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Serena helps IT organizations become more agile by orchestrating agility across the end-to-end application delivery lifecycle. IT organizations can coordinate disparate processes, multiple tools and globally distributed teams from initial business request all the way to final production release. Serena orchestrates agility by helping IT engage more rapidly and accurately with the business, accelerate globally distributed water-scrum-fall development, and deliver more frequently to production – all while maintaining enterprise visibility and compliance to corporate and regulatory standards.

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Orchestrated Agility Presentation

  1. 1. Orchestrated AgilityFour Steps for Making a Truly Agile EnterpriseAsh Owen, Director of ALM Strategy 09 Nov 2011
  2. 2. Agile: The Need for Speed2 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.
  3. 3. An Agile Cautionary Tale Increasing Volume of Demand •  Application backlog •  Business insight & visibility Development •  Agile meets traditional •  Manual interoperability •  Silo tools & processes Release Bottleneck •  Traceability & compliance demands •  Manual release processes don’t scale3 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.
  4. 4. Agile Speed Bumps Upstream Visibility & Insight •  Better Demand Management •  Persona-based Dashboards/KPIs Agile is not just Development •  Orchestrate silo tools & processes •  Automate build, test & deploy Release Automation •  Better Release Management processes •  Release Planning, Control and Visibility4 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.
  5. 5. Orchestrated Agility IT Services Service P Request Fulfill R O C PROCESS E S Demand Deploy S Business IT Develop IT Apps5 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.
  6. 6. Orchestrated Agility Benefits 50% faster delivery $ 50% more releases $3M annual savings6 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.
  7. 7. 4 Steps to Orchestrated Agility 1.  Orchestrate Demand 3.  Orchestrate Dev + to Deployment Ops 1 3 R 2 4 2.  Development with 4.  Orchestrate Visibility Agility and Insight7 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.
  8. 8. Roadmap to Orchestrated Agility: ALM Reference Architecture Technical vision for Orchestrated IT Blueprint documenting Orchestrated Solution Architecture Best practice guidance for services, customer configurations, and extensions8 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.
  9. 9. Step 1: Orchestrating End-to-End Agility ALM Dashboard & Reports 40% faster developmentRequirements Development ReleaseManagement Management Management 50% lower costs Control Dim RM ZMF Dim CM Vault Automation 90% faster requirements Aldon LM 6x less rework SBM Clarity PPM Service Ctr Quality Ctr SharePoint 9 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.
  10. 10. Step 2: Orchestrating Development with Agility ALM Dashboard & Reports $600K business agilityRequirements Development ReleaseManagement Management Management 50% lower dev costs Dim CM Control Vault 90% backlog reduction Automation 10x releases SBM Doors Rally Quality Ctr SharePoint 10 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.
  11. 11. Step 3: Orchestrating Dev & Ops DML Project & Enhancement Requests App Releases Development Manager Defect Fix Ops Change Request Requests Demand Manager Release Manager Prod Incidents InfrastructureBiz user Changes CMDB Service Manager 11 SERENA CONFIDENTIAL
  12. 12. Step 4: Orchestrate Visibility & Insight Across All Tools Out of the Box Drill down to source data, Pre-configured dashboards including third-party tools and metrics Data + Process Flexible & Easy See both development data & Customize views, charts, report process metrics publication & more12 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.
  13. 13. Orchestrate Water-Scrum-Fall Model Requirements Solution Agile Solution Story Task Test WI Process Orchestration Multiple ways and levels of granularity of integration Best approach depends on the level of visibility and traceability needed13 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.
  14. 14. Orchestrate Agility into Production14 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.
  15. 15. Orchestrate IT Agility with Enterprise Visibility15 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.
  16. 16. How Mature & Agile Is Your IT? Assess ALM & agile maturity 20 questions 100th response wins 1 iPad16 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.
  17. 17. 4 Signs You’re Orchestrating Agility Orchestrate Demand Orchestrate Development to Deployment with Agility Orchestrate Orchestrate Visibility Dev + Ops and Insight17 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.
  18. 18. Thank You!Ash Owenaowen@serena.com