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2010 oow contracts_sig
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2010 oow contracts_sig


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  • 1. OAUG Contracts SIG Meeting Host: Mohan Dutt, VeriSign IncSIG Chair: Chiranjib Sarkar, Quantum Corporation
  • 2. Agenda• OAUG Announcements• Contracts SIG – Charter & History• EBS Service Contracts Update - Susan Flierl & Ramesh Iyer, Oracle Corporation• Introducing Fusion Contracts – Vijay Rajkumar, Oracle Corporation• Q&A
  • 3. OAUG Announcements• OAUG Appreciation Reception will be held on Wednesday, September 22nd from 6-8pm at the Weinstein Gallery, 301 Geary Street (at Powell, Union Square). This event is sponsored by IBM. Please visit the OAUG kiosk, Moscone West – Level 2, to obtain your wrist band for entry.• Visit the OAUG kiosk, Moscone West – Level 2, to learn more about the comprehensive member benefits offered by OAUG. Register for your chance to win an iPad through iPad-A-Palooza!!!
  • 4. Contracts SIG – Charter & History• Contracts SIG covers mainly Oracle E-Business Suite Contracts related modules.• Currently SIG has 385 OAUG members & 279 LinkedIn members.• SIG Charter and History: – Formed in 2004 and for more details visit – Winner of OAUG Certificate of Distinction in 2007 & 2009• Plan for 2010-2011 – Work more on web conferences – Form next Contracts SIG Board
  • 5. The following is intended to outline our generalproduct direction. It is intended for informationpurposes only, and may not be incorporated into anycontract. It is not a commitment to deliver anymaterial, code, or functionality, and should not berelied upon in making purchasing decisions.The development, release, and timing of anyfeatures or functionality described for Oracle’sproducts remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. 6
  • 6. <Insert Picture Here>Oracle EBS Contracts Development UpdateRamesh Iyer Susan FlierlDirector Development Product Strategy Director
  • 7. Oracle Contract Lifecycle Management• WHAT – A family of contract applications designed to author and Project Service manage the lifecycle of all contract Contracts Contracts types• HOW – Deployed integrated with order- Procurement Sales to-cash and procure-to-pay flows or as Contracts Contracts standalone application Contract Terms• RESULTS - Improve visibility of all Library business agreements, reduce contract cycle time, and manage risks Contract Repository *Standalone product coming soon 8
  • 8. R12 Momentum Number of EBS Service Contracts customers with bugs logged on R12+ releases40353025201510 5 0 R12 R12.1 9
  • 9. How to get there ServiceContracts Sales Contracts Core ContractContracts Repository * Procurement ContractsR11i7 R11i8 R11i9 R11i10 R12 R12.1* Contracts Repository included in Sales & Procurement Contracts license 10
  • 10. Oracle Service Contracts R12 & R12.1 Release OverviewUplift renewal rates – Improved customer experience with Flexible Assignment Rules for Customer Communication Templates and Online Acceptance Portal Enhancements – Faster renewal cycle times with Service Contracts Administration Workbench – Improved renewal rate analysis with Service Line and Covered Level CancellationReduce financial risk – Standardize customer coverage with Standard Coverage Definition – Improve revenue recognition compliance with Partial Period Revenue Recognition and Defer Revenue for Customer Acceptance Contingencies – Secure customer payment information with Credit Card SecurityStreamline contract administration – Provide global contract administration tools with Multi-Org Access Control – Improved service contract visibility when managing customer’s assets 11 11
  • 11. R12 Standard CoverageDescription• Define ‘Standard Coverage’ terms for a service • Service line references a ‘Standard Coverage’ definition • Coverage terms are no longer instantiated for every service line• Customize coverage to meet specific customer needs • Coverage can be instantiated for a service line on a contract• Quickly roll out changes to coverage policies • to all contracts Changes to coverage terms are immediately visible to all contracts referencing the standard coverage • to new contracts New coverage policies in effect for new contracts only • Changes to standard coverage policies are not reflected in instantiated coverage terms 12
  • 12. R12 Standard CoverageBenefits• Easy to roll out policy changes • Contract coverage that references a standard definition can easily be changed to suit policy changes • Roll out to all affected contracts is carried out implicitly• Creation of new offerings is easy • New coverage offerings can easily be created from existing offerings• Improves performance • Actions such as copy & renew perform better for standard coverage since records are no longer needlessly stored against each contract line 13
