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A z of ict in modern languages
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A z of ict in modern languages


Published on

Updated version for 2010 PGCE talk

Updated version for 2010 PGCE talk

Published in: Education
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  • Ewan McIntosh, Keynote speaker
    Advice re blog “If you do nothing else..”
    Most exciting thing initially was the Cluster map! Now at 810!
    Why blog?
    Good to think things through
    Things you do in class
    Things you learn about in conferences, etc
    Play with layout, embedding widgets, etc
    Assume everything is possible – it probably is!
  • Ewan McIntosh, Keynote speaker
    Advice re blog “If you do nothing else..”
    Most exciting thing initially was the Cluster map! Now at 810!
    Why blog?
    Good to think things through
    Things you do in class
    Things you learn about in conferences, etc
    Play with layout, embedding widgets, etc
    Assume everything is possible – it probably is!
  • My blog humble representative of blogs.
    One of best is Joe Dale’s
    IOW Conference 08
    Amazing ICT knowledge
  • Many different games
    To answer a question (on the DVRs, e.g. A level) or write an answer to a topic in 1 minute (Form 5)
  • Diigo
    Bookmarking sites
    Tag bookmarks
  • Diigo
    Bookmarking sites
    Tag bookmarks
  • Add to groups
    MFL Resources / Web 2.0 for Teachers / etc
    Friends on diigo
    Search tags
  • Use in classroom, alone or in conjunction with fruit machine.
    Use for carousel activities
    Use for podcasting and for voki
  • Edmodo – free, style of Facebook, own avatar
    private account for each class
    Set assignments,
  • FLIP cameras - recording dialogues (eg with puppets)
    Great for peer evaluation
  • Potential to enthuse (Form 2 pupil)
    Select background, music, actions, etc
    Possibility of voice recording and uploading here too
  • Variety of web based exercise types with immediate feedback, encourages pupils to take risks
    Wide range of levels and skills
    Allows thorough practice of vocabulary and structures, especially verbs.
    Can be used for extended comprehension
    Increases confidence and accuracy of verb conjugation
  • Create Flashcard Sets
    Easily create flashcard sets with as many questions and answers as you want.
    Import questions and answers from your computer or other websites (or just type them in directly).
    Cut and paste questions from other peoples' flashcard sets to make your own.
    Invite friends to share your flashcards via email, Facebook, or MySpace.
    One-click lookup of official dictionary definitions, and other users' previous answers.
    Group Studying
    Create a group so your friends or classmates can study together.
    Discuss answers with your group via live chat.
    Get notified when group members post new study sets.
    Edit and improve sets created by other group members.
    Groups can be private or public.
    Five Ways to Study... From Fun to Powerful
    Depending on your mood and needs, choose from five different learning modes:
    Familiarize Mode gives you a taste of the material before diving in.
    Learn Mode is the most powerful study mode, keeping track of your scores, retesting incorrect answers, and letting you pause and resume study sessions.
    Test Mode is the most versatile study mode, supporting short-answer, matching, multiple choice and true/false testing, or any combination. It also scores your answers with easy-to-read corrections.
    Scatter is a fun matching game which lets you drag and drop questions and answers with your mouse while racing against the clock.
    Space Race is the ultimate video game study simulation. Racing the clock, you type in answers to questions flying overhead before they evade your grasp.
    With a free Quizlet account you can
    Keep track of your studying progress.
    Join and create groups with your classmates.
    Get emails when your friends create study sets.
    Create your own sets.
    Teacher Features
    Give your students a study tool that's both powerful and fun, encouraging them to learn.
    Share study materials online with your classes, or generate photocopy-ready flashcards for in-class distribution.
    Host a group where your students can create and discuss study materials for your class.
    Notify students by email when you've posted new study materials, and receive messages back from them.
    See what other teachers are teaching at your grade level and in your subject area.
  • Quiz
    Matching, flashcard, concentration, word search
    Challenge board
    Jumbled words
    Ordered list
    Patterns, etc
  • Formative - the pupils can see how quickly they are answering and discuss why an answer is right or wrong
  • Boston – unsure what was!
    Many months before hit Radio One, Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross and Philip Scoffield
    Follow educators from around the world
    Look at who I follow for ideas
    Complete your profile so people get an idea of what you are interested in
    Cf MFL Resources and blogs, IOW etc
  • List of educators on Twitter
  • Static, need for accuracy
  • One thing I couldn’t live without!
    Set up emails according to whether want resources or not
    Worth daily deluge, to my mind
    Huge forum for sharing, very generous with resources and advice
    MFL Resources wiki and diigo group
  • Transcript

    • 1. A-Z of ICT in MODERN LANGUAGES Improving teaching and learning in a digital age
    • 2. A is for … Animoto animoto - the end of slideshowsanimoto_el ocio.mp4
    • 3. B is for … Blogging
    • 4. B is for … Blogging SPANISH IN GROSVENOR
    • 5. MY BLOGLIST – for starters JOE DALE Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom: JOSE PICARDO Box of Tricks ISABELLE JONES MY LANGUAGES MARIE FRANCE PERKINS SANS PROBLEMES SUZI BEWELL All Saints Languages Blog LISA STEVENS VÁMONOS HELENA BUTTERFIELD The Langwitch Chronicles ALEX BLAGONA Alex Blagona B is also for…
    • 6. C is for…
    • 7.
    • 8. Domo Animate - Make your own Domo Animations and Slideshows with GoAnimate's D is for … Domo Animate
    • 9. BOOKMARKING SITES D is for … Diigo
    • 10. GROUPS Dashboard | Diigo
    • 11. DVRs D is also for …
    • 12. EDMODO E is for … Education 2.0 - Edmodo - Free Private Social Platform For Education
    • 13. FLIP camera F is for … spanishingrosvenor - FORM 2 SPANISH ASALT
    • 14. G is for.. Glogster Glogster EDU - 21st century multimedia tool for educators, teachers and students | Text, Images, Music and Video
    • 15. Hot Potatoes H is for …
    • 16. Image Chef I is for … spanishingrosvenor - IMAGE CHEF
    • 17. JING J is for …
    • 18. Kickyoutube K is for … KickYouTube - Download videos from youtube | KickYouTube
    • 19. Kerpoof K is also for … Kerpoof
    • 20. L is for… Lingt
    • 21. M is for… MFL flashmeetings MFL Flashmeeting - Sign up
    • 22. N is for… ning Talkabout Primary
    • 23. O is for… OYE Oye
    • 24. P is for… Prezi Prezi
    • 25. Q is for… Quizlet Quizlet
    • 26. Q is also for… Quia - Quia Web Quía
    • 27. Q is also for… (cost)
    • 28. R is for… Realplayer
    • 29. S is for… Storybird MFL-Storybirds - home
    • 30. Twitter @amandasalt T is for …
    • 31. T is also for … Follow MFL Twitterers on Twitter
    • 32. T is also for… spanishingrosvenor - UPPER SIXTH SPANISH
    • 33. U is for… uploading Teachertube Slideshare
    • 34. V is for … Voki
    • 35. V is also for… Voice Thread
    • 36. W is for.. wikispaces
    • 37. W is for.. wikispaces
    • 38. Xtranormal | Text-to-Movie X is for.. Xtranormal
    • 39. mflresources : mflresources Y is for …
    • 40. Z is for … Zamzar
    • 41. Find another A-Z at … A – Z Internet Resources for Education - Box of Tricks