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  1. 1. AssessmentforLearningSAA, FEBRUARY 2010
  2. 2. ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING• Learning Intentions• Success Criteria• Formative Feedback• Effective Questioning• Peer- and Self-Assessment and Self- Evaluation
  3. 3. #1Learning Intentions
  4. 4. LEARNING •WALT boardINTENTIONS •Learning intentions displayed •SOMETHING OLD •SOMETHING NEW •SOMETHING FUN •SOMETHING TO DO •Learning intentions at front of booklet
  6. 6. Model statements : I can name various items of food and drinkSTARTERACTIVITIES I am able to place the words into a sentence with a verbSETTING THE I know how to express opinions about foodBASELINE I know what a connective is I know what an a high frequency word is I know how to build a sentence using a high frequency word with an opinion I can connect two simple sentences saying what I eat and drink without opinions I know that by the end of the lesson I can understand how to build and connect more complex sentences I know what working at levels 2,3,4 means
  7. 7. #2Success Criteria
  8. 8. •2 contrasting pieces of finished workSUCCESSCRITERIA •YOO’s Post-its •WAGOLL
  9. 9. #3Formative Feedback
  10. 10. •Grid from controlled assessment tasks
  11. 11. •Stickers from
  12. 12. •Stickers from TES
  13. 13. FORMATIVE HIGHLIGHTINGFEEDBACKHIGHLIGHTING •for accuracy •for comprehension •to improve
  14. 14. #4Effective Questioning
  15. 15. • Ask fewer questions and less closed questions• Involve the whole class.• Think, pair, share• No hands up
  16. 16. • Talkers & Listeners• Line dancing
  17. 17. #5Peer- and Self-Assessmentand Self-Evaluation
  18. 18. peer assessment.pptPEERASSESSMENT
  19. 19. PEER www:ASSESSMENT / You covered ________________ section from the successFORMATIVE criteria well.ASSESSMENT You fully explained ______________ from the success criteria. You showed an excellent level of understanding of the Learning Objective. You work is very well presented. ebi: You need to look at ________________ section again, you did not answer this correctly. You forgot to have ___________ section in your piece of writing. Next time you should: Check your work against the success criteria before you hand it up. Spell check your work before you hand it up. Add colour and images to your work
  20. 20. PEERASSESSMENT Mi colegio – speaking assessment2 STARSANDAWISH
  22. 22. Speaking Assessment GridPEER ASSESSMENT Name of the person doing the talk: _________________________ Name of the person listening: _______________________USING AFRAMEWORK
  24. 24. Nom _______________________ Date _______________ Form 1 Mi familia –Self Assessment WritingSELF Write about your familyASSESSMENT Organisation I wrote sentences I avoided lists I wrote paragraphs I wrote organised paragraphs Quality I could give opinions: I could give reasons: I could give examples in the future: I used short sentences I used some connectives I used a range of connectives I could give extra details –places -people -times I wrote sentences with “if”: I checked: Capital letters and punctuation Spelling and accents Masculine/feminine/singular/plural Verb endings and infinitives Next time I aim to
  25. 25. SELFASSESSMENTTRAFFICLIGHTS –OnlineSelfassessment
  27. 27. SELF •Scale 1-10EVALUATION (eyes closed, hands up) •Scale 1-10 Quizdom
  29. 29. PLENARIES •Random name generator from
  30. 30. PLENARIES •Pupil as teacher •3 things •5 3 1
  31. 31. PLENARIESPLENARYSQUARESPlenary_Squares.ppt