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  1. 1. House no: A-129 Ashraf Square Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Bl: 17 Karachi Email: Phone # 021-2060721, 042-5087762 Cell # 0314-2243415 PROF. DR. SHAH MURAD PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION • M.Phil (Pharmacology) in 2002 from Basic medical sciences Institute (BMSI), Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC), Karachi, affiliated with University of Karachi, Pakistan. • M.B.B.S (1990) from Liaquat Medical University, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan. • M.A (Economics in 1989, Psychology in 1992, Journalism in 1995) from Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur Mirs, and University of Sindh, Jamshoro. • D.P.S (Diploma in Psychosomatics) in 1992 from W.H.O (Islamabad) • PhD Research fellow (Pharmacology) enrolled at Agricultural University Faisalabad. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 1. November 2007 to Present-----Lahore Medical & Dental College, Lahore. Professor and HOD, Pharmacology & Therapeutics. 2. January 2007 to October 2007-----Faisalabad Medical College, Faisalabad. Associate Professor and HOD, Pharmacology & Therapeutics. 3. August 2005 to January 2007-----Sir Syed College of Medical Science for Girls Karachi. A.P and then Associate Professor, Pharmacology & Therapeutics. 4. June 2003 to July 2005-----Muhammad Medical College Mirpurkhas Sindh. Assistant Professor & H.O.D, Pharmacology & Therapeutics. 5. March 2003 to June 2003 ----- HCM & D, Hamdard University, Karachi. Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics. 6. Dec.1993 to March 2003----- HCM & D, Hamdard University, Karachi. Lecturer in the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics. 1
  2. 2. July 1991 to January 2007 ----- Practiced Psychosomatic Counseling as Consultant at different hospitals of Karachi. Practiced medicine/psychosomatic counseling independently. Well-versed in effective management of common to complicated cases of various diseases. Conversant with different types and patterns of diseases prevailing in Pakistan. June 1991 to June 1992----- Liaquat Medical University Hospital, Jamshoro, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan. Worked as House Officer in the departments of Medicine and Surgery. RESEARCH PAPERS 1. Did Original Research work, titled ”EFFECTS OF PSYLLIUM HUSK AND NICOTINIC ACID IN PRIMARY HYPERLIPIDEMIA”At BMSI,JPMC,Karachi in 2002.Supervisor: Dr.Kausar Aamir,HOD,Pharmacology &Therapeutics,BMSI. 2. Sibghatullah Sangi,Kausar Aamir,Jamal Ara,Saba Tasneem,Arshad Qureshi,Nighat Kafil,Shah Murad Mastoi.Effects of Promethazine on uterine contractions,produced by prostaglandin E-2.Journal of Surgery Pakistan(International) Vol.7(4) October- December, 2002; 8-11. 3. Nighat Kafil,Kausar Aamir,Shah Murad,Jamal Ara,Saadia Anjum.A Placebo- Controlled Clinical Trial On Nimesulide in Osteoarthritis.Jouranal of Surgery Pakistan(International) Vol.8(2) April-June,2003; 5-8. 4. N.Kafil,K.Aamir,S.Murad, S.Anjum.Role of Glucosamine Sulphate on Pain and Tenderness in Osteoarthritis.Pakistan Journal of Pharmacology Vol.20,No.2,July 2003; 21-26. 5. Nighat Kafil,Kausar Aamir,Shah Murad,M.Ashraf Memon.Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial on Glucosamine Sulphate and Nimesulide in Osteoarthritis.Proceedings of 3rd Biennial Conference on Pharmacology & Therapeutics,Karachi,Pakistan-January 14 & 17,2005; 65-74 6. Sibghatullah Sangi,Shahida P.Ahmad,Shah Murad Mastoi.Role of Nigella Sativa in Opioid dependence Treatment.Pakistan Journal of Pharmacology Vol.23,No.1,January 2006; 51-60. 7.Haji Mohd Aslam Channa, Mohd Ashfaq, Shah Murad Mastoi, Mohd Azam Qureshi.Effect of Ciprofloxacin on growing cartilage in Albino Rat Pups. Journal of Ayub Medical College Vol.18, No.3, Jul-Sep, 2006; 50-54. 8. Sibghatullah Sangi, Shahida P. Ahmed, Muhammad Aslam Channa, Muhammad Ashfaq, Shah Murad Mastoi. A new and novel treatment of opioid dependence, Nigella Sativa 500 mg. Journal of Ayub Medical College Vol. 20,No.2,Apr-Jun,2008; 118-124. 2