  • 13. Standard Coverage Customizing Coverage for a Service LineCoverage Details Form Press ‘Customize’ to update coverage terms for the contract Authoring Form – Effectivities tab ‘Standard’ checkbox is unchecked & ‘Reapply Standard’ button is enabled after coverage is customized for a service line 14
  • 14. R12 Administrator WorkbenchDescription & Benefits• A configurable workbench that enables sales reps to easily track progress of open service contracts – Notifications Bin: Allows users to view their workflow notifications – Simple and Advanced Search: Allows users to quickly search for renewal and new contracts – Shortcuts: Administrators can use the workbench for other activities such as authoring new contracts – Seeded Bins: Workbench has been seeded with bins that enable users to view contracts in various stages of negotiation – Administrator Actions: Available from the My In Process Contracts Bin that allow the administrator to take actions on selected contracts• Increases Contract Administrator efficiency by providing a single place to view and act on in-process contracts• Improves usability through consolidated, personalizable views of contracts in-process, and drilldowns to contract details 15
  • 15. R12 Administrator WorkbenchBenefits• Increases Contract Administrator efficiency by providing a single place to view and act on in-process contracts• Improves usability through consolidated, personalizable views of contracts in-process, and drilldowns to contract details 16
  • 16. R12 Service Contracts Administration Workbench Quick search for your new and renewal contracts Displays your open contracts 17
  • 17. R12 Service Contracts Administration WorkbenchPersonalized view of a service sales rep’s contracts • Manage renewals pipeline • Update status and forecast data • Launch contracts to Online portal • Mass update capabilities • Email/print quote • Enable/Disable Reminders • Run QA Check • Submit for Approval 18
  • 18. R12 Usability Enhancements When updating an item instance, the user can review Impacted ContractsView ImpactedContracts for…• Quantity Split• Quantity Increase• Quantity Decrease• Termination & Reinstatement• Transfer• Installation date change 19
  • 19. Tips from Oracle Development• R12 • Auto-renewal – can take a long time to run if all your contracts expire on the same day (e.g. at the end of the year) • Suggested workaround: Set conditions for when the contract will get picked up for auto-renewal (create rules which break up a large group of contracts into smaller groups)• Use judgment in the number of lines and sub-lines that you group into a single contract • Creating a single service contract per customer with 1,000s of lines some of which 10,000s of sub-lines can create performance issues 20
  • 20. Performance Improvements• 11i10 • Eliminated Rules architecture - to improve performance for contracts with large number of lines and sub-lines • For contract copy, renewal and termination for contracts with large number of lines and sub-lines• R12 • Standard Coverage – store reference to coverage template instead of replicating coverage information on every service line 21
  • 21. Post 12.1 Update • Procurement, Sales & Repository Contracts – Import clauses created/edited in Word – MS Word 2007 support – Additional section defaulting capabilities for Contract Expert * – System Variables for Complex Acquisitions * – Amendment Specific Sections * • Service Contracts – Configurable support for PA-DSS * Currently available only with CLM for Public SectorProprietary and Confidential. Copyright © Oracle Corporation, 2009 22
  • 22. Post 12.1.3 Contracts Development Proposed Roadmap Service Contracts • Performance Improvements • Pricing, Repricing, Manual Renewal • Date Assembler & Auto Renewals Processing • Usability Enhancements • Profile to view service description/service name in authoring, entitlement and install base flows • Service Contracts Workbench: Additional search/result attributes • Integration enhancements • Service Contracts Import Enhancements – usage, tangible subscriptions, partially billed service contracts, update contract • Additional integration enhancements • Revenue Recognition Enhancements • Improved Credit Amortization for Contracts authored in Service contracts form that leverage Summary BillingProprietary and Confidential. Copyright © Oracle Corporation, 2009 23
