suffer for that. What peopleare often doing is after obtaining one or two sidhdhies by yoga practices they show theircapacities to the common men. Normally the rulers (whether by heriditory or by democraticmethod) will misunderstand it and giving troubles to them. Christ has been nailed in cross.Mohammed has been made to run place to place. But in India there were thousands ofsidhdhers (divine men) who have suffered a lot. Abirami battar has been put over a fire toroast. He has shown the moon light in the no moon day and for that this punishment.Manickavasagar has been tied in a wooden block and thrown in Vaigai river. He hasconstructed a temple from the money given by the king to purchase Arabian horses formilitary purposes. He floated upstream in the river and the king then asked apology. Apparwas tied in a stone and thrown in kadilam river. The stone floated and he escaped. He hasgiven life to a snake bitten boy in Thingalur, Thanjavur. Histories told thousands of suchincidents in India. Nostradomus was also put into troubles by the kings for his predictions ifI remember correct? isnt? That is the reason why he wrote all his words in symbolic whichcreates large amount of misinterpretations now.
  10. 10. generalIn marriage match making if six out of ten conditions are O.K. the parents will accept for themarriage. Similarly shall we take 60% is enough for the selection. Clairvoyance also has its ownlimitations and so there may be certain deviations in the sayings of Karuda purana and otherpuranas and Nostradomus and others.whether he is extra terrestrialsee the following crop cuttings
  11. 11. the above crop cuttings and other cuttings made by extra terrestial beings (U.F.O) describes thedestruction of the world during December 2012 (the date of Mayan Calendar). we can think thatKalki may be some extra terrestrial being (coming from any other solar family) or he may be anordinary human being of the poor earth who will be powered by these extra terrestrial powers.
  12. 12. something moreeven though the darwin theory explaining the arrival of human beings from monkeys some oldtheory is that human beings came from some other planet. that may happen once again.