  3. 3. 9. Shah Murad, M Ashraf Memon, M Aslam Channa, Nighat Kafil, S Mohsin Turab, Ghulam Rasool Bhurgri, Shahzad Rasheed, Raj Kumar Chohan. Niacin is major drug for lowering LDL-Cholesterol. Pak J Med Health. Vol.2, Issue 3, Jul-Sep, 2008. 10. Zulfiqar-ul-Hassan, Sualeha Riffat, Rahat Naseer, Shah Murad.Bioavailability and Disposition Kinetics of Amoxicillin in Normal and Febrile Rabbits.Pak J Med Health. Vol. 2,Issue 3, Jul-Sep 2008. 11.Shah Murad,Nighat Kafil,M Aslam Channa,,Zulfiqar-ul-Hassan,Shehzad Rasheed,M Ashraf Memon. Single blind placebo controlled study of Niacin in low HDL-Cholesterol patients.:, 3 October 2008. 12. Shah Murad, M. Ashraf Memon, Zulfiqar ul-Hassan, M. Aslam Channa, Nighat Kafil, S. Mohsin Turab, Ghulam Rasool Bhurgri. Psyllium husk decrease the risk of coronary heart disease. : , 7 November 2008. 13. Shah Murad, Ghazi Mahmood, Amarlal Ghurbakhshani, M Ashraf Memon, Aijaz Fatima. Lipid profile, heart diseases and psyllium husk. . : , 11 September 2009. COURSES IN BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY “DIANETICS” Communication Course, How to get along with others Course, Training Routines Course, Hubbard Basic Auditors Course, Study Skills for life Course, Condition Formula Course, Basic Ethics Course, Ups and downs in life Course, Assist Course, How to improve conditions in life Course, Self Analysis Course, personal Values and integrity Course., Purification Course, Anatomy of Human Mind Course. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES • Regular Columnist in daily news papers of Karachi and Hyderabad since last 15 years. • Worked as HOST at Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (Radio Pakistan) Hyderabad and Karachi for 20 years. • Served as Anchor Person (Host, Compere) at PTV and PTV-National for 15 years. • Served as President MEHRAN SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANISATION, “Karachi division” for 5 years. COMPUTER SKILLS • Computer literacy Program: Certificate from Hamdard Institute of Information Technology, Hamdard University Karachi, Pakistan (1998). • Fully conversant with the use of windows 95/98,MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint etc • Comfortable with the Internet-mail etc. LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY 3
  4. 4. Read, write and speak English, Urdu, Sindhi, Siraiki, Balochi and Punjabi fluently. PRESENTATION SKILLS Adept in delivering presentations and briefings in academic meetings and professional gatherings. MEMBERSHIP/FELLOWSHIP • Member of Dianetics Society of Pakistan. • Fellow of Royal Society of Health, London, England. • Member of International forum for Health, Sydney, Australia. • Member of International Society for Media and Mental Health, Oslo, Norway. WORKSHOPS/CONFERENCES/SYMPOSIUMS • W.H.O Collaborating center for Research and Training in Educational Development of Health Personals Workshop on ‘Educational planning and Evaluation’ By College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (C.P.S.P). • National Workshop on ‘The Role of Media in Promotion of Mental health’ Sponsored by the Agha Khan University and WHO Collaborating Center for Mental Health, Research and Training. • National Psychiatric Conference by Department of Psychiatry, Hamdard University Hospital, Hamdard University, Karachi Pakistan. • 39th Annual Symposium Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center, Karachi. • 40th Annual Symposium Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center, Karachi. • 1st Medical Symposium 2003, Mohammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas. • 2nd Medical Symposium 2004, Mohammad Medical College Mirpurkhas. • National Training Course on “Molecular detection of RNA viruses” (April 24-26, 2007) at Environmental Biotechnology Division, NIBGE, Faisalabad. PERSONAL INFORMATION • Date of Birth: Apr. 18, 1965. • Marital Status: Married (Three Issues). • Nationality/Religion: Pakistani/Islam (CNIC#42201-0973439-1) REFERENCES • PROF DR RANA TARIQUE ALI PHARMACOLOGY DEPTT SARGODHA MEDICAL COLLEGE SARGODHA UNIVERSITY, SARGODHA CELL # +92-3336233655 • PROF DR ZAHOOR LATIF PATHOLOGY DEPTT UNIVERSITY MEDICAL COLLEGE THE UNIVERSITY OF FAISALABAD CELL # +92-3217320369 • PROF DR M ASHRAF MEMON PHARMACOLOGY DEPTT CHANDKA MEDICAL COLLEGE, LARKANA CELL # +92-3332362516 4
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