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Go Mobile! How to Use Mobile Media for Multifamily
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Go Mobile! How to Use Mobile Media for Multifamily


Published on

Mobile media is more than text messages and a different version of your website. In this webinar, we'll look at a number of ways to use mobile media for your business, from mobile-optimized websites …

Mobile media is more than text messages and a different version of your website. In this webinar, we'll look at a number of ways to use mobile media for your business, from mobile-optimized websites and QR codes to apps for your leasing office.

Here's just some of what we'll discuss:

• Mobile marketing essentials
• The current state of mobile marketing
• How the mobile web can impact your bottom line
• How to incorporate mobile media with your current marketing efforts
• How new devices and apps are changing the leasing experience
If you're serious about connecting with prospects and current residents on their terms, you will want to look at this.

Your business has a story to tell, and Mike Whaling wants you to use digital tools to share that story. Mike helps local businesses grow their online presence, reach the right consumers at the right times, and successfully measure their efforts. His clients have been featured in Entrepreneur, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Multifamily Executive, Multi-Housing News and more.

This webinar would not be possible without the support of our amazing sponsors, CallSource and 4Walls. So please take a moment to check them out!

Published in: Real Estate, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Go Mobile!
    How to Use Mobile Media for Multifamily
    Presented by Mike Whaling, 30 Lines
    Proudly sponsored by:
  • 2. Go Mobile!Mobile Mediafor Multifamily
    Discussion: #mfimobile
  • 3. Recording will be available
  • 4. For today
    >>Where do we stand?
    >> What tools are available?
    >> How can you use mobile?
    >>How do we measure success?
  • 5. Where do we stand?
  • 6. “messaging in bite-size chunks”
  • 7. Rapid increase in usage
  • 8. 1/3 of us check Facebook
    in the bathroom
  • 9. Poll Question:Do you check your phonein the bathroom?
  • 10.
    We help multifamily owners and property managers use the Internet to attract and retain residents
    4 Walls services:
    • Internet advertising
    -Pay per lead or fixed monthly subscription
    • Social media (Respage)
    -Full service social media solutions starting at $49
    -Weekly web demos
    • Website design and development
    -Corporate sites
    -Community websites
    -Mobile sites – $9 -29 per month
  • 11. Answer these questions...
    >> What is our goal?
    >> Who are we trying to reach?
    >> What action(s) do we want them
    to take?
    >> Where is our audience now?
  • 12. And these...
    >> How do we integrate mobile with
    current offline/online communication?
    >> How will we stay current on the latest
    tools, trends and best practices?
    >> How do we define success?
  • 13. Have the goal in mind.
  • 14. Know your audience(s).
  • 15. Tweetable Tip:
    Segment your audience (residents, prospects, locals) and target campaigns accordingly. #mfimobile
  • 16. Create a call to action.
  • 17. Embrace customers’ interests.
  • 18. Get people talking.
  • 19. One tool of many.
  • 20. Know what success looks like.
  • 21.
    • Custom analytics identify company and industry trends and give you actionable data
    • 22. Optimize your marketing investment
    • 23. Increase your resident retention
    • 24. Identifies whether you've received sufficient leads to meet your sales goals
    • 25. Reveals true marketing cost/lead
    • 26. Our analysts interpret your data, identify problems and provide solutions
  • What’s in the toolbox?
  • 27. Texting (SMS)
  • 28. Txt me, k? :P
  • 29. Try it:Text my30 to 88000
  • 30. Mobile Web
  • 31. Examples, good and bad
  • 32. Ads
  • 33. Get location-specific
  • 34. Apps
  • 35. Do you need an app?
  • 36. Get social
  • 37. Are you surprised?
  • 38. “Find us on ...”
  • 39. Stay connected
  • 40. Try it:Text like 30lines to 32665
  • 41. Make your
  • 42. Location-Based Services
  • 43. Check in with location services
  • 44. QR Codes and Tags
  • 45. Poll Question:Have you ever useda QR scanner?
  • 46.
  • 47. Try it:
  • 48. Tag, you’re it.
  • 49. Tag, you’re it.
  • 50. Make your
  • 51. Augmented Reality
  • 52. Image credit: Yanko Design
    See the world in a new way
  • 53. More Than Marketing
  • 54. Focus on residents
  • 55. Accept rent payments
  • 56. Change the leasing experience
  • 57. Now what?
  • 58. What do we want our audience to do?
  • 59. What can we help them do better, easier, faster?
  • 60. What opportunities do we have to optimize existing content?
  • 61. How will we promote our mobile programs?
  • 62. How can we complement this with mobile?
  • 63. Tweetable Tip:
    Use mobile tools (shortcodes, QR) to create strong calls-to-action for your static advertising. #mfimobile
  • 64. Does the coverage
    at your property
    make you scream?
  • 65. Can your residents connect?
    >> Wi-Fi
    >> Cellular: 3G, 4G, LTE
    >> In common areas and in their units
    >> Flexibility to accommodate all major
    networks (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.)
  • 66. More discussion
  • 67. Your turn.Let’s talk.
  • 68. Text my30 to 88000
  • 69. Mike Whaling
  • 70. Thank You!
    Mike Whaling
    Joe Summers
    Jackie Koehler
    30 Lines