  • 23. Credit Amortization for Summarized Billing Worked Example Service line worth $3600 covering 3 products (sublines) for a year billed in advance for the entire year tied to an accounting rule that recognizes revenue equally over 12 months. The products contribute equally ($1200 per product/subline) to the service line amount. Service line is billed in summary. Subline 1 partially terminated midway through the subline effectivity with credit amount as $600. Subline 2 fully terminated (terminated on the start date of the subline) with credit amount as $1200. Current Behavior Revenue Distribution Jul- Aug- Sep- Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Instrument 10 10 10 10 10 10 11 11 11 11 11 11 Original Invoice ($3600) 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 Credit Memo ($600) for subline 1 (300) (300) Credit Memo ($1200) for subline 2 (300) (300) (300) (300) New Behavior Revenue Distribution Aug- Sep- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Instrument Jul-10 10 10 Oct-10 10 10 11 11 11 11 11 11 Original Invoice ($3600) 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 Credit Memo ($600) for subline 1 (100) (100) (100) (100) (100) (100) Credit Memo ($1200) for subline 2 (100) (100) (100) (100) (100) (100) (100) (100) (100) (100) (100) (100)Proprietary and Confidential. Copyright © Oracle Corporation, 2009 24
  • 24. Post 12.1.3 Contracts Development Proposed Strategy for Roadmap Procurement, Sales Contracts & Repository Contracts • Support 2-way synchronization for contracts with clauses imported from word • Emphasize enterprise contract management • Single contract repository – ability to manage and search on all EBS and external source contracts • Visibility to deliverables and expiring contracts regardless of source of the contract • Ability to import contracts from other systems - API to create standalone contractsProprietary and Confidential. Copyright © Oracle Corporation, 2009 25
  • 25. Introducing Oracle Contract Lifecycle Management for Public Sector (CLM) Oracle Contract Lifecycle Management for Public Sector is the integrated acquisition management solution that transforms government procurement • Streamline the entire acquisition process • Enable intelligence-driven decision making • Ensure accountability and transparency IAE FedBizOpps ORCA FPDS-NG CCR & EPLS Purchase Pre- Offer Close- Solicitation Award Post-Award Request Solicitation Evaluation outCLM Sessions at OpenWorld:S317187 : Implementing Contract Lifecycle Management for Federal ProcurementS318025 : Contract Lifecycle Management for Public SectorDemonstration available in the E-Business Suite Demo Grounds: Kiosk S-86 & S-87: Moscone South 26
  • 26. <Insert Picture Here>Fusion Enterprise Contracts – SIG UpdateVijay RajkumarSenior Director, Fusion Contracts Strategy
  • 27. Fusion Enterprise Contracts Fusion Contracts is an enterprise-wide solution that automates the lifecycle of all types of contractual agreements Contract lifecycle management Consolidated repository and search Standards-based T&Cs authoring ECM Base Redlining with MS Word Document management Deviation and clause usage reporting Procurement Projects Sales* Service* Master agreements Project execution tracking Pricing agreements Coverage & subscriptions Integration to Purchasing Billing and revenue mgmt Enforce pricing on orders Billing and revenue mgmt Track spend Subcontractor mgmt Track fulfillment Entitlements & renewals*Post V1 deliverable
  • 28. Current E-Business Contracts Footprint Contract Sales Agreements and Sales Orders with Sales /Repository T&Cs Quoting Visibility across all Sales Sell Product & Service Enterprise Contracts Contracts Order CRM Service Management Manual Manual Service Component Sell Project & Product Purchasing / Project Service Buy Contracts Sub-contractor Contracts Contracts Entitlements flow / Buy-side Billing Billing Install Base Invoices/ Project Project Revenue Costing Billing Invoices Revenue Revenue AP GL AR
  • 29. Fusion Enterprise Contracts Footprint Contract Admin / Sales Rep Create Invoice, Contract RevenueCRM Enterprise Financials Contracts Mfg, Shipping, Funding, Entitlements Procurement Execution Supply Chain, Service Projects Execution Logistics
  • 30. Enterprise Contracts Concepts• Contract Types – User-defined (e.g. Fixed price consulting agreement, service contract, cost- plus research agreement, equipment lease agreement) – Specifies intent (sell vs. buy) – Line types that will be sold or purchased – Line type drives the overall UI• Contract Line Types – Specifies the type of item you are buying or selling • Project-based item, ext. warranty, goods, price-hold, subscription, usage, lease, etc. – Line type determines the information captured for the line and the downstream execution• System Variables – Structured information (business terms) to be used in printing, defining policy rules, approval rules etc.
