SkyVision Corporate Overview | Global IP Connectivity


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SkyVision currently commands a satellite and fiber IP connectivity network spanning 100 countries. The company’s VSAT network solutions draw on SkyVision’s extensive space segment inventory from leading satellite providers and its capacity is carefully tailored to customers’ individual needs for optimal cost-effectiveness.

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SkyVision Corporate Overview | Global IP Connectivity

  2. 2. CORPORATE OVERVIEWSkyVision is a leading global IP This strategy allows SkyVision to bettertelecommunication service provider to understand its customers’ unique needs inemerging markets, offering solutions over each regional market, tailoring its solutions tosatellite and fiber optic systems. SkyVision’s their specific requirements and backing thosefocus is on global connectivity services for solutions with rapid, high-priority support.customers that include incumbent telecoms, Service Operation and Maintenance is carriedISPs, cellular operators, global and local out by SkyVision’s regional representatives,enterprises, government entities and NGOs along with the company’s professionalin over 50 countries. Operations and Engineering teams. In addition,With an emphasis on its customers’ local its presence in local markets allows SkyVision toor regional requirements, SkyVision offers deliver equipment both quickly and securely viasuperior network connectivity solutions. Known its own storage facilities in strategic locations.for its innovative approach, the company The company’s commercial and technicaloffers an extensive suite of both customized representation in its key target markets alsosolutions and industry-standard services for allows SkyVision to assist its customers inend-to-end IP connectivity, managed from its regulatory gateways and selected local hubs. SkyVision currently commands a satelliteSkyVision’s global-reaching network connects and fiber IP connectivity network spanningits customers to the internet backbone with 100 countries. The company’s VSAT networkmore than ten satellite platforms and a network solutions draw on SkyVision’s extensive spaceof high-capacity fiber optic cables, via its segment inventory from leading satellitegateways in Europe, North America and providers and its capacity is carefully tailoredthe Middle East as well as multiple points of to customers’ individual needs for optimalpresence (POPs) in Africa. cost-effectiveness.SkyVision understands that reliable connectivityis an integral and critical element of everycustomer’s business. For this reason,SkyVision’s service concept relies onestablishing a local presence with dedicatedsupport in each of the countries to which itdelivers its services.
  3. 3. SkyVision Technology NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE AND GATEWAYSSkyVision operates numerous gateways and teleports each customer’s individual needs.worldwide, allowing the company to access nearly SkyVision maintains private network interconnections,any satellite in orbit. This flexibility enables SkyVision or peerings, with many of the largest originatorsto provide customers with optimized solutions to most of content on the internet. About 50% of trafficplaces on earth. In addition, SkyVision’s teleports comes from direct peering connections on severalall have a fully redundant RF chain, ensuring that major internet exchanges. This private connectionno single point of failure exists and that customers ensures that SkyVision customers receive the bestreceive only the highest level of service. response times possible, and the highest qualitySkyVision’s multi-gigabit MPLS-enabled IP backbone user experience. In this way, SkyVision makes itis also fully redundant, with POPs in New York and unnecessary for traffic from these popular websitesFrankfurt. This robust network supports a wide to traverse the internet to reach their destinations.range of solutions, including private regional orglobal networks with their own SLAs, and mixed-terrestrial/satellite solutions that are tailored to suit ADVANCED SATELLITE COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGYSkyVision takes advantage of the industry’s solutions that, together with the company’s in-latest developments, employing a combination depth industry knowledge, guarantees both cost-o f a d v a n c e d t e c h n o l o g i e s t o p ro v i d e effectiveness and the most reliable connectivity.customers with highly optimized networks.Combining the very best of current technologicaladvances, SkyVision offers a unique portfolio of
  4. 4. SkyVision Services SATELLITE CELLULAR BACKHAULSkyVision offers customized solutions to meet cellular SkyVision’s satellite cellular backhaul solutionsoperators’ ever-growing demand for satellite backhaul are individually tailored to integrate seamlesslyconnectivity. Cellular operators are finding that, in with the operator’s network infrastructure.comparison with terrestrial infrastructure, satellite Every solution includes optimization tools thatbackhaul offers lower operating costs, greater reach calculate the operator’s current and future needsacross challenging terrain, and the ability to roll out to ensure constant service availability. Whether forservices more rapidly. high-volume connectivity in the busiest BTSs, or VSAT connectivity for minimal traffic, SkyVision’sSkyVision’s solutions support all-IP and legacy dedicated or shared bandwidth allocation providesTDM networks for all cellular standards. Designed exactly the service required.for the highest levels of scalability and reliability, INTERNET CONNECTIVITYSkyVision provides direct access to the internet SkyVision delivers end-to-end connectivitybackbone from anywhere in the world, offering both services to customers of both carriers requiringdedicated and shared-bandwidth services from Tier high-volume internet trunking and enterprises1 internet service providers. With a wide range of relying on VSAT technology for their businessinternet connectivity services, SkyVision has a flexible needs. With the expert support of SkyVision’sservice package to effectively and reliably deliver the 24/7 network service professionals, customersconnection our customers need. can rest assured that their reliable internet connectivity is SkyVision’s highest priority.
  5. 5. CORPORATE NETWORKSSkyVision provides customized and integrated offer increased flexibility and management controlcorporate network connectivity solutions that allow across geographic boundaries. This enables anglobal enterprises to seamlessly connect and organization’s users to share information over acollaborate with their remote branches. protected connection, as well as extend or back up the organization’s current network.With an in-depth understanding of individual segmentrequirements, SkyVision builds scalable corporate SkyVision’s international teleports, hubs and POPs,network solutions that easily keep pace with network combined with its MPLS-enabled IP-VPN networkgrowth and meet the unique requirements of each and leading peering partners, offer a high levelindividual company’s network infrastructure. of redundancy to ensure constant and reliable connectivity. SkyVision’s corporate network servicesSkyVision combines satellite and fiber to create a provide assured network reach, even with the mostsingle reliable network that provides high quality remote branches of spread-out organizations suchperformance with minimal investment. The advanced as NGOs, banks, hospitals, government offices ortechnology and extensive infrastructure behind retail chains.SkyVision’s corporate network connectivity solutions PROFESSIONAL SERVICESSkyVision’s professional team of network experts and offers customers an extended range of options,project managers represent a broad range of planning, such as installation, collocation, on-site support anddesign and technology experience, making SkyVision maintenance, to complement SkyVision’s variety ofa one-stop shop for any form of IP connectivity. connectivity solutions.A comprehensive suite of professional services
  6. 6. SkyVision is a leading global IP telecommunication service provider to emerging markets, offering solutions thatcombine satellite service platforms with high-capacity fiber optic connections. SkyVision provides end-to-endsolutions, deploying standard and customized IP service platforms managed from its international gateways.With a connectivity network spanning 100 countries, SkyVision’s solutions combine global reach with activelocal presence and • • SkyVision Global Networks • Phone: +44 20 838 71750