  • 31. Implementing Enterprise Contracts Single Contract Standards-based Execution Repository Authoring ComplianceFeatures Features Features Multiple contract types Library of standard clauses, policy Billing & revenue mgmt Store all contracts in a single, secure rules and templates Pricing and commitment enforcement searchable repository Wizard based authoring tool (Expert) Service entitlement verification Search based on attributes and text Deviations reporting Advanced renewal management Automate approvals Redlining with MS Word Contract Analytics (profitability, Manage renewals Contract printing renewal rates etc.) Visibility in customer 360 Change managementBenefits Benefits Benefits Contracts visibility to key stakeholders Improve regulatory and procedural Avoid penalties & non-compliance Better understanding of financial and compliance Negotiate better contracts business obligations Reduce time-to-contract and costs Identify revenue acceleration and cost Track risky relationships Reduce contract risk saving opportunities ROI Phased Implementation
  • 32. ECM Base Features
  • 33. Standardize Contract ProcessesManage Contract Types
  • 34. Standardize Contract ProcessesManage Standard Templates Clauses and Sections Variables
  • 35. Author and CollaborateWizard-based Authoring of Standard Contracts
  • 36. Author and CollaborateCollaborate in MSWord and Synchronize Changes
  • 37. Standards Based Authoring Contract PrintingFlexible PDF Output• Tailor to your company standard format• Automatic substitution of negotiated terms in printed document without re-keying text• Signature block• Manage all contract documents, exhibits, amendments, etc. in central repository
  • 38. Drive Contract ComplianceEasily Find Contracts to Verify Compliance Search ‘text’ to match in contract documents Matching contracts Matching files
  • 39. ProcurementContracts
  • 40. Procurement Contracts Co-Existence Negotiate Contracts Centrally Heterogeneous Purchasing Environment EBS Standalone Contracts Purchasing Fusion Enterprise Contracts Purchasing Author and Negotiate Push Pricing and Contracts Commitments SAP PurchasingUsers - Business Dev / Legal / Global Procurement Users – Buyer / Financial
  • 41. Procurement Contracts Co-ExistenceCreate Purchase Orders or Agreements in Purchasing
  • 42. Project Contracts
  • 43. Project Contracts – Define Billing
  • 44. Project Contracts – Financial Summary
  • 45. Contracts ConferenceSessions & Demo Stations 46
  • 46. Conference SessionsMonday September 20, 2010TIME TITLE L O C AT I O N Oracle Sourcing and Oracle Procurement Moscone West2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Contracts: Overview and Roadmap L2 Rm 2022 Moscone South Oracle Fusion Enterprise Contracts – CRM3:00 pm – 3:45 pm Exhibit Hall Lounge #105Tuesday September 21, 2010TIME TITLE L O C AT I O N Oracle Service Contracts: Hear how Oracle Moscone West2:00 pm – 3:00 pm efficiently manages its own ever growing L3 Rm number of customer contracts 3002/3004 Implementing Contract Lifecycle Management Moscone West5:00 pm – 6:00 pm for Federal Procurement L2 Rm 2022 Oracle Fusion PPM: Next Generation Project Moscone West5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Financial Management L2 2005 47
  • 47. Conference SessionsWednesday September 22, 2010TIME TITLE L O C AT I O N10:00 am – 11:00 Contract Lifecycle Management for Public Moscone Westam Sector L2 Rm 200911:30 am – 12:30 Top Questions on Oracle Fusion Procurement, Moscone Westam Shared Services, Contracts, Spending L2 Rm 2001 Moscone South Oracle Fusion Enterprise Contracts – CRM3:00 pm – 3:45 pm Exhibit Hall Lounge #105 48
  • 48. Oracle Demo GroundsPRODUCT D E M O S TAT I O N N A M E L O C AT I O NProcurement ContractsContract Oracle Sourcing, Contract, and Supplier Moscone South Management Management (E‐Business Suite) S-087CLM for Public Sector Moscone SouthSales Contracts Oracle Order Management (E‐Business Suite) S-025 Moscone SouthService Contracts Oracle Service Solutions (E‐Business Suite) S-080Fusion Enterprise Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Moscone South Contracts Management S-044Fusion Moscone South Procurement Oracle Fusion Procurement S-088 & 105 ContractsFusion Project Moscone South Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management Contracts S-141 & 145 49
  • 49. 50
  • 50. Oracle OpenWorldLatin America 2010December 7–9, 2010 51
  • 51. Oracle OpenWorldBeijing 2010December 13–16, 2010 52
  • 52. 53
  • 53. Appendix 54